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Now when God is silent we had better be silent. But where He has spoken we had better speak, too, and say what He has already said. He told us the evidence, or what would happen after being baptized with the Holy Ghost was that we would have the Teacher come and teach all truth. But that Teacher was an INSIDE teacher, not an outside teacher. If the Spirit wasn't inside, you wouldn't hear the truth and receive it by revelation if you heard it every moment of the day. That was the sign of the indwelling Spirit in the days of Paul. Those who were filled with the Holy Ghost heard the Word, received it and lived by it. Those who did not have the Spirit heard it only as carnal men, put a wrong interpretation on it and went into sin.


ELIJAH.AND.MEAL.OFFERING_ PHX.AZ V-9 N-4 THURSDAY_ 60-0310, 61 I felt so sorry for these deaf and dumb people. I want to lay hands on them and pray for them, started to stop last night, but I said that wouldn't be right for the rest of them. But how do I know that somewhere in the silent God Who knows the heart, these people has met their requirement of God, and they're ready, and there's an Angel here tonight to deliver them from all their affliction? How do I know? God might've commanded their deliverance tonight. Whether I pray for the sick, or not, they'll get it because God has required it. Be sure of God, and then hold on, meet His requirements. God knows how to do things that's right, knows how to do it in the right way.


114 You know, I read a book here not long ago. Someone wrote a--a book that said: "The Silent God." You might've read it; I forget, I--I think Brumback... No, I don't--I'm not sure who it was wrote it. But... I can't remember... I got it in my study: "The Silent God." Said, "God, two thousand years of Dark Ages set still, and never moved a hand, and watched faithful martyrs go to the lions' pit and be burnt by the Romans; assassination of all kinds; women stripped of their clothes, set fire to their long hair with tar and burn them." Remember, short hair first begin in Rome. And the women of Christians had long hair. So they--they dipped it in tar, and set them afire, and burned them, and them naked, and fed them to the lions. And this writer goes to say, "Where is that God?" Oh, the blindness of men sometimes. Do you not know that that Seed had to die? He never tried to deliver a one--them. They went down in victory. They went down bleeding and dying, giving their lives. Why? It was a Seed; it had to fall into the ground. I John 12 tells us the corn of wheat has got to fall into the ground and there die, and not only die, but rot. But little did that denomination know that that Life was still in there.


E-88 And Lord, on the day of Pentecost there came a great church forth. There came another grain of wheat to be made a Bridegroom and a bride for the last day. We found it fell in for Him for a thousand years. From the Nicaea council it laid rotting in the ground. The critics wrote the book, "The Silent God," that would let a--little children be dead, and killed by lions, and burnt. And the gladiators martyred the Christians, and burned them at stakes. Did that man only had had the spiritual understanding: that wheat has to rot in the ground, but it sprang forth again, not in the likeness that it went down in; it went down in the likeness of a grain of wheat; but when it come forth it had some blades, like the young wheat that comes up. Finally it growed through, from Luther to Zwingli and on down, and finally it come to a tassel. It changed itself in the days of Wesley. Looked a little bit more like the wheat, and more like it than the blades did. It's coming back to itself again.


330 Now, let me say this in prophecy. Will you understand? The big family fuss is about over. They're all coming back together. Old mother's going to take her kids back again. They're all the same anyhow. They want to be one. It's time for the Church and God, Church and the Word, to get one, right here, because that's what He's coming after; not a "one" group like that. No, sir.

A grain of wheat is to be. Now, watch nature, and we're closing on this thought. Watch nature. A man plants wheat.

They wrote a book; I guess you all have read it, probably some of you theologians, called "The Silent God." I think you can get it maybe in--in your books, of--of where you sell books, bookstores: "The Silent God," Said how... A infidel said, "How could you ever expect to be a God, that could set up there during the Dark Ages and watch little children be put to death by fire; women, their long hair stuck down in pitch, and burned; put an ox on one arm, and one another, and pull them apart, because they won't kiss a crucifix; and all those things like that"? Said, "How could a God, if there was one, set up there and watch those little children burn?" See, that's the natural, carnal mind. See?


250 When a blade of grass comes up, what is it? What... When a blade of wheat comes up... Jesus said, "Except a corn of wheat falls into the earth..." What happens when a corn of wheat--or a wheat falls into the earth? The first thing comes up is a little blade. It's--is not like the grain that went in. Watch nature. It's not like the grain that went in, but it's a carrier of the life of the grain. What came...

That infidel that just wrote that famous book, "The Silent God," it said, "How could there be a God who could open the Red Sea, and stand through a thousand years of dark ages and see little children eat up with lions, and people hung on crosses, and murdered in the arenas and things, and never even opened His mouth?" See, the Word is a revelation.


86 So many times people sympathize. Oh, and I read a book not long ago, on, "The Silent God," give by some of these modern philosophers who try to turn you away from God. If you don't know the Word of God and the plan of God, you can be easily shook. But when you see God's plan, His program, then by faith you know it's God, and God identifying Himself, doing just what He did in--in the other times, walking, proving.

That's the reason Moses could not be shook. He talked face to face with God, and God told him, "I am the One that was with Abraham back yonder. I'm the One that's made this promise. I'll be with you." How you going to stop that man then?

As the prophet of old said, "When the lion roars, who can but fear? And God has spoken, who can but prophesy?" When we see the things that God promised at this hour, see it unfold, how can you stand still when you see that that's His way He--what He said, it would happen. See all the mysterious things, but that's just exactly the way God said it would take place.


But the devil is not content. He hasn't achieved worship of himself yet, except in an indirect way. So he takes the people away from the truth still further. Through his mysteries he reveals to the people that since the great invisible father God does not concern himself in the affairs of men, but remains silent relative to them, then it follows that he may well be worshipped in silence. Actually it means to ignore him as much as possible, if not altogether. This doctrine spread around the world also, and right today in India you can see that temples to the great creator, the silent god, are strikingly few in number.

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