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21-4 And I heard a voice then that spoke to me that was in the room, said, "This is what you preached was the Holy Ghost. This is perfect love. And nothing can enter here without it." I am more determined than ever in my life that it takes perfect love to enter there. There was no jealousy. There was no tiredness. There was no death. Sickness could never in there. Mortality could never make you old, and the--they could not cry. It was just one joy, "Oh, my precious brother."


90 It's been so much to me since that what happened to me, I don't know. When I think there, when I stood there for those few joyful moments, and thought, "There's no tomorrow." There was no yesterday; there's no sickness; there's no sorrow. There's no little bit of happiness, then a whole lot of happiness; it's all happiness. Oh, my. Oh, when I stood there, and I said, "What is this?"

That Voice said, "This is perfect love, and everything that you ever loved and everything that ever loved you is here with you now."

"And you'll present us to the Lord Jesus when He comes, as trophies of your ministry."

I seen those beautiful women standing there, all grabbing me and screaming, "My precious, darling brother."

Seen those man with that shaggy hair around their neck here, running, grabbing me, and saying, "Our darling brother."

And I thought, "What does this mean?"

He said, "They're your people."

I said, "My people? There couldn't be that many Branhams; there's millions..."

He said, "They're your converts." Hallelujah. "They are your converts. They're the ones that..." Said, "You see that one standing there?" The most beautiful woman I ever seen... Said, "She was a past ninety years old when you led her to God. No wonder she's crying, 'My darling brother.'" Said, "She'll never be old no more. She's passed from that. She's in the splendor of youth. She's standing here. She can't drink a cold drink of water; she don't need it. She can't lay down and sleep, 'cause she don't get tired. There's no tomorrow, no yesterday, nor nothing. We're in eternity now. But some glorious day the Son of God shall come, and you will be judged according to the Word that you preached to them."

Oh, brother, I said, "Will Paul have to bring his group?"

"Yes, sir."

I said, "I preached It just exactly like Paul said It. I never divvied; I never took into any church creeds or anything else. I stayed the same."

And all of them screamed with one accord, "We know that. We're resting with assurance." Said, "You will present us to Him, and then we'll all go back to earth again to live forever." Oh, my.

HAVING.CONFERENCES_ CHATAUQUA.OH WEDNESDAY_ 60-0608, E-68 And here come men, looked like they were--had kindy shaggy hair down on their shoulder. And they were the nicest looking people I ever seen: eyes as starry, pearly white teeth. They were throwing their arms around me, and saying, "Oh, our precious brother."

And one of them hollered at the other one, said, "Think, he's arrived. He's arrived at last."

And I thought, "Have I died and this is... I've come into glory? Is this it?" And I thought, "It couldn't be."

And I looked, and that voice that had spoke to me down in my room, I heard it again. I looked back, and I seen myself laying there on the bed. I never had anything like that to happen. It's done something to me; I can never be the same no more. So then, it...

I--I looked, and I thought, "What is this?" I thought, "Well, all them people looked young." And I looked down, and I was young. I--I had turned back to a young man again. I said, "Well, this is strange." And I looked and...

I can't explain it. There's no words that I can think of. If I'd say superb, or--or--or supreme, or--or perfect, that wouldn't touch it. They--they... There--there was no tomorrow; there was no yesterday. They--they--they were in eternity. And they never got tired; they never had to eat. Yet they had senses: I could feel them; they could speak; they was looking at me. They had senses.

And I said, "I--I don't understand this."

And that voice said, "This is perfect love." Said, "Isn't that what you spoke the Holy Spirit was?"

I said, "Yes."

"And this is perfect love."

FROM.THAT.TIME_ KLAMATH.FALLS.OR SATURDAY_ 60-0716, E-98 And these men picked me up, and set me up on a great big high place, and set me down. And they were praising God, none of them kissing me, just embracing me and saying, "Brother, our precious brother."

And I looked and people was coming from everywhere. And I said, "What is this?"

And that voice now, from no one, the same voice that had spoke in the room is still with me. He said, "This is perfect love."

And I've always taught: The evidence of the Holy Ghost is perfect love. See? I believe in speaking in tongues, sure. "But though I speak with tongue in men and angels and have not charity, I am nothing--become a sounding brass and tinkling cymbal." So, when you speak with tongues and got love with it, that'll show you.`

BEYOND.THE.CURTAIN.OF.TIME_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 61-0305, E-21 [Brother Neville continues to read: After this, Hope, my first wife, hugged me and said, "My precious brother." Then another young woman hugged me, and Hope turned and hugged the young woman.

I said, "I don't understand this. This is something entirely different from our human love. I don't want to go back to that old body on the bed."

Then a Voice spoke to me, "This is what you preached that the Holy Ghost is. This is perfect love. Nothing cannot enter here."

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