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E-18 Because, you see, friends, I can only... I am just a human. I'm just a man. But it has to come from Almighty God. You see?

Did you notice the Master? He would go into a city, and maybe performed one miracle, and then leave the city. Did you notice that? Many times like that. Was there many lepers in the days of--of Elisha, but only one was sent to him; that was Naaman. Is that true? Hard tell how many more lepers came, but one was sent to him, and that was the one the Lord had intended.

And the only way that I can tell, is when I feel that something from the person that gives me the access to this supernatural power. That it's not mine; it's His power. Then there's nothing, no matter what it is... I say it in the Name of the Lord. []

I.WAS.NOT.DISOBEDIENT.TO.THE.HEAVENLY.VISION_ ZION.IL MONDAY_ 49-0718, E-9 I tell you to the best of my knowledge. And anyone that ought to know that a man that's as unequipped and uneducated, I have nothing I could present to the people. No education, I'm not a preacher; I have not even a personality to give to the people. And to see that since it's been spoke of, that it's swayed out into every nation under the heavens. Will be three years, the seventh of May. Therefore, it shows that there's some supernatural power moving with that works. And each night, I believe if the person just did not want to be critical, would see that there is something besides human effort taking place at the platform.

And I leave that entirely to the audience to judge. Now, if you do not understand those things, I--I would not criticize it. If you--if you'd criticize it... I--I'd rather be silent. If I really...?... didn't even believe it but seeing some supernatural moving, I would rather just keep silent and keep my record clear with the Almighty, wouldn't you? And...

LIFE.OF.DEMONS.AND.VISIONS_ TOLEDO.OH SATURDAY_ 51-0721, E-37 Now, here stands a little girl, standing before me. I don't believe I know you. Are we strangers, honey? I don't know nothing about you, do I? Nothing at all. And what, just to say... Where are you from? Ontario, Canada. And we're born many miles apart, years difference. I've never seen you, in my life. If there's anything in the world that I could know about you, it'd certainly have to come through supernatural power. Is that right? You know the girl, Brother Baxter? He's from Canada too. Through Jesus Christ we can meet on common ground, can't we? That's right.

I want you to walk just a little closer. I see you're very frail. I don't know what's wrong with you. But I just want you to talk to me, as I talk to you. I don't want you to be...


E-56 For instance, the deafness or dumbness... Now, the doctor said the nerves went dead in the ear. Well, what made it go dead? Why didn't it go dead all over him? Because there's a supernatural power cuts it off, and it can't function no more. Like a transparent band around my hand, if you can't see it, or feel it, that's the only sense that will declare it. And if the natural senses won't declare it, it's a supernatural being.

Now, is that true?


E-6 You heard what Mr. Dr. Stomewell... How many reads "The Voice of Healing," and read that article in there of Dr. Stomewell on that? He said, "Absolutely." Now, he don't know nothing about this picture yet. He was an atheist, just been converted a few weeks. But he said that, "That magnetic power of a believer in contact with God was so vital," he said, "that even he believed over the Christ, that that halo that was painted was absolutely could been seen." Because it's a power.

Now, just think. He took a--a machine. You know, the human being is not made to lie. And if you're telling a lie, they can put you before a lie detector, and your nerves will react. And then they took this same thing and converted it to a way that they could tell whether it was truth or not, and put it on a person praying, and I think it taken, I forget how many thousand kilowatts to send a radio message around the world, and when this woman begin to pray at her death, there went out enough power from her till it registered over as far as the needle would go. Enough power leaving that woman, actually supernatural power that caught on this machine, some kind of a magnetic power of her prayer, that was powerful enough to send a radio message fifty-five times around the world. That's scientific.


E-32 I never was in Milltown in my life till that... Went over there and told her just exactly what God said and said, "Rise up, Christ has made you whole." She didn't pay attention, she wrote said, "How can she rise, she hasn't been up for eight year, or nine years and eight months? How..." And five minutes from then she was out in the yard walking around blessing the leaves. Look like a skeleton, people would faint to look at her. How was she standing? I don't know; God's power lifted her up. There she was standing. She was standing under the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Any other person that'll dare to take God at His Word, will stand. How can they? It's a supernatural power that stands you, lifts you up there. Take that power off of her, she'd crumble like a pile of bones. No, the only time she's ever been in bed since then is been to go to bed at night and go to sleep. She's a piano player down there now at the Milltown Baptist church, where I was pastor. All right. That's what it is when God speaks all hell moves, that's everything, can't stand in His Presence.


98-Q-14 Let me see right quick. Isaiah, we got that sons of God. Now, let's see.

Is the Israel...

See if you could read that, brother. I... It was kind of run together; he rubbed it out a couple times. It's hot... looking for another one if you will, please...

[Brother Neville reads the following question--Ed.]:

14. Is not Isaiah's meaning of the beating of the swords into plowshares to come to pass during the one-thousand-year reign of Christ, rather than something that man can bring as so many modern religionists tell us?

Ever who you are, my dear brother or sister... Looks like a man's handwrite. But anyhow, ever who you are, you are exactly right. That's when the plowshares will be beat--or when the swords will be beat into plowshares. That'll bring forth the millennium reign. And all those modernistic religious cults that's going around trying to educate people into the Kingdom of God... That'll be when God Himself will come in the supernatural Being and in the supernatural power, to a supernatural-believing people, and will receive a supernatural power that'll mold God's sons. Hallelujah. It'll never be no more reading, writing, arithmetic. It'll be by the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then the world will study war no more.


E-21 May I say this as our Lord said it, "Do you now believe? Do you now, that God's Word been preached? The sick has been made well. Signs and wonders of supernatural power has moved through the audience, performing things that's beyond any comprehension of the human mind, Jesus Christ proving Himself in the resurrection--the same, yesterday, today, and forever, knowing the thoughts of the people, a seer indeed. Not only that, but souls has been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, conformation of the Word.

All these things together, do you now believe, believe that He has risen from the dead, and living among us tonight, the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you now believe that He's not a respect of person? He heals the Spanish; He heals the white; He heals the Indian. He shows visions to the Spanish, to the white, to the Indian, to those who He can speak their language, those who has another kind of language, and those who has another language.

So God is God over every person, every color, every race, every language; He's God, raised from the dead, living among us, no respect of person, neither male or female, but all one in Christ Jesus. Oh, isn't that lovely?


E-39 How do you do, lady. Do you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Son of God? You believe me to be His servant? Of course we're strangers to one another. I--I don't know you, but God does know you, doesn't He? Will... And do you believe that He will grant to you the--the blessings that you're asking for? You believe it. And now, if God will reveal by His supernatural power to me what your trouble is, will you accept Jesus as your Healer? You are suffering with something wrong in your limbs. It's a varicose vein. Isn't that right? And another thing, you have husband, and that husband is suffering with arthritis, isn't that right? You go lay your hands on him as I lay on you, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, may you both be healed. Amen. Go on your road, rejoicing and being happy. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [The audience says, "Thanks be to God." --Ed.]


144 Oh, that's what caused the trouble. Every one of them perished right in the wil--or right--right in the sea, Pharaoh and his army. They seen human beings walking by supernatural power, so they come back around and tried to impersonate that without being in... []... sea. And when they did, they perished. It's carnal comparison.

A man that tries to do that, try to impersonate something, then he is making a carnal comparison of a real Christian.


HEALING.WHAT.SICKNESS.IS_ CLEVELAND.OH TUESDAY_ 50-0808, E-4 There's no one who ever will know, I guess, this side of... after we get to glory, what a life, what that takes out of you, and you're...?... wrestling with supernatural powers...?... The very life itself leaves me wrestling with supernatural powers. The very life itself leaves me. Sometimes in the evening I lose anywhere from eight, ten, fifteen pounds. And that's in a service. And that's how I come to detect and know where those spirit...?... are. That's... It's something like a strength of both sides.

FAITH.IN.ACTION_ CHICAGO.IL MONDAY_ 55-1003, E-54 He that... "There--there'll be people that will not see Me no more, but you shall see Me. For I'll be with you even in you to the end of the time." Jesus Christ is raised from the dead tonight. His supernatural powers is still with us. His great signs and wonders are taking place. Things that's never took place since the Apostle's days are taking place tonight; I say it humbly. But here's a direct evidence of scientific that Jesus Christ raised from the dead.

GO.WAKE.JESUS_ TUCSON.AZ SUNDAY_ 63-1103, E-37 And so now, it's... Maybe, as they were on that ship that night, maybe we are the same thing, that we, His disciples that believe in Him, are now just feasting upon what we have seen done. Oh, the things that I have seen Him do it would take months and months to... I could write a volume of books of what I've seen Him do of great signs, wonders, miracles which is just... It's beyond any human understanding. It had to be the supernatural powers of God to do such things.

And I don't think that I would stand here over this desk as a minister of the Gospel, and would say something that was wrong, seeing that I'm fifty-four years old and my days are finishing. I've got to meet Him. I've got to be... I want to be dead sincerely that these things are correct. And the--they must be (See?), because not only that, but I'd be misleading people. But I'll say tonight that I've seen Him... He's had more success in--in my little efforts that I put forth... Now remember, He has had more success in the efforts that I've put forth for Him by His Gospel, than He did in His own country where He come from.

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