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72 034 Like you women claiming you got Holy Ghost and going out here and wearing shorts and things, how could you do it? How could the Spirit of God in you ever let you do such a thing as that? It just can't be so. Certainly it can't be. He's not a filthy spirit; He's a holy Spirit.

And then when you become subject to that Spirit, it throws your whole being subject to that Spirit. And that Spirit is nothing in the world but this Seed Word made manifest, or quickened (Hallelujah.), made alive. And when the Bible said, "Don't do this," that body quickly turns to it; there's no question.

And what is it? It's the earnest of the resurrection. This body will be raised up again, because it's already started. It was once subject to sin, and mire, and corruption, but now it's got the earnest; it's turned heavenly. Now, that's the earnest that you're going in the rapture. It's the earnest.


76 035 Notice, how wonderful, we love Him. Now, this body is subject to the Spirit. Have not yet entered into the Word form, but we are still in the flesh form, but subject to the Word. Death in the flesh will take us there.


78 036 Then when a man is borned again from heaven, he becomes a spirit babe in Christ. And then when this robe of flesh is dropped, there is a natural body, theophany, a body not made with hands, neither born of a woman, that we go to. Then that body returns back and picks up the glorified body. That's the reason Jesus went to hell when he died and preached to the souls that were in prison. Turned back into that theophany... Oh, marvelous. Thank God.

II Corinthians 5:1 "If this earthly body be dis--dissolved (this earthly tabernacle), we have another one." See, we have bypassed that to come straight from God, the attribute, to be flesh to be tempted and tested by sin like Adam did. But when testing of His Word is over, then we are taken up to this body that was prepared for us before the foundation of the world.

It is the Word there that we skipped to come right around down here to be tempted and tested. If we'd have come through that, there'd have been no temptation; we'd knowed all things. That's the reason Jesus knowed all things, 'cause He was Word before He was flesh.

Then we become the Word. Here we are formed to the Word image to be a partaker of the Word, feed on the Word, by being predestinated since the beginning.

You see, that little spark of life that you had in you from the beginning when you started your journey... Many of you can remember it. You joined this church and joined that church, and try this and that; nothing satisfied. That's right. But one day you just recognized it. Right.

They call it a theophany, that when we leave here we go in somewhere else. Whatever it may be, I take the apostle's Word, when he said, "If this earthly tabernacle or dwelling place be dissolved, we have one already waiting to move from this into that."

And it was a body. It was in the form of what we are now, which is called in the clergy way of speaking it, a theophany. It's a body that doesn't have a spirit in it. It's a body that's waiting for you Christians. As soon as the life leaves this, you go into that body. When this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting, a theophany.


The Logos that went out from It was the Son of God. It was the only visible form that this Spirit had. And It was a theophany, which means a body, and the body was like a man.

The Logos that went out of God. In other words, a--a better word for it was a--what we call a theophany. Theophany is a human body that's glorified, not exactly with flesh and blood like it will be in it's glorified stage, but it is of a form of a human body that doesn't eat, neither does it drink, but it's--it's a body, a body that's waiting for us as soon as we leave this one. Now, in there, we enter into that body. And that's the kind of body that God was. For He said, "Let Us make man in Our own image and in our likeness."

God put a soul in a man and He didn't put it in the animal, because the soul that was in the man is that theophany.

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