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You want to lose your guilty stains? Come right on down now, each one. What's the matter with you, Canadians? What's the matter? It's a good thing to be conservative, but don't be too starchy. You're going to grieve the Spirit away from you, and you won't have no revival. Listen at me. I speak in the Name of the Lord. Break up that stubbornness among you, that starchy... Get to your knees. You know you need repenting. I speak in Jesus Christ's Name.


It wasn't because there wasn't a God in Israel. Neither was it because there wasn't a prophet in Israel. But it was the king's stubbornness and his hatred for the true prophet of Israel. It wasn't because that God hadn't supplied the remedy. It was because that he was too stubborn, and he didn't like Elijah, because Elijah had predicted all the evil that happened to his father. Therefore, he had created by the habits of his home to hate the man of God, to despise him and reject him.


So is it today. We don't need so many UNs. If we are a Christian nation, let's call God on the scene. The reason there is no Balm in Gilead... Sure there is Balm. There is a God in America. There's a God here. It's because of the stubbornness of the people that they don't want to consult Him. They'd rather take the advice of some intellectual student, than to come to the blessed Holy Spirit that God sent to the earth. It's the reason that we are in such a condition today. It's not because there isn't a God, it's not because the Holy Spirit isn't still real, it's because the stubbornness of the people. It's because they want to sin. It's because they desire to do those things. That's what's in their heart.


Church members, and ministers, hold to the horns of the altar with one accord and pray until the fire of God begins to fall again. God knows the... The stubbornness, indifference of men is broke up, and godly fear, and brotherly love takes its place in the human heart. Then you'll become salty. Then the message will have its preeminences in the heart. It'll have its influence in the city.


Stubborn--stubbornness is not of God. And now, the only way to get away from that is you have to have faith to overcome that, that's if you are a Christian. You are a son or daughter of God, whichever you may be, and you'll never be able just to stand and rebuke it and rebuke it and rebuke it. It's just like tantalizing a rattlesnake; he's laying there ready to bite you. If you'll just ignore him and walk away from him, he can't hurt you. See?

So when you feel that you got a stubborn spirit, lay the thing on the altar, and believe God that the thing is dead and you'll never have it no more, and go on and don't even pay any attention to it no more, and the thing'll leave you.

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