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PERFECT.STRENGTH_  JEFF.IN  V-8 N-1  SUNDAY_  61-1119,  268    Well, the ministerial association had gathered together, you know, said, "Don't--don't you all have anything to... Turn him loose; he'll finally--he'll come to the end of his wits. Let him bawl his own brains out. That's all, let him alone." But old Elijah, walking right true with God, stayed right with the Word. They'd have a little meeting down there, and he'd look across the audience and say, "All you Jezebels..." "Oh, the very audacity. I'll never go hear that man again. No, sir, I'll have none." That didn't stop him, he stayed right there just the same. When he lost his church, when he lost his... All the denominations turned against him; it was then when he got weak; he said, "I'm the only one left; they're seeking to kill me." Said, "They'd shoot me if they'd get by with it." Uh-huh. See? "But I... They're seeking my life. And I'm the only one left, Lord, what can I do?" It was then when he got weak (yet standing true, confessing his weakness and everything), that God said, "Come up on the mountain; I'm going to give you a new message. I'm going to send you a new message now. I've already told you go condemn these things, now I'm going to send you back with something to prove that it was right." Said, "You done a good job, Elijah. You told them about the First Lady, and all that, and how they done. You condemned Ahab, and all of his modern stuff, and all the modern churches, and we told them preachers where they belonged. You was an example. You stood there without any help, any organization, anything behind you, but you stayed with My Word. Now I'm going to give you something. Go down there and tell that hypocrite, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD. There'll not even be dew fall from heaven till I call for it.'" My, my. Took him up on the mountain top to show him something. 

WAY.OF.A.TRUE.PROPHET_  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-14  SUNDAY_  62-0513M   45-9    Look at our billboards: women standing out with cigarettes in their hand, every little Jezebel in the country... Why, I went to the... The other day I seen a strange thing: there was one woman that (I come over to the school out there to get the kids, when I went over to get them)--that didn't have on a pair of shorts, and it freezing weather. Every one of them with cigarette... As soon as they get there and stop, if they didn't have a cigarette, they'd light it right quick and [Brother Branham makes a sound like blowing smoke out--Ed.] "See how I'm getting along?" Holding that hand out the door like this with a cigarette in their hand... And you say something to them, oh, they blow up. Sure. You say something to Ricky, or Elvis, or one of them out there, they'd shoot you. And the government would back them up, 'cause they're only teenagers. "Well, that's all right. They was--they didn't understand. They're teenagers; overlook it." Now, you see what a true prophet means? His way? 

WAY.OF.A.TRUE.PROPHET_  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-14  SUNDAY_  62-0513M   46-3    Look at these filthy dreamers in the churches with their denomination, they'd shoot you right in the back. The only thing keeps them from doing it is the mercy of God till the Message is got out. The devil will kill you, if he could do it. That's right. But the Message has got to go. "I, the Lord, will restore." That's right. "I'll--able of these stones to rise it." That's right. All right.

 161-2 PERGAMEAN.CHURCH.AGE  -  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.5 Just to know about Martin and his mighty ministry might make one think that the persecution of the saints had abated. Not so. They were still being destroyed by the devil through the instrumentality of the wicked. They were burned at the stake. They were nailed to logs face down and wild dogs were turned loose upon them, so that the dogs would tear away the flesh and bowels, leaving the victims to die in terrible torture. Babes were ripped from expectant mothers and thrown to the hogs. Women's breasts were cut away, and they were forced to stand erect while each heart throb poured out the blood until they crumpled in death. And the tragedy was even greater to think about when one realizes that this was not solely the work of the heathen, but many times it was caused by so-called Christians who felt that they did God a favor in exterminating these loyal soldiers of the cross who stood for the Word and obedience to the Holy Spirit. John 16:2, "They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God a service." Matthew 24:9, "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you; and ye shall be hated of all nations for My Name's sake." JOHN 16:2   2    They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. 

HARVEST.TIME_  PHOENIX.AZ  V-18 N-6  SATURDAY_  64-1212   320    You know, Jesus said, "It'll come to pass that they'll even kill you, thinking they're doing God a service." Wait till this new book of mine comes out. They shot at some people the other night, for saying that it was wrong to unite the Roman Catholic church with the Protestant. Three shots went through a building of a friend of mine, just barely missed them. Wait till this book gets in circulation. Don't think they are sinning; they think they're doing the right thing. They think they're--they're doing that for a cause for God, not knowing it. The Jews killed Jesus, thinking they were doing the right thing, because their church doctrine said He was wrong. Oh, said for them He... They crucified the very Bread that they were supposed to live by.

 LOOK.AWAY.TO.JESUS_  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-17  SUNDAY_  63-1229E   5-4    Someone was playing one of the tapes the other day, just because it made somebody angry, they shot at them through the window and a woman--wounded. So perhaps someday I'll seal my testimony. But when that time comes, then I'm ready to go. Until my time comes, there's nothing going to hurt me until that time. See? 

ACTS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT_  JEFF.IN  V-26 N-10  SUNDAY_  54-1219E   93    But as churches, they find out all these denominations has tried to build. They can't build on nothing less than Jesus Christ and righteousness. And if you receive Jesus Christ, and say it's foolish... Say, "Oh, I've received Jesus." If you receive Jesus, you receive Something that tells you that this Word of God is inspired; and He's the same Lord Jesus tonight, performing and doing the very same things that He said He would do," or you haven't received the Lord Jesus. You've received some theology, but not the Lord Jesus. For when Jesus comes into your heart, there's something happened that you believe everything God says. Not only that, but you know It's so. All devils in hell couldn't shake It away from you. Why, sure, you believe It. God's done said so and that settles it. When THUS SAITH THE LORD, you bank your hopes right there. Live or die, you believe It anyhow. You're ready to seal your testimony with your blood at any time, for you believe it's the truth. You know it's the truth, for God has said so. And Something within you knows it's the truth. 

QUEEN.OF.SHEBA_  CHICAGO.IL  TUESDAY_  58-0107   E-10    He said, "They probably won't. As you spoke from the platform... It may be you'll have to seal your testimony with your blood someday and then these things will wake up and they say, 'Well, we never knew that.'" And that may be the outcome. How that I know myself that truly as a Christian believer, It comes from God. And I have never in one time ever seen it fail. And to see even this picture... As a little boy, when I was only somewhere under three years old, I'm thinking about eighteen months. You'd think, "Brother Branham, you didn't see or remember that far."

 GO.TELL_  JEFF.IN  EASTER.MESSAGE.BOOK  SUNDAY_  60-0417M   108    A few days ago, talking to the great Doctor Lamsa, who translated the Bible from the Aramaic unto English... And I seen that little sign, God's sign on there, with three little dots in it. I said, "Doctor Lamsa, what is that?" He said, "It's God, with three attributes." And I said, "You mean, God living in three offices, such as, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?" He raised and looked at me, tears come in that Jew's eyes; he said, "Do you believe that, Brother Branham?" I said, "With all that's in my heart." He throwed his arms around me and said, "I wondered when I seen that great things going forth, and the signs that you were doing." Said that, "They told me you was a prophet. I didn't believe it till now. Now, I know you are." He said, "That's it. That's the message. That's the thing that'll shake the Kingdom of God." Yes. He said, "Someday you'll die for it, boy." Said, "You'll seal your testimony with that very same thing."

 THIS.DAY.THIS.SCRIPTURE_  JEFF.IN  V-3 N-8  FRIDAY_  65-0219   10-1    When the great union of churches comes together, which is in order right now for the world church, you'll have to seal your testimony with your own life to this. You must believe it now. If those priests could rise up that condemned Him, would not condemn Him. But you say, "If I'd have been there, I would've done so-and-so." Well, that wasn't in your age, but this is your age. This is the time. You say, "Well, if He was here..." The Bible says He's the same yesterday, today, and forever the same; so He is here. But He's here... As the world has civilized and become greater and educated more, He's here in the Spirit form, which they cannot kill or put to death. He died once; He cannot die again. He had to be made flesh in order for God to be put to death in the flesh for sin. But this time He can never die; It's the Holy Spirit. 132-4

 SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE  -  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.4 "Be thou faithful unto death." He does not say be faithful until death, but unto death. You may have to seal your testimony with your blood. Thousands, yea millions, have died during all the ages. They died in the faith. Like Antipas, the faithful martyr, they held not their lives dear unto death. Often we think that it would be almost impossible to be a martyr. But dare to recall that the faith we daily use to triumph in Christ Jesus is the same faith that upholds the Polycarps and all martyrs. The supreme faith will give supreme grace for the supreme hour. Blessed be God forever!

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