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Perhaps a fine Spirit filled man, but the organization would not promote him, no matter how Spirit filled he was, because of a inadequate education. There they missed God. Peter couldn't even sign his own name, and he'd had the keys to the Kingdom of God given to him by Jesus Christ.

We're looking to education. Education's fine, but that's taught in school houses. The church is the place to know of God and learn of God, and in the supernatural. And God is supernatural and the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Where God is, Supernatural takes place, for He is Supernatural. That's the reason people turn up their nose and walk away when you talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I'll admit I've seen a lot of nonsense. I've seen a lot of bogus dollars too. But that don't say there isn't a genuine one. It only means that there is a real one. Certainly. It's only a milepost pointing to a real. When you see some person impersonating...

In the India here with these brethren that's setting on the platform. I had the privilege of meeting them awhile ago. In their country, you can find tourists, people out there clowning for tourists, rolling on spikes, and wanting to walk through fire and--and do everything like that. It's a hypocrite. That's all.


"Oh, we're anointed with the oil of gladness."

I said, "Not oil out of your body, nothing can come out of your body that can do you any good." And the whole armour of God is supernatural. What is the armour of God? Love, joy, peace, long suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience, faith. Nothing... So all the natural work is done as the sacrifice of Christ. We just believe it. It's by faith. Nothing you have to see, nothing you have to feel; you got to believe it. Jesus never did say, "Did you see it? Did you feel it?" He said,"Did you believe it?" Did you believe it?


The armour of God is supernatural. If thou canst believe. The Bible said, "In the mouth of three witnesses..." There's three witnesses. Ask them if I ever knowed them or anything. It's not me; it's Christ. "If thou canst believe," He said, "all things are possible."


And in all ages God's had men and He's had His ministry in every age. God is supernatural. And when God comes on the scene, supernatural takes place, for He is supernatural. And His people always look for Him in the supernatural. Because when they become sons of God, they become the nature of God. And in that they pick up that believing Him; by faith they believe that what God says is the truth, no matter how contrary it may seem.

Like Abraham of old, he called those things that was not as though they were, because God said so. And as he got older... The baby was promised for twenty-five years. And the Bible said he got stronger all the time waiting for the promise because it would be a greater miracle. And we call ourselves the children of Abraham and can't wait overnight for God. If He doesn't perform an outstanding miracle on us...


When this prophet was prophesying, no matter how real his prophecies seemed to be, if there wasn't a Light that flashed over that, a supernatural Light while that prophet was prophesying, they turned it down as wrong, because it was God recognizing the prophet's prophecy.

And did you notice it was done by the supernatural. Always God is supernatural. Where God is supernatural things take place. And then if God has always been supernatural, He always will be supernatural. Therefore but the supernatural must be vindicated by God. We know that there's all kinds of mysticism. There's all kinds of different theories, sensations, and everything in the world today. But in the midst of all of it, there still remains a true and a living God.


That's it, brethren: united under one head, God, one leadership, Holy Ghost, one purpose, the Kingdom of God. That's Him. Oh, how glorious. How I'd love to see Him. His great powers are in here now. I'm not going to even call a prayer line. God will call you from this platform. I believe that the King is in this camp.

Balaam looked at the morals. He failed to see that brass serpent and that smitten rock. That's what's the matter with the churches today. They're stiff-necked, uncircumcised in heart and ears. They fail to see that Holy Spirit going ahead of the Church. Where God is, supernatural signs take place.


And we pray tonight in this little group, that You have given us, that stood there till many of their limbs are aching, I pray that You'll reward them, Lord, tonight. Bless them. Those women and men who are sick and got their little children here, may they just settle down right now and know that--that the whole armour of God is supernatural. There's nothing natural; it's all supernatural. Therefore, to be a Christian we must believe the supernatural, because "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." And the armour of God is love, joy, faith, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience, the Holy Spirit. All those are unseen, but they are real; they do not die. They live forever.


Now, men of all times has always that's heard God... And wherever God is, supernatural is; because He is a supernatural God, working supernatural things. You believe that?

Now, in the Old Testament they had a way of finding out whether a message was right or not. Now, after the Levitical priesthood they had what they called the "Urim Thummim." And that was the breastplate that Aaron had here. He had the twelve tribal stones in the breastplate. And they hung that on the corner or the post in the temple. And then, when the prophet prophesied or the dreamer told his dream, and when he was telling it, if that lights become a conglomeration of lights, like a rainbow reflecting off of that Urim Thummim, was showing that the supernatural was there, then that prophet was telling the truth or that dreamer's dream was right.

However, no matter how real it sounded (Now, keep this in mind.), no matter how real it sounded, if that Urim Thummim didn't make the supernatural light, they could not receive it, because it wasn't God. So when you see anyone preaching the Gospel that God doesn't come down and confirm that to be right, you leave it alone, 'cause it's not right.


Now, don't the Bible say the Jews seek signs, the Greeks wisdom? Paul said, "And we preach Christ crucified." See? The Jews would seek signs, because they were commanded to do so. That's the reason they were doing it, so they would not miss their Messiah (See?), because He was to be a Sign to the church, to the people. And He had done exactly what He was supposed to do, and yet they did not believe Him, because of their tradition. So Jesus was rebuking them for their unbelief. They should've believed it, but they did not.

And we find out that in all generations, everywhere, in all generations, where God appears, supernatural signs come. There never has been a revival... Take Luther, Wesley, whoever it might be. Divine healing and great signs and wonders accompanied every revival, for God is supernatural, and where the supernatural is, supernatural will be done. And the reason it's supernatural, because supernatural spirit gets a hold of the people and performs supernatural things. See? God is a Creator, and if He is in our heart, why, the Spirit will always say "Amen" to His Word.


Dr. F. F. Bosworth, one of my first managers, wrote a book called "Looking at the Unseen." Now, many of you has read it, no doubt, and it's a very fine book--of looking at the unseen. The Christian looks at things he does not see.

Now, let's just take the armor of Christianity, and see if it's supernatural: love, joy, peace, faith, long-suffering, meekness, gentleness, patience. Everything's supernatural. Love--go down to the drug store and buy me a quarter's worth of love. I need it. See, you couldn't do it. Buy me a dollar's worth of peace. You couldn't do it. See? Everything's supernatural. The whole armor of God is supernatural. His church is supernatural. It's not an organization. It's a supernatural body that men and women are born into by the Holy Spirit.

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Now remember, the whole Christian armor is supernatural. If you are a Christian and you say, "Seeing is believing." You can never be a Christian if you believe that. "For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." You cannot be a Christian and have to see the thing. The whole armor of God is supernatural. Love, joy, peace, faith, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness and the Holy Ghost. It's all unseen. And the Christian doesn't look to what he sees with his eyes, he looks to what he sees with his faith. And his faith can only be based upon one thing. That's the Word! Amen. Now I feel like a shouting Baptist, yes sir. See?

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Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful, today, if the church could say that same thing, we could stand there? This, if we do not do the works of God, then it isn't God. And everywhere God is, supernatural takes place, because He is supernatural. See, He is--He is a Spirit. God is a Spirit.


See? All the whole armor of God is supernatural: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, patience, and the Holy Ghost. See? Every armor of the believer is looking at the unseen, believing what is said. See? You don't see what you believe. You don't see it anyhow. You look at it with your eyes, you see with your heart. See? You look at anything, say, "I just don't see it." You mean you don't understand it. See?


Now, again, God's characteristics is always supernatural, because He is supernatural. God is supernatural. It's unusual always to the modern trend of thinking of the day. You know that. Gods always has upset the apple cart for the religious groups in every age that's ever passed.


The whole armor of God is supernatural: love, joy, faith, long-suffering, patience, meekness (See?): all supernatural. We look at things that you can't see with your natural eye. And Christ is here tonight. He promised that "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them. There I am." "I" again. He's here.

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The whole armor of God is supernatural. What is the armor of God? Love, what is love? Scientificially prove me there is such a thing as love. Where is it at? You, how many loves, raise up your hand; love your wife, love your brother, love your friends? Well, I want somebody, some science, to prove to me what part of you is love. Where do you buy it at, what drugstore? I want a bunch of it, love. Joy, you got joy? Peace, long-suffering, gentleness, patience, what is it? It's all supernatural.

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God is supernatural. You don't scientifically prove God. You believe God. You believe it. If you don't believe it, then, a man that says "everything that's not scientifically, is unorthodox, it's not right," then that man can never be a Christian. He has to believe. By faith we believe God; not by education, not by theology. "But by faith you are saved."   

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