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115 What is abomination? A woman that'll put on a garment that pertains to a man. It makes God sick. Did you ever get around where something's abominable? How sick it makes you, you can't stand it. A woman that'll put on a garment that pertains to a man, that's the way it makes God feel; you might sing in the choir; you might pray every day, and shout every day, or live for God every day, you're condemned in the Presence of God. That's exactly what the Scripture says. "An abomination..." And those who uphold such will have a part with such.

God, give us grace to stand against such. If you have to stand by yourself, stand there and hold the Word of God in your hand. It'll never fail.


26-7 How could he prophesy good, when the whole Word... Elijah, who had been before him, said to Ahab, "The dogs will lick your blood." Now, how could that a-vindicated prophet say anything that wasn't the will of God? And how that the dogs would eat Jezebel, and the dung would be upon the fields, so they could not say, "Here lays Jezebel." With a curse like that on a man, how could anybody else bless?

That's the way it is today. How can a man bless these things that's taking people further from God all the time? There's only one thing to do. If you have to stand by yourself, curse the thing in the Name of the Lord and stay with it, when you're absolute...

And you say, "Well, Brother Branham, you make people hate you."

God will love me. That's my absolute. Can't rest on an arm of flesh; you got to rest on the Word, what God said do.


204-349 And--and if you say, "Well, I--I believe if I belong to the Methodist church or Baptist church, I'll be saved anyhow." All right, brother, that's perfectly all right. I'm still calling you my brother, because you believe Jesus Christ. See? That's right. So we're going to be brothers and friends just the same.

But I'm just laying down to this church, this few days here, the doctrine that this church stands for. See? That's what the church stands for. And if there's a deacon here that doesn't believe in the baptism in Jesus Christ's Name, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or the gifts of the Spirit being manifest, that deacon, right here while I'm standing here, doesn't deserve to be in the church until he gets made right. That's exactly right. And the board ought to see to that. Exactly. This church is not controlled by deacons; this church is controlled by the Bible and the Holy Ghost alone. Yes, sir. Now, so them things, we believe that's the doctrine of this church.


58 And then we've got to have a man that we believe that preaches the Word of God. If the man don't do it, then get somebody who does do it. That's the way we must stand. If the trustee board won't stand for what's right, then it's your business to elect somebody who will stand for what's right. And then when you do it, stay by it. It's up to you. Stand by it. And all together we're standing for one Thing; that's God.

If a member makes a mistake, don't turn him down; help him, raise him up, get together, have a hearing with one another. That's what the Scripture said. When we make a mistake, let's go before God. Before we can go before God, we got to go before the person we hurt.


77 That could be easily said tonight amongst our churches. "Where is that God that once lived? Did He die? Is He gone? Is He pursuing? Is He off on a trip?" No, sir.

He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if we say we are of God, then let's see where God is. Let's see the signs of God. If this Tabernacle stands for God, let's see God moving among us. Let's see souls being born in the Kingdom. Let's see lives be straightened up. Let's see the sick, and the blind, the deaf, let's see His mighty works being performed. God in our midst...

"If God be for us, where is His miracles at?" He asked the question.


E-32 I think that's just about what that I said, a lot of times, the matter with our churches today: like a--an old nest full of rotten eggs that ain't never been with Jesus Christ. And that's the reason they just got it reading, writing, and 'rithmetic, don't know nothing about Jesus Christ. Might as well dump the nest out and start over again. Don't you think so? Time to get an old fashioned Holy Ghost church: somebody that's been in contact with God; got a borned again experience, till they can stand for what they know that's right. That's right.

TESTIMONY.ON.THE.SEA_ DALLAS.TX V-19 N-11 SATURDAY_ 64-0307, 84 And you men, you'll let your wife do a thing like that, wear shorts. Them ain't Methodists, Baptists. That's Pentecostals. That's right: form of godliness, Laodicea church age, lukewarm, Pentecost by name, that's all. Pentecost is not a name; it's an experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost that cleans the people up. No wonder we can't have great healing services and things; there's something went wrong somewhere. It's Satan, saw us out trying to...

"Well, we say anything about it, they'll change their membership."

Remember, you don't pet Christians. Christians are rugged. They are men and women of God, who stand for God, regardless of what anybody else has got to say. You don't have to beg them, and persuade them, and perfume them, and baby them around. That's hotbed, hybrid plants; it's no good at all; they'll never produce nothing.

AS.THE.EAGLE.STIRRETH.UP.HER.NEST_ CHATAUQUA.OH SATURDAY_ 59-0815, E-72 Listen, we're at the end time. The judgment is at hand. Mercy is being offered tonight. This is the last night of the meeting. You invited me back; I hope that that is the will of God. It's my will. If it's His will, I'll be glad to do it, come back to help all your ministers.

I don't care what church or denomination you're from. The only thing I'm... I'm not against the denomination; I'm against the sin that goes on in the denomination; and you let it alone. Not only that, I'm got it against the sin in every individual, the sin in the nation. I'm just against sin, because God Word's against it. And I must stand true to that Word. That's right. If I have to stand by myself, I have to stand by it. That's my honest convictions; that God's Word is true, and everything else is a lie outside of it. That's God Word.

God made this promise. He appeared to me in an Angel. You've read my book, and also it's been vindicated by millions and millions and millions around the world. It's true.


987-302 Oh, how this world is contaminated. There's not a hope for it at all; they have crossed the dividing line between--between reason and common sense, let alone between salvation.

Man can't even judge. We don't have men no more like we used to have. Where is Patrick Henry? Where is Abraham Lincoln? men that can stand for solid convictions.

Where is that man can raise up and make these crazy women out here, stripping themselves off with--and out before these men; and then--and run them out there like a bunch of striptease, and then put the boy in penitentiary that'd insult one of them... Where is your reasons? What's common sense? If she puts herself out there, let her go like a dog. Yes, sir. If she's going to no more to... common decency for her than that... Where's the laws that could stop it?

JUST.ONE.MORE.TIME.LORD_ PHOENIX.AZ V-9 N-8 SUNDAY_ 63-0120E, 135 Is the Pentecostal church, the General Council, the Assemblies of God, the Church of God, all the rest of you, willing to pay the price? Are you willing to say, "Once more, Lord. Here I stand. I didn't have the audacity, the very Christian spirit to shake hands with my oneness brother, or my trinitarian brother. I didn't have the audacity to do it. I didn't have the grace to do it, when I see where it's got me to, broke up in organizations and disfellowshipping, with a congregation so poisoned against one another that they hardly speak to each other on the street, when we're molded into one clay by the Holy Ghost"?

STAND.STILL.AND.SEE.THE.SALVATION_ CHICAGO.IL SATURDAY_ 57-0629, E-13 Now, coming up to the Red Sea, what a time. This covenant people who had the promise of God, and who were standing firm on the promise... And it's so strange to see that when people take a stand for God, looks like that the devil throws everything in their way that he can throw in their way. But God makes a way through that way.

Some of my greatest experiences I've ever witnessed before God, is when I got to a place where I couldn't go over, under, or around, but just stand still. God makes a way through it somehow. He hasn't failed yet and He never will fail. God cannot fail.


682-Q-165 165. Is it possible for a Holy Ghost filled person to be driven by the--driven by the--to do minor things... influenced to do minor--minor things that he doesn't want to do?

Oh, yes. Yes, sir. Yeah, a Holy Ghost filled person... You're right in the place then to be--to be drove by these things. You just put yourself up a target. When you're down there serving the devil, he just lets you slouch around anyway you want to. But you once take a stand for Christ; you've got on the other side then; He trains every gun right around on you. Every temptation, everything that could be throwed to you, then you got it. But what have you got? "Greater is He that's in you, than he that's in the world." See?

Now, you wasn't in no battle here, you was just slopping along. See? But now, you've--you've cleaned up; you've dressed up; you've shaved; you've combed your hair; you put on a uniform; you've got a gun in your hand. "Let's go." See? You're in battle, not to show off, but to fight, fight. Sure when the temptations rise, with the spirit and the shield of faith, buckle off and move on." See? That's right. Oh, put all the whole armor of God. Why do you put on a armor if you're not going to fight? All soldiers are dressed to fight, not to show off, walk out and say, "I'm So-and-so. Now, I'm a Christian. See who I am? I belong to so-and-so. Hallelujah. I got the Holy Ghost the other night. Sure, nothing bothers me anymore." Huh-uh. Oh, brother, I--I believe you better go back and try again. See?


E-65 And Ahab said, "Put that fellow in prison. Shut up all these meetings anyhow; we don't want no more of these holy-roller acts around here." Don't worry, it's coming. "Put him in jail and give him the bread of sorrow and the water of sorrow, and when I return in peace I'll deal with him," other words, "have his head chopped off."


99-245 Now, one day there was sin in Israel, and there was a man by the tribe of the name of Levi. They pulled their swords, and they went with Moses to the camp, and they destroyed everything that was sin. Is that right? God looked down and said, "Because you did this and stood for Me, your--all these others will serve you. You go right into the temple as priests." Is that right? "You stay right in the temple, and the rest of them will work and will bring in a tenth and take care of you." Is that right?

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