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E-4 004 We shall now turn to the Scriptures to read just for a little text to find a context, Saint Mark the 11th chapter and the 22nd verse, just one verse of Scripture.

And Jesus answering said unto them, Have faith in God.

I wish to take that for a text tonight: "Have faith in God." And the subject would be this, that, "Tested Faith Produces Goods."



E-9 009 I wish to read tonight, being that the meeting is just a little on it's way now... Not to take too much time--we got around a thousand miles to drive right away. And I want to read from the book of Saint Mark, the 12th chapter, the 11th chapter, rather, of Saint Mark and the 22nd verse.

And Jesus, answering said unto them, Have faith in God.

This little word "faith," have faith in God... And for a--a subject, I would like to use this: Time Tested Faith, those three words, Time Tested Faith. It's just three words, but oh, what it means.



But, there is a gold of God. I Peter 1:7. "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth." The gold of God is a Christ-like character produced in the fiery furnace of affliction. That is the right kind of gold.


But, there is a gold of God. I Peter 1:7. "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth." The gold of God is a Christ-like character produced in the fiery furnace of affliction. That is the right kind of gold.


That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:



E-15 015 Faith, why, it's the most common thing there is. You can't even get a drink of water without faith. You couldn't come to this meeting without faith. You cannot move your finger without faith. It's said in the Scripture that when they put the Blood on the lintel of the door, for the passover in Egypt, it was put on the hyssop. Do you know what hyssop is? Hyssop is common weed. You can just find it anywhere. And that's the way the Blood is to be applied to the heart's door, tonight, is by something common, faith.

We try to press it out, and make it something, that no one can take a hold of. It's so simple, that you go over the top of it, trying to find it. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," said the writer of Hebrews the 11th chapter, 1st verse.


E-11 011 Now, in the Old Testament when the blood was applied over the--the lintels of the door, I'm told it was put on by hyssop, dipped in the blood and rubbed over the door. Hyssop is just common weed. And that's how it was applied, by hyssop, something you could just reach down anywhere and get a handful of it.

And how appropriate that is, tonight, to apply hyssop as faith. You put the blood on by faith. How we're covered by the blood: by faith, common faith.

Well, you say, "But for miracles and for healing, Brother Branham, is some different type of faith." No, it's the same faith. There's only one faith. And all good things, and all things that are, are original.


E-30 030 Notice, we come to the water of separation, applied by the hyssop, the weed, the common faith. Then what does he do? They turn him then towards the door of the tabernacle.

Now, before--in there is where the Lord is on His--the holy place, on the inside. Now, we can even pick it up from the inside of there and go on to the holiest of holies and so forth.


E-15 015

I found--searching to see what hyssop was... Hyssop is just a common weed found in Egypt, and also it's found in--in Palestine. And sometimes it grows out of the walls where the dirt... It's just a common ordinary weed with a little blade on it, with a little white flower.

And hyssop was always used to sprinkle the Blood. In the days of the passover, Moses commanded to take hyssop, and dip it in the blood, and splash it upon the door post and on the lintels, the applying of the blood.

And hyssop, being just a common weed, in this great waters of separation, represents common faith. The believer coming, must not be some supernatural--oh, I don't know what--some kind of a fellow that's so highly educated till he--he got--knows all--more than Webster does. And he doesn't have to be any great theologian. He just has to use common faith, the hyssop. Pick it up anywhere. And it was all mixed together and burned. And then it was kept outside the courts that the unclean, before he could come into the fellowship... And remember, God always did and never will any other place, but meet man under the Blood. That's the only place you have fellowship with God is under the Blood.


E-19 019 God's got a provided way. And when the Gentile or the unclean person desired fellowship with God, the first thing he had to do, was come first to the waters of separation, then be sprinkled.

Now, what did that represent or type? The believer today, the man that wants to believe, comes to the church and listens to the Gospel. Christ died for sinners.

In there, the red, the scarlet, the hyssop then... he applies that with common faith that a--that a two year old child could use. Just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.


E-38 038 Now, then again, the ram's wool dyed in blood was the scarlet. Hyssop is just a common weed. It's found in Egypt, and it's found in Palestine; usually it grows out of the cracks of the building. It's a little bush of a thing, has a little white flower on it, just common, can be found anything. What did that speak of? Faith, hyssop, faith, just so common. You think you have to have some supernatural faith to get something from God; you do not. Just common faith like you've got; just apply the Blood.


E-6 006 Now, these Greek scholars here, would tell you, that that word there in the Greek is "Sozo," which means just exactly "like saved physically or saved spiritually." Same in translation. So "Sozo," thy faith has "sozo," saved thee. Thy faith saves thee from hell. They faith saves thee from death. Thy faith saved thee from sickness. See? It's "Sozo," the same word. So the same faith that you have in God for your salvation, is the same faith you use for your healing. Just simple; believe it; act upon it. Doesn't take any sensations; it doesn't anything in the world, but just common faith. You don't have to feel nothing. You don't have to... Only thing you have to do is believe something, believe that Jesus died that you might be saved, and it's yours. Faith is so simple.


E-5 005 And now, you yourself... Now, many times I've seen people grasp at faith, and try to reach for it. Many times people just go over the top of it. Faith is so simple. It's just... In the Bible did you notice what they applied the blood with? Was hyssop. Well, hyssop is just common weeds down in Egypt, and also up in Palestine you find it growing around in the cracks of the adobes, and so forth, right on the ground--just a little green, three-cornered shaped, diamond-shaped leaf with a little flower on it. You could just pick it up anywhere. It was hyssop. That's what they applied the blood on the lintel of the door. Hyssop... And the reason they made it weeds, because it represents faith.

How do you apply the Blood? By faith, not some super something, but just common faith like you have. That's the way you apply the Blood. Like you say, "I'm going out to get in my car and go home." How do you know you are? You're not sure of that. You're almost sure of it, but you believe you are. Then you just go ahead, acting, and you go on.


E-15 015 People try to make faith too complicated. It's not complicated. It's just simple, child-like faith.

You know, the blood in the Old Testament was applied by hyssop. You've heard that many times. You know what hyssop is? Just common weeds. You find it anywhere. Down in Egypt, and so forth, it grows out of the adobe, cracks in the building, where the--the wind had packed the seed. They get that, the little, kind of a little diamond shaped leaf; has a flower on it. Just hyssop; common.

What does it mean? You don't have to have any super faith to apply the Blood of Jesus Christ: Just common faith, believe it. That's all.

And remember, the Word of God will defeat Satan anywhere, anytime, on any grounds. That's right. The Word of God will defeat Satan.


E-10 010 You don't have to have any super faith. How did you come here? How do you know you're going to leave? How can you drive your car? How do you know you can move your hand? Well, you just subconsciously do it, because you believe you can do it.

Now, that's the way you believe for your healing. It's just settled and that's just all. It doesn't take some high education, some super-duper something. It just takes common faith in God. Just believe it like you would, if your mother would said she would get something for you. Just believe it like that.

END.TIME.EVANGELISM.title JEFF.IN V-10 N-5 62-0603

176 101 The end-time evangelist's message is from Malachi 4. It's a restoring. The message and messenger both will have to be a restoration of the faith. Jude said, in the Book of Jude, just about thirty years after the crucifixion; he said, "Brethren, I give all diligence to write unto you of the common faith, that you should earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints back there." See, see?


E-47 047 Now, notice. Now, we find that Satan, that great agent, he only was able to get the church the first time by making them accept his wisdom of the world, and get away from common faith that God told them to have in His Word. That was his first program. He succeeded there, and there's where he's done it every time. Oh, if we could only see that that's it. And when he can get you from behind that Word, that's all he has to do; you're--you're in his hands, right then. Notice. Just believe His Word and live.

TOKEN.THE.title DALLAS.TX V-19 N-12 64-0308

17 010 Here is a house, and the worshipper, what was the requirement? Slay a lamb. On the fourteenth day after it was put up, a--a male without blemish, all Israel shall slay it, and the blood shall be taken with hyssop and put upon the lintel of the door.

And, by the way, that hyssop was just common weeds. Hyssop means your faith. Somebody tries to have supernatural faith; that's the reason you miss your healing. Faith is just a common thing. You got faith to come to church. You got faith to walk out there. You got faith to start your car. You got faith to eat your dinner. That's the way it is, just common faith. Now, to apply--the blood was applied with hyssop, which is just common weeds that grows anywhere in Palestine, showing that the faith that the blood is to be applied by is not some super thing you have to have all kind of doctor's degree to do it. It's just common, everyday faith to believe God. See? Apply the blood by faith with the hyssop.


E-17 017 Remember, in the Bible... I spoke on it at Houston, or somewhere the other--or, I mean Dallas, "The Token." See, a--a Jew could show down in Israel that he was a Jew by circumcision. But God said, "When I see the blood... And the blood shall be unto you a token." The life that was in the blood could not come on the worshipper, because well, it was the animal's life. It was only a shadow, coming up to the real life. Then the chemistry, the blood itself had to be red upon the door and the post of the door, applied by hyssop, which is just a common weed, showing that you don't have to have some super faith. You just have to have the same--the faith you got, like you have to start your car, come to church. See?

A lot of people thinks they got to be something. But no, no. That's wrong. Just common faith is all you have to apply the blood by. Hear the Word, believe the Word, and apply It. That's all. Just pick up weeds, anywhere there in Palestine, with hyssop. It's a little weed growed out of cracks of the walls, and around, dipped it in the blood, and put it on the lintel and the doorpost.


To Titus, [mine] own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, [and] peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.


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