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-(1). Take one asprin a day.

-(2). Drink or eat a C food 3 times a day.

-(3). Take 700 mcg of Folate a day.

-(4). Calicium & B-6 each day.

-(5). Take a multivitamin each day.

-(6). Use your seat belts.

-(7). Get enough sun each day.

-(8). Use tomatoe paste liberally.

-(9). Drink Green tea or Alfalfa tea, daily.

-(10). Use very little medicine.

-(11). Eat breakfast.

-(12). Laugh a lot.

-(13). Eat a balanced low fat diet.

-(14). Get a good night's sleep.

-(15). Keep your salt intake low.

-(16). Be a life time learner.

-(17). Lower your blood pressure.

-(18). Lower your chloresteral.

-(19). Reduce the things that cause stress.

-(20). Eat Potassium foods.

-(21). Eat a banana a day, and an apple a day.

-(22). Drink clean water.



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