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E-31 And any man that's borned of the Spirit of God, or any woman, doesn't do the things of the world. They've come out from the world, and they are separated in a different life. 'Cause they can't digest it... Their digesting orders has been changed, been converted; their appetites are the things of God, looking above, prayer meetings and so forth. They ain't got no time for skating rinks, dances, and ballrooms, and so forth. They've passed from death unto Life, become new creatures. They don't have--desire those things no more.

GREATER.THAN.SOLOMON.IS.HERE_ BLOOMINGTON.IL WEDNESDAY_ 61-0412 E-2 I remember one time when I was a young minister. I... There was another minister friend of mine, his sister; I taken her home after church one night, and we were going up the road. And she was kind of a formal Christian, as nominal, as I would say. And I believed that she believed in Christ, and so forth, but she hadn't went as deep as what I think a Christian should go to profess Christianity. And--and she said, "How about tomorrow night, going to the show?"

I said, "I don't go to shows."

And she said, "Well," said, "they got a skating rink down here, how about go skating?"

I said, "I don't go skating."

She asked me three to four different places, and I said, "I don't do that."


E-53 It might mess up your theology, might mess up your card parties; it might mess up your swimming and dancing and roller skating. It might make you grow your hair; it might make you get something different, and make you quit smoking cigarettes. It's a mess but it brings forth life. Amen. What we ought to have is birth, life, messy; has to get messy before it gets right. Yes, sir. You have to have... 'less... Except a corn of wheat fall in the ground and rot (messy, get dirty with it)... That's right. Just die out.


129 And what do we have in our Protestant churches? Soup suppers, entertainments, skating (oh, my), rag sales, and everything else. See? Now, you know that's the truth. Well now, if that--if that is God's Word, friends, it's the truth. And all Protestant churches are guilty. See?

Now, never was God's plan to--to have soup suppers and dances in the basements, and all that there carrying on to pay off the pastor and the things. If people was just taught to pay their tithes, that'd be all there'd be to it. That's God's plan. But God has a plan, but man wants to make his own plan, hybriding God's plan. All right.


E-21 And in these last few weeks there's been more miracles performed in my services than there has been in the last three four months or five (That's right.): more miracles. And we couldn't even take care of the crowds. If there's anybody here from the Oregon meetings and over there, they realize that their auditoriums and skating rinks and the pavilions and things we would get to, there'd just be thousands turned away each night, and thousands times thousand of--brought into the place. And the Lord has been blessing and doing great things. Now, there's been more people get well since then, 'cause I was just trying to get down where God wanted me to be. And I'm sure that you understand it. I want... Do you understand what I mean now? I'm not supposed to work miracles for the cause of people. If God should stop me on anyone...


114 In a paper last fall in Minnesota. There was a little boy who took his bicycle and went to church one morning to Sunday school. Another young man in the neighborhood, he didn't have no business with Sunday school, he took his girlfriend and went skating. And the man was a grown man, and he got on thin ice and fell. He'd laughed at the little boy that morning as he went down the road, told his girlfriend, said, "That's a bunch of fanatics going over to that church." And when he fell through the ice, his girlfriend was away from him. She was light, she got away. But when he come up and put his arms on the ice, he was paralyzed, and hung over the ice.

His girlfriend tried to reach out to him, but she was too heavy; she was breaking the ice. He screamed to her, "Go back. Go back. You'll only fall in, and we'll both drown." He screamed, he cried, and nothing to help him.

AS.THE.EAGLE.STIRRETH.UP.HER.NEST_ CHATAUQUA.OH SATURDAY_ 59-0815 E-3 And I also want to thank this manager, whatever his title is, that let us have this Chatauqua grounds. This has been a nice meeting. That we have gathered here where it's cool, and in a building, it would have been so hot. But we had the privilege of setting under this canopy here. And so were very thankful to the man.

And all the brethren and sisters, and friends of mine from down home in Jeffersonville, and Louisville, and around, they tell me that they can get the finest meal here for about ninety cents, about one third of what you'd pay for a hotel room, they get it here, fine accommodations. They've got their skating rink and swimming pool so far back, that it doesn't interfere with the speaking service. It's a perfect place for this type of meeting.

We thank God that there's still open doors like this in America. And this is one of them. May it stand till Jesus comes for the same principles.

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