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E-24 As she was thinking, not noticing who was around her, the little lady perhaps with a pair of sandals on her feet, walking along this little dusty path, but thinking of the Lord and of His promises of--of things to come... And as she was thinking, all of a sudden that feeling got so great around her until she just raised up her head. And when she did, standing before her was a Light. And standing by that Light was Gabriel the Angel, the Archangel of God.

If you want Angels to appear to you, keep your mind on God and off the things of the world. Go about your business; go to your church; go to your washing of dishes; wherever you are, keep your mind on Him all day and all night long. Then God will do something. You're drawing close to Him; you've got the world shut out; just you and He are together.


E-17 How strange that the people might thought in the days of Noah when he was building away on an ark to save himself and his household, that there'd be rain come down out of the heaven. But God rained it just the same.

And I think of Moses, how that Moses, standing up there on the mount by the side of this burning bush, he'd lost all hopes of freedom. Didn't seem like that the freedom that the people he so gallantly stood for one time, was ever going to happen. But in the Light of God, standing by that burning bush, everything in him changed.


351-7 {136} And on his road coming down, he was walking with his head down, and the Roman centurion said, "You are an old man and well respected. Why don't you denounce that thing?"

He just kept looking towards heaven, and a voice spoke from somewhere. They couldn't understand where. And said, "Polycarp, don't fear; I'm with you."

Why? He was standing by that Word. And when they begin to pile the boards on him to burn him, there was a heavenly music come down, and a--and the anthems from some angelic somewhere singing songs. He never even one time batted an eye to them. That's gallant men; that's men who can stand.

The martyrs down through the ages there suffered terribly. But what was they? They were under the inspiration, the Spirit of God, the power. And don't forget this, church, and you brethren on tape, I want you to examine this: How could man do anything else besides the power of God that had been released to them?


E-92 So the last thing the boy said... When they put the black mask over his face to hang him, when they pulled the rope up tight, put the mask over, he said, "Think of it. The governor stood in my cell and would've pardoned me if I hadn't turned him out."

How do we know this morning, that the Governor's not standing by our cell this morning? Don't turn Him away. If you haven't never received pardon from Him, not only the governor, but the King, the only One Who can pardon you, He may be standing by that little cell that you've been living in for a long time. Why don't you just let Him in, if you haven't--haven't done it. If you haven't made a complete surrender to Him...


E-13 Then Balaam, he went on down to there, and the Angel of the Lord met him in the way. And when I got to that, friends, I--I don't know. There was something struck me here, and we had just a line laying out, nothing but miracles could be performed; that was all, nothing but miracles. Well... And standing here in the pulpit when I got up to Balaam, preaching to you all and I seen that Angel standing in the way, and Balaam could not see it... It was a mule he was riding on seen it. Then he got to a narrow way, to a narrow place, like where a gate went through. And there the Angel appeared again, and the mule saw it, and Balaam could not see the Angel of the Lord, and how that we have disobeyed God so. So then when I did that, I seen then what the appearing of the Angel was; and I realized for my first time that's true. What a mistake that I had made. I've made an assertion to the people of a power of God that even the Son of God never made any statement like that. I made a challenge to bring--to what was healed right there to what was...?... [] to find out...



E-38 Now, that's just pure faith, friends. Magicians use it many times to play pranks and so forth, burst glasses and things. It will, if you believe. But I'm trying to base your--the thought on faith so you know what I'm talking of. And I want you to set still now so you'll catch this. Wake yourself up, so when I get through with it you'll know what it's all about.

LAW.OR.GRACE_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-7 WEDNESDAY_ 54-1006, 133 That just takes it all out. Oh, my. I like this, but I guess we have to close. But when we walk up before God, let's not go, saying, "Well now, I just wonder if everything's all right. I--I..." Are you a Christian? "Well, I--I hope I am." That's no way to come.

Brother, believe the story. Accept it and be born again. Then walk up with pure faith, knowing this, that God has promised and God can't lie. "God promised me Eternal Life if I believed on His Son, Jesus Christ. I believed it; and He give me Eternal Life."


E-27 Speak through lips, Lord. Bless our dear beloved brother Dr. Vayle, as he ministers in the afternoon service to stir the pure faith in the people. Help Your unprofitable servant at night, Lord, as I come with this challenge to the world that Jesus remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. May Your unfailing Word and Your undergirding of Your Spirit move us in a great way.


E-102 O Lord God, Creator of the heavens and earth, and the Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, I challenge the devil in a pure faith. Come out of this people, Satan. You've lost the battle. In Jesus' Name, free them.

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