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And let's remember Him now as we sing this song in the Spirit of His Presence, "I Love Him." If you dwell in love, you dwell in God, for God is love. They that dwell in God dwell in love. See? And love has no hatred. Love is not jealous. Love is not puffed up. Love doth not misbehave itself. Love is always gentle, sweet, forgiving, kind. No matter how bitter the others is, love remains itself. Love is the ultimate of grace. Love is God's ultimatum for us. After all other gifts and things has vanished, our prophecies, our tongues, our interpretations, all that we've ever done, or whatmore, when love comes in, it's the ultimate. It's above all, 'cause all other fails. It's--it's the Supreme Court's decision. It's the tie post. It's the North Star that keeps the seaman level. It's the compass that guides us. Love is the ultimate. Let's remember it as we sing, "I love Him."


10-2 Now, I was hearing a man speak--or taught not long ago, and he used the word "absolute." And I thought, "That's a very fine word; I hear it used so many times: Absolutely." That's...

I looked up in the dictionary--Webster's. According to Webster's, it's "perfect in itself; unlimited in its power; primarily, an ultimate." And an ultimate is the "amen"; that's all. A "absolute," it is--it's "the unlimited in power," the word "absolute." It's--it's perfect in itself. That's all of it; that settles it. And I thought, "That's a glorious thing; that's a wonderful word."

And now, a "word" is "a thought expressed." First, it must be a thought, and then it becomes a word; because you do not speak your words without thought.


11-1 But the word "absolute" is an ultimate; and therefore, I think that everybody should have an ultimate. And every great achievement that's ever been achieved, there has been an absolute behind it. No matter what it was, it's had an absolute behind it. And every person in order to achieve something has to first have the absolute. And that's the final wind back through this, that, back through the other, till you come to that absolute, or the "amen," or the ultimate of what you're... You got something you have to tie to, in other words. It's the final tying post to every achievement. It's somewhere; it might wind through many different things till it gets to that tie post; but there is the "amen" to all of it. There must be such a thing. You cannot go on through life without having one.


11-3 We can think of many who had absolutes in the Bible. Oh, how we could take down through the stream of that Bible, and just be here two weeks from now, and never even touch the surface, if we'd think of the absolutes in the Bible. For instance, let me just call one or two, just brief them.

Look at Job. Now, he had an absolute. Everything went wrong for that man--a just man. Now, we would be daresn't to say that he wasn't just, because God said he was. There was no one on earth like Job. He was perfect in the sight of God; and he knew it, because he had an ultimate; he had an absolute.

INFLUENCE_ PHOENIX.AZ SATURDAY_ 63-0112, E-45 Now, to hurry up and I must hurry, because I guess I'm too late now. Will you bear with me just a minute longer? Yes. Isaiah learned right here, no matter how great the organization was, how great the man was, though God had give him thousands (and millions of dollars in this age that we're living in), that meant not one thing before God. His Word was... His--His Word is His Ultimate. That settles it. You must keep His Word. Humble yourself with It. Notice. Then we find out that he'd done something contrary to the Word, and he was cursed by it. No matter how great he was...

How great David was, a man after God's own heart, yet got away from the Word. "Thou shalt not commit adultery." But David was lifted up. He thought, "Well, God don't pay no attention to this." God pays attention to every thought that you think of. Let your thoughts be exactly right.

What was the matter? Now. It's because that he forgot it. He for... He went away from it, never forgot it, 'cause he was told better.


E-14 Our heavenly Father, we are indeed a privileged people this morning in the face of this changing world. And we have ahold of the hand of the unchangeable God. Times may change, but He's eternal. And His Word is in our heart. It's a--an Ultimate of our--of our thoughts. They always drift back to that Word. No matter where we stray, it comes back to the Word. It's the tie post in our heart. We're so grateful for that.

TRUMPET.GIVES.AN.UNCERTAIN.SOUND_ PHOENIX.AZ MONDAY_ 63-0114, E-21 We used to could put a lot of confidence in our democracy, and which I do think it's the best form of government. But still, our democracy is shaky, because we are... This nation, our people, we have a constitution and this constitution is--is our ultimate. But yet in that, our constitution is shaky because it's already been broken many times. The late Mr. Roosevelt made havoc out of it. So, see, you see it can be broken. It's not much confidence you can put into it.

Politics, oh, my, how shaky... People just argue, and argue, and argue about politics. And neighbors will fall out about it, and people that were once good friends... Some president will raise up, or somebody run for the sheriff, or something, and the other fellow on the other side of the political fence, and they'll fuss with one another until they fall out about it. Politics... And I don't... I hope I don't hurt anybody's feelings, but I think the whole thing's rotten. Yes, sir. So why would you fuss and fall out about something that ain't no good anyhow? That's right. It's just awful bad.

TRUMPET.GIVES.AN.UNCERTAIN.SOUND_ PHOENIX.AZ MONDAY_ 63-0114, E-63 Abraham, out walking in the field one day, heard God say, "Abraham, I'm going..." He met Abraham before the written Word, and He said, "Abraham, I'm going to give you a son by your wife, Sarah." And she was sixty-five years old at that time, and Abraham was seventy-five. And they made ready for it, and he wasn't ashamed to testify. He knowed he was going to have a son. And the Bible said, "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was fully persuaded." Amen. Fully persuaded, that means that he's met the ultimate. Amen. That's it. The ultimate's the end of the road; it's the last thing. It's to the--it's all of it. He said, "I'm fully persuaded that what God promised, God is able to perform." Are you tonight? Are you fully persuaded that this is the Holy Ghost? Are you fully persuaded this is the way? Are you fully persuaded He's a Healer? Are you fully persuaded that He's coming again? Are you fully persuaded He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? Amen. Fully persuaded? Yes.


E-46 So, these priests with their word, though in their own way of thinking they were exactly right: Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, and whatever they were. It's come to that time again. See? Each one in his own thinking, they just do what's right like it was in the day of Judges. Well, there's an ultimate somewhere, and that ultimate is God's Word, 'cause He was the Word.

Now, we find that they loved these things better than they loved God. The Bible said they would. Now, we're living in that day. Now, if a prophecy said a certain thing, we see it happening, then we--we got to know where our mistake is. We got to know where we got to bypass. Now, the book of Revelations the 3rd chapter teaches this, that we would be in this age, and here we are.

ABSOLUTE.AN_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 63-0127, E-13 Now, I was looking in the dictionary to find out... When I was looking at the word "identified," I come into this word "a absolute." And the "absolute," according to Webster's Dictionary, it says it's "perfect in itself; unlimited in power; primarily an ultimate." An absolute, it's used many times. It's the last word. It's the amen.

You hear people say, "Absolutely, that's it." That's the last thing. It's--it's unlimited. See? That--that takes from here on. There's nothing else in its way. It's--it's the supreme. It's the--an ultimate. And a ultimate is when--primarily an ultimate, because you've reached the end. It's the amen. That's all.


E-8 And I've chosen this text awhile ago setting in my motel room, because I think that now we need something positive, some absolute that we can hold on to and know that it's true. In crucial hour like this we must have something that we are positive that's right, something that we can hold to, to know whether the--how the case is going.

Now, according to--to Webster, "a absolute in itself is unlimited in power and primarily is an ultimate." And an "ultimate" is an "amen." It's the absolute as what it... That's the end. That's everything. Now, every great achievement that's ever been in the world has been tied to some sort of an absolute. You cannot do anything unless there's something that you can hold to.

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