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"I was reading a little article some time ago, thinking back to the girls again, it happened out in the west. There was a... One howling stormy night, and the winds high, and there was a--some peoples had a prayer meeting. And the one that led the prayer meeting was a very attractive little lady. Not thinking about the dangers she would be in, but she lived kindy cater-cornered across the little city.

And usually on the streets there was lots of people at the time of night, when the prayer meeting closed, their songs had been to the Lord, and their hearts were happy. And I guess altogether they felt about like Brother Beeler did awhile ago when he was testifying: Just so happy they couldn't contain the joy, and just having to leave it roll out some way.

After the last "Amen" had been said, they all made their way to their homes. And the little young lady picked up her coat, and pulled the collar up, and latched over the front of it, and started down the street. And she come to find out that the cold night had run everybody into their own fireplace. And she found herself alone on the streets. And it seems to be like a danger begin to haunt her. You know, I'm so glad that the Holy Spirit can warn us of things that's coming, escape those dangers.

And she had never thought of being afraid, and she just got to singing that old song, "No, Never Alone." And as she went on across the city, seemed like no one was going to bother her, but all of a sudden there arose that great fear again. And she happened to look standing close, and there stood a real hideous looking man looking right at her, holding his arms out like this, coming towards her.

There's no way to get away. And it's a true story. So she could not run; he'd catch her. There was only one thing to do. She couldn't scream; the winds was blowing so hard, almost lifting her body from the street. She'd never make anyone hear, and the snow just a blinding. And there was only one thing to do; that was pray. So she begin to, under her voice, whispering a prayer to God.

And she said she never knew where it come from here, but all of a sudden by the side of the door stood a great big dog, and he had his bristles up. And he walked out to her side, and come on the side which the man would be on, and begin growling viciously as he passed on by the man. And as soon as the man went on down the street, the dog turned, and went back, and laid down in the door.

God will care for His own. God, sometimes He works through even a dog or an animal, or some other way to show His glory and His protection. I'm so happy that I know Him in the forgiveness of my sins, and with the assurance that my sins are under the Blood as I confess them daily to Him."

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