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"Here is what I am trying to say to you. The law of reproduction is that each specie brings forth after its own kind, even according to Genesis 1:11, "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, and the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so." Whatever life was in the seed came forth into a plant and thence into fruit. The very same law applies to the church today. Whatever seed started the church will come forth and be like the original seed because it is the same seed. In these last days the true Bride Church (Christ's seed) will come to the Headstone, and she will be the super church, a super race, as she nears Him. They in the bride will be so much like Him that they will even be in His very image. This is in order to be united with Him. They will be one. They will be the very manifestation of the Word of the living God. Denominations cannot produce this (wrong seed). They will produce their creeds and their dogmas, mixed with the Word. This mongrelizing brings forth a hybrid product.



But not only is the candlestick of gold, it is of BEATEN gold. Hand-crafted of beaten gold, according to her blue prints which were Spirit-given. Outside of her Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, was ever a people so beaten and purged as the bride of Jesus Christ? Surely she is filling up the sufferings that Christ has left behind. Her goods are despoiled. Her life is in jeopardy. She is accounted as sheep for the slaughter. She is killed all the day long. She suffers much, but in it all retaliates not, neither does she cause others to suffer. Worthy of the Gospel is this lovely bride of Christ. And as gold is malleable, whereas brass will break with the beating, this gold of God will bear her suffering for the Lord, not bowed, not broken, not destroyed, but formed as a thing of beauty and a joy forever by the trials and testings of this life.


But, there is a gold of God. I Peter 1:7. "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth." The gold of God is a Christ-like character produced in the fiery furnace of affliction. That is the right kind of gold.



30 How that this little woman must have been of the caliber of Elijah, because usually your action shows what you are. And again, she had been chosen to entertain God's prophet. Remember, she was a Gentile, not a Jew.

And the land was burning up. And no doubt that this little woman, being of that caliber, being of the believer type... For we see that God would not have called to her, if she hadn't have been a worthy one to entertain God's prophet. For He would've never sent His prophet to a house that was unworthy.

It was not his choosing; it was God's choosing. It wasn't her bidding him; it was God bidding him. He had been placed by a brook; the ravens were feeding him. But it was God's command for something to take place. And God surely went to a believer of the same nature of Elijah.


33-5 {203} Notice. Elijah's day, God chose to hide Himself in a simple person. Now, just think of it. God chose... That was His choosing. Remember, they had rabbis, priests; they had great men in them days. Even King Ahab himself was a Jew. He had great men in the land in that day, but God hid Himself in a simple man, not a scholar, no, not a renown man of the world, some great military genius, or something, no, no big names. We don't even know who his papa and mama was. We don't know anything about his genealogy: just a plain old farmer somewhere that was raised up for the purpose to be a prophet.

God had him living to himself in the wilderness. Only thing we know, he stomped right out of nowhere, walked right in and condemned the whole ecclesiastical system. My.


54 God deals for today. What He does tomorrow is up to Him. And He always deals with us, with an individual (See?), 'cause groups of men have too many ideas.

Look, even the apostles, after they tried to choose one, because of Judas falling; they cast lots and it fell on Matthias. That was the best that they could do with the keys to the Kingdom. And there's not a Scripture wrote where he did anything. But God chose Saul, a ill-tempered little fellow, but He had to throw him on his back one day and--and let him look up awhile. And He said, "I'll show him what great things he has to suffer for Me." See, see? the church chose Matthias, but God chose Paul. See? That's the difference. God always does His choosing, His election. God does that by election by His foreknowledge.


58 Church, wherever you are, what you belong to, makes me no difference. But there's one thing you must know. You've got to be in Christ or you're dead. You can't live outside of Him. Your church might be all right as a building; your fellowship might be all right as men; but when you deny the Body, the Blood, the Word of Jesus Christ, you're dead the minute you do it. It's God's chosen place of worship. There's where His Name is exactly. There's where He chose to put His Name, not in the church, but in the Son Jesus Christ.

Notice, safety lies only in the place of His choosing, in His Lamb, and in the Name of the Lamb.

Notice, it was a male lamb, a he, not a her: not a church (she), but His Name, not her name. Where He was going to meet the people was not in her name, but in His Name: Him, the Lamb.


81 Notice, God has promised to meet His worshippers in only this one place, and that is of His own choosing, not of our choosing, not of our thinking, but of His thinking, His choosing. And it would be the place where He put His Name, where He chose. So we find out that we find where His Name was, what He chose. By His own choosing...

Now, that we have found the place He put His Name (that is, in Christ Jesus), and there is no other place or no other name... Are you satisfied of that? Say, "Amen." [Congregation replies "Amen"--Ed.] Now, the thing of it is, if we find where the place is... The worship place is nowhere accepted only in Christ. You can repent; you can do that; but you're not worshipping yet; you're asking for pardon. Peter said... On the day of Pentecost when they seen them all speaking with tongues and great signs and wonders taking place, they begin to laugh (the church did) and said, "These men are full of new wine. They act like drunk people." The... Mary, the virgin, all of them was together, hundred and twenty of them. And they were staggering like drunk men, and speaking in tongues, and carrying on. And they said, "These men are full of new wine."


50 And remember, you, your eyes, your statue, whatever you was, you were in His thinking at the beginning. And the only thing that you are is the expression word. After He thought it, He spoke it, and here you are. If it isn't, if you wasn't in His thinking, there's no way at all for you ever to be there, for He's the One that gives Eternal Life.

You remember how we read the Scriptures, "Not him that willeth, or him that runneth, but God..." And that His predestination might stand true, He could choose before anytime who... God's sovereign in His choosing, did you know that? God's sovereign. Who was back yonder to tell Him a better way to make the world? Who would dare to tell Him He was running His business wrong? Even the very--the very Word Itself, very sovereign... Even the revelation is sovereign. He reveals to whom He will reveal. The very revelation itself is sovereign in God. That's how people pound at things, and jump at things, and hit at things, and not knowing what they're doing. God is sovereign in His works.


208 Now, let us follow him at his choosing, and see where it led him to. Now, see where he chose. Now, look, he was a--he was a rich man; he was a businessman; he was a ruler; and he was a religious man. All that.

Today we'd say, "Boy, he's a genuine Methodist, or Baptist, or a Pentecostal. He--he's a real fellow, real nice boy. Fine." Nothing you could say about him; friendly, nice, sociable, and everything, no immorals about him. He didn't probably smoke, drink, or run around to shows and dances, and whatever we'd call it today, as we'd class a Christian. But that ain't Eternal Life yet. That ain't what we're talking about. He might have been loyal to his church, in which he probably was. But, you see, and what did it lead him to? Great popularity. Let's say, if he was a preacher, he could've been--got a better church. He could've been the state presbyter or a bishop. See? It leads you to popularity, and it led him to riches and to fame.



Now Paul said that the Word came in power as well as voice. The Word preached actually demonstrated itself. Like a flaming, cutting sword it went to the consciences of men, and like a surgeon's knife it cut out the diseases and set captives free. Everywhere those early believers went, "they went preaching the Gospel (Word) and God confirmed that Word with signs following." The sick were healed, devils were cast out, and they spoke in new tongues. That was the Word in action. That Word has never failed in the mouths of believing Christians. And in this last age it is here stronger and greater than ever in the true Word bride. Oh, little flock, you little minority, hold on to the Word, fill your mouth and heart with it, and some day God will give you the kingdom.



E-43 Now, the centurion, the Gent... The Gentile didn't want that. He said, "I'm not even worthy that You come under my roof." He said, "I'm a man; I have authority. I say to this one, 'Go do it,' and he does it. I say to this one, 'Come here,' and he does it, 'cause I have supreme rule over this man. And I recognize You as having supreme rule. I'm a man of authority, so I know what a man of authority means. You don't have to come; You just speak, death will depart." There you are. "Only speak the Word, and he will live." Amen. I kinda like that better, don't you? "Speak the Word, and he will live, because I recognize You as being the supreme Ruler of heavens and earth. Every demon power is under Your control." Amen. "All demons is subject to You. I believe that You're the virgin born Son of God. Just say the Word." I like that, don't you?


E-57 If God, right here now where we're standing... And every one of you know that I'm a stranger to you. If God will do something for you here like He did in His Son, where He promised He would do, how many of you would love Him and know that He's...?... that's our hearts has been...?...

God, can see your hand. I'm Your servant. They are too. Let it be done, Lord, that they might know that You're God, and I'm telling them truth. I might not be able to polish up a sermon, like a minister ought to, but, Lord, I do know You. And I know that You're...?... And help, Lord. Now, You speak the Word to my...?... You speak the Word in Your own way. In Jesus' Name we commit ourselves to You. Amen.

Just set quiet. Believe.


E-8 I don't care what it is. If you say to the mountain, "Be moved." And maybe, if you've got to go over the mountain for a purpose, not to say... Somebody would say, "Oh, I'm a great man of faith. I move that mountain." It'll never move.

But if there's something over the mountain that you've got to get over there for to do the will of God, and you can't get over it, under it, around it, and yet something in your heart is telling you to go, you speak the word. Don't you doubt. And maybe when you speak the word, only one little grain of sand will fall. But it's on its road. The next day, a spoonful may drop, the next day, a teacup full. You'll never notice it. But if you'll just hold steady, knowing that it's being done, after while, the whole thing'll fall in.

That's the way it is by Divine healing. When you see the working of the Holy Spirit, the Word laid on, and the Holy Spirit anointing that Word, and proving it that He is here in our midst to vindicate Himself and to give to you the promise, then you accept your healing.


IT.WASN'T.SO.FROM.THE.BEGINNING_ BLOOMINGTON.IL TUESDAY_ 61-0411, E-41 And I like to see a real good pedigreed church, and Christian, who knows Who their Father is, who knows that God is their Father, knows that they're borned of the Holy Ghost. They can trace it right through every generation all the way back to the beginning. Not, "We started when Luther did. We started when Wesley did; we started when somebody else did." We started when Christ poured out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost: pedigreed. Amen. Brother, you speak the Word of God, he will say, "Amen" to it. Let him get the Holy Ghost, he acts just exactly like they did at the beginning because he's pedigreed stock.


E-66 The Roman soldier, by being a Roman recognized that that was God. "I'm convinced that You have power over every devil. I'm convinced that You are the Son of God. I'm not worthy for You to come under my roof. But if I could only hear You speak the Word I'm convinced my servant would live." Amen.

God have mercy. If a heathen could expect that, and be thoroughly convinced on what he'd seen the Messiahship of Jesus prove, and him a Roman heathen, what about a church, a Pentecostal church that's had fifty yours of working and yet not convinced? Fifty years in Louisiana, a pouring out after pouring out, and yet...

That Roman soldier, a heathen, said, "Just speak the Word. That's all I want to know, is what the Word says." I give you the prescription. That's what the Word said. Are you convinced? The Roman was concerned about his son, and he was convinced if he could get Jesus to say the Word, and it could be the Word of God, that done it. That's right. He was convinced.


E-43 Notice. Moses, born to be a prophet, and here he was out in the wilderness after forty years of getting rid of his education that he'd got down from Egypt. And yet, God appeared to him, and spoke in a sign and in a voice, a Pillar of Fire, and a voice that was very Scriptural, and said this, "I'm with you, Moses. You'll be My mouth."

And Moses said, "I complained. I--I didn't think that my mouth was worthy. I--I stammer a little. I... My--my--my speech is not good."

"And God said unto me, 'Who made the mouth of man? And if you can't believe that, I know Aaron can speak well, your brother. You be god and let him be your prophet. Let him perform, and you speak the Word. And I'll be in your mouth and speak the Word.'"

"Now, that's a pretty good setup. So away I went. Everybody laughed at me because I was, right then, eighty years old. I had white beard hanging way down like this. And I had my wife setting on a mule, and the little Gershom on her side. And I was going down to Egypt, and my eyes set towards heaven, and this old crooked stick in my hand, I was going down to take over: a one-man invasion."

And the thing of it was, he did it. That's right. He did it with a crooked stick, where he couldn't do it with an army. But God said so; that settles it.


"Don't fear, John. Don't fear, little flock. All that I am, you are heir to. All my power is yours. My omnipotence is yours as I stand in your midst. I have not come to bring fear and failure, but love and courage and ability. All power is given unto Me and it is yours to use. You speak the Word and I will perform it. That is My covenant and it can never fail."

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