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243 And we just put up with anything that's evil and call it religion. "Oh, well, they go... We go to church. We're as good as the rest of the fellows." Go right home, stay home on Wednesday night and watch the television, the very pits of hell. That's right. And go right out and listen at the picture shows, to the drive-in. It's too hot to go to the show, even--to the church; and even the preacher closes up, through the midst of the summer. You say, "It's too hot to go to church." It's not be too bad to go to hell, brother. You'll go some of these days, where it's hotter than that. You better listen.


E-23 In the American people through television, and through picture-shows, they have seen so much of the put on, till they become put-ons themself: too bad. And we get it in church, actors. Hmmm. God don't want them. Far be it from us to be actors. Be yourself; God wants you to be that way. I despise seeing someone trying to do something that they cannot do.

What a disgrace, I've noticed it many times, and beautiful voices that God has given to people, a talent, and then they over-train it. I hate to hear an over-trained voice, when they stand up to sing, and get some kind of a note till they hold it so long till they get blue in the face, just to show the congregation how long they can hang on for dear life. And when they come back down, them people's not praising God; they're mind's on their note.


E-33 So if somebody says, "Just stay home tonight and look at the television. It's too bad to go out." Don't you worry. If you know the Lord Jesus is coming, oh, you're going to church regardless of what the weather looks like or anything else. You're going to stay right there. For we're expecting something to happen at any time.

When we see Moscow with guided missiles, who could take this whole nation in one hour and never leave Moscow... Just send up this rocket like that with explosions in it, that's blowed so many thousand miles and guide it through the stars and radar, drop it right on Manhattan here, three or four of them at a time. And there'll be a--for fifteen miles each way would be hole in the ground a hundred and seventy feet deep. What would you do?

Or maybe let loose a hundred or two of them on the major cities at one time, in one hour's time, there'd be no more United States and no more world, set up a chain reaction and cause a total annihilation. What could it do? What are you going to run to? Used to say, "Get a bomb shelter." They say now, "That's nonsense."


E-46 It used to be a long time ago that all of our fashions come from Paris. Now it don't come from Paris. Paris comes to Hollywood to get it. It used to be it was wrong for you to go to picture shows, you holiness people, and see those bad plays; but the devil beat you to it. He put it on the television and set it right in your own house. It's right.

No wonder you got little children out that police officers are being shot at, and stabbed to death, and everything standing on the corner with two guns and everything. They see that stuff. They're raised into it.


168 Now, what takes place then? That's what happened. Don't you imagine that Man, the Holy Spirit blushes before the Father when He has to say that? Oh, my. "I--I--I told him, but he--he--he wouldn't listen to it. I told him that, and let him read right there in the Book. I had--I had a little minister to come by and show him that Jesus Christ was the same yesterday, today, and forever. And you know what? He let one of them--let one of them old goat herders come over here and tell him that that was for another age. See? And he smelled so bad time he got over there, with goat smell (You know, cigars...?... you know, and so forth), smelled so bad when he got over here. But I tell You, that goat herder had enough medals pinned on him (Right.) where I tell You, if You'd write his name in the paper, it'd take (his obituary) would take a half a sheet to make his titles. Yes, sir. They sure like him over there in that country, but I tell You, he sure don't know how to feed sheep. That's one thing wrong. He just won't listen to Me," says the Holy Spirit. "I tried to tell him that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever, but he--he just won't do it. He's the biggest coward I ever seen in my life. Yeah. And the church has made him an overseer, bishop, so forth; all the people are listening to him. And then You know what? They take those... They got a little old thing down there they call a television. You turn a little old thing on like that, and--and them women come on and carry on, all kind of halfway dresses, that's... And You know, a lot of your daughters are...?..."

"Oh, surely not." See?


E-64 So we've been running here, and there, and running after everything. But I--I--I... Maybe we might have left Him somewhere. So as soon as the devil sees the church without Christ...

You know, it's too bad. I--I almost preached on that, but too many of us fell in love with television programs, instead of Wednesday night prayer meeting. Then we just--just kinda going off without Him. We got a hold of a lot of money, and we got to thinking about dressing, and our sisters all cut their hair off...?...

We got kind of fashion, looking after other churches, and maybe we go off without Him. So the devil says, "Now's my time to get them." That's when he takes that dead shot. So they're going off without Him.


E-59 So she moseys down the street, and as she begins to walk, she says, "Well, I'll just have to wait till that's over. And she made her living in a bad way, so she's walking down the street. And after while her little old hungry stomach smelled that roasted lamb. She thought, "My, that smells good. I never had anything like that to eat in my life." Maybe been turned out on the street when--by some parents.

You know, a lot of times we think about juvenile delinquency. I think a whole lot of it is parent delinquency. The kids had been taught to pray, and serve God, instead of mama out somewhere at a card party (in her religious card party), and dad out at a golf course somewhere, and sister out with junior, out there on the street, and running around and... Maybe things would've been different if they'd had the old fashion prayer altar, the Bible instead of a deck of cards, and throwed that television out the door a long time ago. It might've been a whole lot different.

You all used to be wrong to go to the picture show. The devil put it right over on us; he brought it right in our house.


23 It's too bad that--that mothers set their kids down to a--a television program of some scandal of Hollywood; instead of doing the same thing, telling them Bible stories.

But she was a genuine Hebrew mother, and she would tell the little fellow stories. She'd say, tell him about God sending the great, mighty Moses when they were slaves down in Egypt. God had promised father Abraham that he would deliver them. And He appeared to a--a--a great prophet that God had raised up among them, called Moses. And He come in the form of a Pillar of Fire, and sent Moses down in Egypt, and the great, mighty signs and wonders He'd brought them out. And how that in the wilderness, with no bread or nothing to eat, yet they were walking in the line of obedience, and God rained bread down out of the sky.

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