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83 You are filled with something. You might be filled with doubt. Your poor hearts may be running over with doubt. I hope not. Your hearts may be full of frets and worry. And it might be that your hearts are full of trouble. And it might be that you're full of religion, intellectual, fine perfumed theology, belonging to the great churches that's been in existence for years, setting back just as confidence as you can be. Brother, let me say to you; you might bring members to that church until you get old and die, and you'll never do nothing but build another tower to Babel. Certainly.

You can be full of foolishness; you can be full of nonsense; you can be full of anything; but you can't stay empty. The Bible says you can't.


113 Sister Downing is here. Glad to see you, Sister Downing. [The curtain is opened--Ed.] This is Sister Downing, also from Memphis, Tennessee. God has been good to this family: how he has--has been to her mother, who's had a long sick spell. This is one of my wife's best friends. And she comes today, not because of persuasion, she comes because of conviction, that she wants to be rebaptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. God, bless this woman.

I want to say this, I'd rather give a person a little bud now, than a whole wreath after they're gone. I've watched this woman for many years since I come into the ministry. And this woman, knowing her background of what she has been and what she's done; she's had a heart full of trouble, but she's been one of the examples of Christianity. I'm glad I can say that this morning. And she's outstanding to me as a consecrated Christian. I'm so glad I can say that for her, before I baptize her in the Name of her Lord.

Take both hands any way you want to do it, Sister Downing. Right across there will be all right. Lock your fingers like this, I believe it'll make it a lot better.


132 Tell me what could tell a man, that was borned of a woman, of few days and full of trouble... That's what he is. Tell me what could stir his innermost being, that he could look through space and time, and see this great Witness coming to the church in the last days. Tell me what could do it. Nothing but an intelligent, supreme, great and almighty God. That's the only thing could do it. Strike a mortal, "A man that's borned of a woman, and full of trouble, and of a few days," as Job 14 said. "Cometh forth like a flower, is cut down; yea, he wasteth away, giveth up the spirit." But on that kind of a person, the Spirit, the intelligence of a great, mighty God can break all barriers and time, press down through there with His Spirit, and show a mortal what will come to pass. Hallelujah.


E-2 I wish to read some out of the Scripture here, just a portion. I feel that she was such a great lover of God's Word, and His Word is so eternal. And I thought I would read a portion of the 14th chapter of--of Job.

Man that is borned of a woman is of a few days, and full of trouble.

He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.


95 "Oh, It doesn't exactly mean that." When a man says that, get away from him. See? God watches over His Word, you know, the Bible said. It's wrote just the way It should be. See? Now, It's put in such a way to deceive, or to make the wise stumble over It. It's so simple; that's the reason they stumble over It. See? All right.

All this wisdom and things that they can accumulate, yet, but it is from... That birth is from beneath, this earth. It's from the earth, and it is against the Spirit of God. The first birth to make us active here, makes us mortal men. Because of the sin act at the garden, made man come into the world by a woman. And a man that is born of a woman is of a few days, but a man that is borned of Christ is eternal. Job said, "A man that's born of woman is few days and full of trouble." Notice, but a man that's born of Christ, has to be born from above.

JOB 14:1

1 Man [that is] born of a woman [is] of few days, and full of trouble.


E-94 What did she say? Listen. When He did that before the Jews, the Jews said He's reading their mind. He's Beelzebub, fortuneteller, a devil. But this woman said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet. We know when the Messiah comes, He will do these things." It was a paradox. You see? "We know that You must be a prophet. Messiah will do this when H comes. But Who are You?"

He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."

She knew that was God. She knew that was the sign of the Messiah. So she hurries into the city and said, "Come see a Man Who told me to--my troubles. Isn't that the very Messiah?" And the people of the city believed on Jesus for the woman's saying.


E-81 You know that song you used to sing: There are times I'd like to be all alone with Christ my Lord. I can tell Him all my troubles all alone. That's what we need again. That's what... Them kind of a meetings, that kind of a church, that's the kind of church that prays down the blessings of God. I'm sure your pastor would appreciate every member becoming like that. How that he'd... And how it would be if the church could just be like that.

REV.CHAP.4.PT.2.24.ELDERS_ JEFF.IN ROJC 585-643 SUNDAY_ 61-0101

So good to be alone with Him. You know, we used to sing a song, "There are times I like to be all alone with Christ my Lord; I can tell Him all my troubles all alone." See, that's the way to get. They used to sing... Roy Davis used to sing a little song, "Steal Away and Pray With Jesus." Everything just points... Everything you can look at always falls right back in the line of Jesus Christ, doesn't it?


101 I met a woman here some years ago in a ten cents store. She was about sixty years old, looked about thirty years old. I said, "How do you do it, sister?"

She said, "Brother Branham, I've got two sons that's doctors that's older than you are." And honest-to-goodness, she--she didn't look over thirty years old. She said, "Here's what it was. When I come to Christ when I was about twelve years old... And I set down and thought about it. I studied other religions, but when I found the true one..." She said, "I come to Christ and took my case, my soul, my all to Him," and she said, "I've never had a worry since." Said, "Now, He promised to take care of all my troubles." And said, "If He's not big enough to do it, I know I'm not big enough to do it; so what's the use of me worrying about it." See? That's it.


179 All right, it's ten o'clock. We don't have to have a prayer line up here. We can have it out there. Do you believe it?

How many in here that believes that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, that believes that that little woman that touched His garment with her finger then... He was--He was physical; she touched His garment. There's a paradox. He could not feel it, and He turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" And she couldn't hide herself. And He told of her troubles, and her faith healed her.


87 Now, that's the way it is today. When Satan gets a chance, here he comes. See? And you go to the doctor; he say, "There's nothing you can do; it's advanced. Who? We haven't got nothing for a nervous breakdown. We haven't got anything for mental troubles. No, we can't do nothing. Arthritis? No, we can't do nothing for that. We can maybe give you cortisone, and that'll kill you, so we haven't got nothing for it. Leukemia? Nothing we can do about it." See, then you get all troubled.


89 Notice, trouble that they could not remedy, then fear sets in, just like it is now. We even got fears in national troubles. We got fears in church trouble. We got fears all around everywhere. Now, we say, "Well now, what can we do about it?" If we could only remember that He is in the ship. See? You say, "But is..." Yes. "Is He in the ship?"


E-41 But as long as Christ is there, and the Holy Ghost is blessing all the people, we don't care: color, creed, or whatever it is, we're all in one great big pool of Blood, God's blessings, just fellowshipping under the Blood of Jesus Christ, and we don't notice it. But when we begin to try to think, "You know, my denomination is a little better than theirs, a little bigger than theirs. We have more members," that's when trouble sets in.

So they begin to get that, and troubles arose when they forgot about Him being there so much talking about Him, and not recognizing Him being with them. I wished I had some way to nail that down.


E-44 The God Who raised the dead, the God Who healed the sick, the God Who fills with the Holy Ghost that we've seen done, is now the same today. He's right here in the boat. He's here with us. "Lo, I'm with you always. Whether in troubles, or when she's sailing smooth, I'm still in the boat." See? They had forgot about it. And they thought all survival was gone. They thought... They had--they had seen Him do so many things, but now they had forgot He was in the boat: all forgotten in the time of trouble, just like it is now.

Now, just like today, we find... They found troubles that their skill could not remedy. See? It was beyond their skill to remedy it. They would try to put the sails up, and the winds blew them away.


E-3 But there is another time coming when I believe that we'll have all the time to stay with each other, that we desire to spend in a better land, where we won't have to be busy praying for the sick and the afflicted. There'll be none there. We'll be living door neighbors to Jesus. And there'll be no more sickness and suffering there. God, hasten the day when all this troubles will be over. And then we shall see Him face to face and know as we're known.


E-75 Believe with all your heart, that you... You're trying to believe. You're a woman weary, aren't you? You've been deeply depressed, haven't you? You've been having troubles, And you know what I'm speaking of. I won't say it. All right. May I have your hand. There's something else; oh, it's cancer, sister. That's too bad. But do you believe that Jesus Christ will heal you and will make you well? I'll... So that... See, you have had troubles and trials. 'Course now that strange feeling upon you; that's the Spirit of the Lord.


E-29 Now, everybody be just as reverent as you can, and God will bless and will heal you. How many loves Him, say amen. [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] He's wonderful. All right, everybody...?... Let's see your hand just a minute. Oh, it's the...?... I could feel that hitting of that...?... what's happened. In your... You believe now with all your heart? If I will ask Him, and He will... If you believe that I will ask Him, you'll be able to hear? Will you serve Him all your life, give Him praise? You believe that He sent me to do this? You have other troubles too, don't you? You have other troubles, physical troubles. Seem to get weak, your back, between your shoulders. All right, have faith in God, as I ask Him to heal you? Shall we bow our heads, everyone.


E-24 Now, this was in the early part of the ministry of our Lord. He was borned in the world, had a bad start, just to began.

You know, I like to think of Him as how... If you would ever know Who Jesus really is, then you can appreciate His great sacrifice so much more. You have to know Who He is, first.

He wasn't just a righteous man, or a good man. He was the Son of God. No one, no Angel, no nothing else could have ever took the place but He. And He was willing to come down for us.

And when He was born, He born on the earth here, and come by the way of a stable, and went out the way of capital punishment. And yet, we complain sometimes because we have a few trials and troubles. Well, look what He--what happened to Him.


E-70 Now, Jesus, in His ministry, going forth hearing His precious Word. It come to a place where He had to leave the home. And when He went out, sorrow and troubles came in. And when He goes out of your home, sorrow and troubles come in. When He goes out of your church, confusion and backslidings is coming in. When you...?... have trouble's on its road, keep Him with you all the time.


E-72 All right, come. How do you do? [A brother comments--Ed.] That's what's caused most of your troubles: nervous...?... comes on you...?... in the evening, don't it? Will you promise God, with all of your heart, that you'll serve Him, you'll turn from your sins and serve Him? You promise that? Will you quit smoking? You will? Give your life to Christ. He'll let you get well.


E-28 There's a way for every sinner in here that's sinned. Here it is. There is a fountain filled with Blood, Drawn [] veins, When sinners plunge beneath the flood, Lose all their guilty stains. Then you're a candidate to follow the Church of God on through this wilderness journey into the promised land. And our promised land is found in John 14. "Let not your hearts be troubled; if you believe in God, believe also in Me. For in My father's house there are many mansions. If it wasn't so, I would've told you. I go and prepare a place for you, and I will come again to receive you unto Myself." Isn't that marvelous, when I think of His love and compassion. "I will come, and I will receive you unto Myself," the love that He had.


E-123 Almighty God, I pray... You know, Father, that many of these people are waiting to go to church tonight. And they might have a loved one that gets saved. And I realize, God, the brazen serpent didn't pray for anyone. The water that was troubled didn't pray for anyone. The woman who touched the hem of Jesus wasn't prayed for. The ones that laid in the shadow of Peter, wasn't prayed for. The ones who had the handkerchief taken off of Paul's body and brought to theirs, wasn't prayed for. But God, they got well because they believed and recognized Your gift.


E-26 Now, I want you to listen closely to my commission. God knows I want this to happen in Cleveland. I'm weak and tired. And I don't--I don't... I dread to say that. But friends, do you realize I'm facing demon powers? And I must live right and do right. And I must be truthful. I don't care if the newspapers tell they had to drag me out. That--that don't make any... That don't stop it from being true; that's true. But when they lie about it, that's a lie. But when it's the truth, it's the truth.

Now, I wished I could see a vision. But I can't help it. My strength, just goes right away from you. I can't help it. And I wondered why it was, it always makes me so swimmy that way.

A few days ago, I was reading at the Bible, of Daniel. After he had those visions, he said he was troubled in his head for many days. Do you remember that? Daniel. Then that give me consolation again, to help me to see.



E-60 Does thou believe with all your heart? Do you believe? Believe that the Lord Jesus is here to make you well, to heal you? How... What more could He do? Now, you do just as I say. Now, bow your head. Now, you... As I say this prayer, you pray it from your heart.

O God, Creator of heavens and earth (say it out loud now) Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, I'm following these instructions, because I have been taught tonight that Your Son has conquered all my troubles. I accept Him as my Conqueror. And I commit all myself to Him, believing that my sickness, diseases, or whatever is wrong with me will leave me. For I ask it in Jesus' Name.


E-22 You say, John, when he wrote that, he did not have my troubles. He did not have to deal with the folk that I deal with. He did not have to go through the things that I do. That's right. He may not had to deal with the same folk. He may not had to overcome the same thing, but he never excluded them. For he said, "This--the faith is the victory that overcomes the world, the whole thing."

How is it? It's faith in it. Ride above it. When we have the written Word of God laying before us, and the Holy Spirit here performing and showing the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, with the Divine promises written here, that, "whatsoever thing you desire when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it.", what do you have to do then? Have faith, not just floating faith, not just a make-believe faith, but a real faith.


E-50 The woman said at... The Samaritan said, "We know the Messiah, when He comes, He will tell us these things. Who are You?"

He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."

She ran quickly and told the men, "Come see a Man Who told me my troubles. Isn't this the Messiah?"


104 There's a little lady setting behind her too, that looked up kinda astonished, right behind her. You think the tonsil trouble of those two children will leave it, sister, and you also? Then go on your road home, and rejoice, and be happy. Put your hand over on the babies, both of them with those troubles; and your trouble left also. You're healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus, all of you. You'll get well, be well.

Can you see the living God lives today? He's just as great anywhere, isn't He? Don't you want to be identified with Him? Certainly you do. Sure you want to.

Now, let us bow our heads just a moment before I--It weakens me so much. How many wants to be remembered in prayer, just now, saying, "God be merciful to me. I now want to believe the Lord Jesus. I--I want all my troubles straightened out now"? God be with you.

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