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INFLUENCE_ PHOENIX.AZ SATURDAY_ 63-0112, E-16 And you know, the right... There's two ways to do anything: that's right and wrong. I had my little son Joseph on my lap the other day, and I said to him... He's eight years old, and some little boy had stepped on his toes. And he and the little boy had a fight. So I said, "Joseph, don't do that."

He said, "But, daddy, he did such-and-such."

I said, "But that doesn't matter (See?), what he did. Just remember, Joseph, that... You love your father?"

He said, "Yes, daddy."

I said, "Then remember, that people are going to look at your life as a minister's son. And then if you do anything wrong, then they're going to say, 'Does this minister permit his child to do such?'"

Now, we know they do it anyhow. But we know that. As Christians, we know that we try to bring up our children right. But it's a good thing to keep that befront--before them all the time--to do what's right. Don't--don't never take that other side.

So I said, "Because, you see, that doesn't only reflect on you, Joseph, but it reflects on your mother, reflects on your sisters; it reflects on your father, and the very cause of the family, what we're standing for. And then what we stand for, it reflects on that, on Jesus Christ. You don't want to do that." I said, "Our--our Lord told us if we're--if somebody smites us on one cheek, just turn the other."

And of course, that's kind of hard for a little boy with a hot temper to begin with to--to think of such things. But place it before him anyhow (See?), that he should not do it.

ISRAEL.AT.KADESH.BARNEA_ JEFF.IN IC 97-128 SATURDAY_ 53-0328, 188 Look what a warrior Moses was. In his last hours he got down there with that horrible temper, and finally glorified himself in the stead of God, and God would not permit him... 'Course, it was all pre-pictured just like the organizations today, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecost, all the rest of them, they're glorifying themselves.


E-102 I can see him go down, and here's the story. I can see him look around. "Well, the landlord had done put his wife out. There's was no... Poor little thing, she prayed all the time, maybe, for him to be healed. Come back, his little children, when they'd see him coming they'd run and hide and everything. His poor little wife would have to get out of the way, 'cause he's bad. He come in, he tore up the place.

That's the way a drunkard does, or demon possessed: run into one of these temper fits and kick everything around the house. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, that even belong to church and maybe on the deacon board. Brother, I wished I had a little bigger audience this afternoon of some of them. That's right. Yeah, belong to the deacon board and act like that.

Here he comes in the... Though he comes down, slips down, the house is closed. Where's wife? He goes out and asks someone on the street, said, "She had to move down there in the alley."


E-102 Now, my prayer is tonight, to you, that Jesus will come here and do something just like He did before He was crucified, so that you'll thoroughly understand that He has risen from the dead and is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm not here to break up your organizations. I'm not here to do nothing but to help your organizations. I'm not here to scatter your people. I'm here to gather the people to the Shepherd, Christ Jesus.

Stay in any church you want to, but love the Lord. We got plenty of denominations, and fine ones, and they all mean good. There's not no Christian denomination here on earth that means bad. Oh, they fuss and stew like a bunch of little juveniles, but, petty like a little bunch of kids. But in all of it, they're God's children.

The devil gets among them and causes temper and everything, but God loves them. So if God can love them, you surely ought to too. So love them anyhow. If that's not in your heart, then you ought to raised your hand (That's right.), and made your down here. So love the people.

WHY_ CHATAUQUA.OH THURSDAY_ 59-0813, E-24 The sin of the world today, the greatest disease is not the heart disease; it's the sin disease that's killing the world. That's what's breaking up the nation today, breaking up the whole world is sin. And there's plenty of cure for it. But the people won't take it. They don't want nothing to do with it.

Just like the man setting on the doctor's steps. Here comes a man out had the same disease and he's well. Another one comes out and said, "That's fanaticism. I ain't going in there." He will die there, because he rejects to take the medicine.

And so is it. A man will die and sink into dark eternity without knowing God if he refuses the baptism of the Holy Ghost. God's Toxin is for him.

Some people say, "I just can't keep from sinning." "Brother Branham, I got a cigarette habit. I just can't quit it." "I got a drinking habit. I can't quit it." "I got a temper. I just can't get rid of it." You're only stalling. You're just refusing to use God's Toxin. It'll cure it, if you'll just take It. And sometimes it's hard, but It always does you good. It takes bad tasting medicine sometimes to do you any good.

SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 SUNDAY_ 62-0318E, 86-2 She left Jesus, her Word Husband to marry a pope, so she can't give birth, spiritual birth; she can give denominational birth now; she's got plenty seed of that. She can't give spiritual birth, she--because she was a harlot. Only thing she can give is denominational life and a lot of ballyhoo. The Catholic church itself is made upon a few superstitions of Christianity and--and a bunch of Romanism, and the Pentecostal church is just as bad: a bunch of jumping and shouting and speaking in tongues and things like that. When it comes down: enough temper to fight a buzz saw and turn you out of their congregation. If God come in there and raised the dead, if you didn't agree with them, they'd run you out, if you don't belong to their organization.


143 When this takes place, the thing you'll do then, you'll find out that the Spirit that comes in you from the new birth, you will believe and do everything that God says in His Word's for you to do. And everything that the Bible quotes for you to do, you'll punctuate it with a "Amen." And you'll not stop day and night until you receive it. That's right. That's right. And in all this time, you'll certainly above everything bear the fruit of the Spirit.

You say "Will I speak with tongues?" You might do that, and you might not. "Will I shout?" You might do that; you might not. But there's one sure thing you will do. You will bear the fruit of the Spirit; and the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, faith, long-suffering, meekness, gentleness, patience. Your temper will not be...?... [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] Just remember, when you got that, that poisons the Holy Spirit away from you. See? When you get to a place that you want to fuss with everybody you come along to, there's something wrong. When you get a place where the--a minister will read from the Bible that it's wrong to do a certain thing, and you [Brother Branham illustrates a bad attitude--Ed.], just remember, there's no Christianity there at all. That's... Now, that... "By their fruits you shall know them," it's what Jesus said. See?


1165-95 My mother, as you know, was a half Indian, and my father was an Irishman, a Kentucky Irish at that. And every one of--both of them had enough temper to fight a buzz saw. And all the time my mouth was mashed; I was little to begin with. And they'd just pick me up and knock me down. And I'd get up again; and they'd knock me down again till I just got too able--unable to get up anymore. That's always. And then when I got able to get up, I got up again; they knocked me down again. So that's just the way I had it.

I thought, "I can never be a Christian." But when the Holy Spirit came into my life, that done it. No more...

I had a woman one time; I went to have to cut the lights off. And that day I had hair on top of my head. She said, "You little, kinky-headed idiotic."

I told her, I said, "Woman, you oughtn't to curse like that. Oh, don't you fear God?"

She said, "You little, kinky-headed idiotic, if I wanted somebody to talk to me about things like that, I wouldn't get a half-wit like you."

"Whoo." Then she called me a blankety, blankety name. Oh, my, if that'd been a year farther. I always said, "A man that'd strike a woman wasn't man enough to strike a man," but I--I might've broke that at that time calling my mother a bad name like that. But you know what? It never even fazed me. I said, "I will pray for you." Never bothered... I knowed right then something had happened to me. Yes, sir. Oh, my.

You know the evils that I done when I was a kid fighting? Almost killed five men at one time. Took a rifle loaded with sixteen shots, and when them boys beat me because I was a Kentuckian, no other reason... I couldn't even hold my head up. One would hold me by hands like this, and the other one'd stand there with a rock in his hand and pound me in the face, till I just lifeless. Nothing in the world...

LIFE.STORY_ HAMMOND.IN. SUNDAY_ 52-0720A, E-47 I knowed the old house there, was chinked up, and what a great house it was: torn and gone, a housing project. Where's that big fine bunch of boys? Nearly every one of them is gone.

I thought of Rollin Halloway, a friend of mine. He used to stand there, little red-headed fellow, enough temper to fight a buzz saw, died in prison. He shot a man in a crap game.

I looked over here to Wilmer, thought what become of... Wilmer...?... I thought, "What happened to him?" Yes, that's right. What happened to him? He got into a knife fight with a fellow, and he cut his throat with a knife.

I looked back over here and I seen... thought of Willis...?... "What happened to you, Willis?" Yeah, I seen what happened to him, how he went out in a disease. It stripped his body.

MARK.OF.THE.BEAST_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-0715, E-45 Captain Al Farrar, is one of my converts, the head of the FBI on the juvenile side. Many great men has come in. And he said, "Brother Branham, if that type of Gospel would be preached, we would be without a job." Certainly, if the people would receive it. But they've already had their ears marked off by some of these slaves of denomination. And they're drinking from them old Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Pentecostal cistern. That's all. And they don't know God. They're not open to their hearts. Their life proves what it is. Enough temper to fight a buzz saw and cuss you at the drop your hat and tell you to shut up your mouth.


E-42 And you wonder what's happened to you. That's what's happened. You change your nature. You become a wolf or a goat instead of a lamb. And that's what's the matter with the Pentecostal church today. It's snorting, and puffing, and enough temper to fight a buzz saw, and then wonder what went with the Holy Ghost. Backbitings and fightings and everything else amongst the Christian church and wonder where went the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit will not abide on such a thing. That's right. It cannot do it. If that lamb would've made one snort like the wolf, away would've went the dove. And today, why, we just do everything. We go everywhere, act like the world, tell dirty jokes, and everything else, and smoke, and drink, our deacon boards, even our pastor's dance and carry on, and then expect the Holy Spirit to dwell in such a place like that. Never. That's right.


E-49 Then the tree's known by its fruit. It'll bear fruit. But as long as we can dance in the Spirit, and run over the platform acting like... And then get out on the street and enough temper to fight a buzz saw, and carrying on like that, and fussing and carrying on through the neighborhood, running up-and-down, and pleading, and all this other kind of stuff, will never work until the precious Dove of God settles back down on the heart and makes you bear the fruit of the Spirit. That's exactly right. Clean water and stagnated don't come from the same cistern. Certainly it does not. The tree's known by its fruit.

CORINTHIANS.BOOK.OF.CORRECTION_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0414, E-54 Your virtue is what you're counted by. You don't say "Oh, hallelujah, I--I know I got it because I did this. Hallelujah," and enough temper to fight a buzz saw.

Let me tell you, brother, it takes virtue that Christ respects. "Though I speak with tongues as men and angels, though I pour forth blood out of both hands, though I shout and dance in the spirit, though I eat the Word of God and love it, though I drink from the same spiritual rock that the rest of them does, though I clap my hands just as loud as the rest, though I could cry crocodile tears, though I could do all this; but if that real genuine, real Christian virtue isn't there to Christ, you become as a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal.


E-37 Oh, I've seen people shout, and dance in the Spirit, and speak with tongues, and enough temper to fight a buzz saw, and go out, and live e--every day ungodly, and half dress themselves, and--and do shady deals, and everything like that. Brother, that's not the fruits of the Spirit.

Come on back to the Bible. Come back to the fountain. Come back and receive Christ. These other little things will take care of theirself. As long as you receive Christ and the life is going with it, these other things will flow freely. But don't try to get the other thing before you get Christ. He is the Fountain of Life, the only resource. And He's the inexhaustible Fountain of Life. You cannot exhaust His goodness, His mercy.

INVESTMENTS_ NY.NY V-18 N-11 SATURDAY_ 63-1116B, 190 But, you see, the church seems to have all the authority, with the keys to the Kingdom, and everything, and they had chosen Matthias to take Judas' place. But look what a foolish choice man can make. There's not a thing he ever done. He might've been a good man. No doubt he was a good man. No doubt he was a humble servant of Christ. But, you see, that don't always spell God's choosing.

God chose a little critic of the church, a little Jew, the hook-nose, and enough temper to fight a buzz saw, and he would, he... There he was, on his road down. He's going down and arrest them holy-rollers. He'll put them in chains. He'll bind them. He's got authorities from his bishop. He's going to do it.


1165-95 My mother, as you know, was a half Indian, and my father was an Irishman, a Kentucky Irish at that. And every one of--both of them had enough temper to fight a buzz saw. And all the time my mouth was mashed; I was little to begin with. And they'd just pick me up and knock me down. And I'd get up again; and they'd knock me down again till I just got too able--unable to get up anymore. That's always. And then when I got able to get up, I got up again; they knocked me down again. So that's just the way I had it.

I thought, "I can never be a Christian." But when the Holy Spirit came into my life, that done it. No more...

POWER.OF.TRANSFORMATION_ PRESCOTT.AZ V-17 N-1 SUNDAY_ 65-1031M, 200 But, you see, in the days of Noah, when the sons of God saw the daughters of men were pretty, they taken unto them women for wives. See? The sons of God saw the daughters of men, 'cause they were sexy and--and dressed like that. They--they lusted for the women, and they went for them. See?

I'm thankful that you sons of God seen beyond that. See? How that women make themselves... See?

But what is it? It's all pretty. It's a hybreeding. Take some of them, wash their face, they--you wouldn't know what you'd have. See? And that's right. Maybe enough temper to fight a buzz saw, and--and nasty, and--and ornery, and filthy, and run around with other men.

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