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BEGINNING.ENDING.GENTILE.DISPENSATION_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 55-0109E, E-10 Daniel had burnt all the bridges behind him. He wasn't planning on going back anymore. He wasn't watching his back trail; he was looking... Forsaking those things which were in the past, he pressed on to the mark of the high calling. That's what we should be doing. That's what the Church should be doing.

And as I notice then, God permitted Satan to give him a test. And, oh, they tested them by the fire. They tested him also by the lion's den. And every instance God brought them out more than victorious. "Many are the testings of the righteous: but God delivereth them out of them all." How marvelous that is. How we appreciate that, trials, tribulations, tests, all working for the good. After while God can see then, and He can put His trust in you, and then He will do great things for you.


E-17 Sometimes it comes to just one person, like in the days of Noah, or the time of Elijah, and so forth. Sometime it's just one person. But He's never been without a witness, as long as there has been an earth. And He never will be without a witness, as long as there is an earth. There's always someone that He can put His hands on, and put His trust in, and say, "This is My servant that'll do My will."

Wouldn't it be nice today if He say about us? "This is My servants, who I can put my trust in, and they'll do My will."

Now, what a time. Now, Israel, in general at this time, had gone away from God. They had backslidden. They had got tangled up and left off till all the supernatural parts of God fell away from the precepts, and had taken the doctrine of God, and had made it made it doctrine of men, instead of doctrine of God, and had left out all the supernatural part of God's Word, explained it all away, days of miracles passed, and had gotten down to a place where there was just a very small remnant left that really believed in God.


7-5 And if they find that when He gives a call to a great intellectual, that person finally goes back to his intellectual conceptions, and after while when it comes to working the phenomenal, he's too mixed up with the peoples of the world to accept such. Therefore, he finally results to a denomination, and goes on off, and makes a minister. And that's all right. And I have nothing against that person that would do that. But when God gets ready to do something in the supernatural realms, He usually gets a man that He can put His trust in, and anoints him, and sends him out, and he's fearless at the job.

That's the kind of men we need today--not polished scholars, but men who know God in the power of His resurrection.

VICTORY.DAY_ SIERRA.VISTA.AZ SUNDAY_ 63-0421, E-65 When it looks like everything's gone wrong, God's giving you a trial. He's got confidence in you. He don't have to baby you around. You're not a hotbed plant, a hybrid. You're a real Christian. God's giving you a test, see what you'll do about it. Amen.

No wonder Peter said, "These fiery trials, why, count it a joy. It's--it's more precious to you than gold." And many times we hum and haw, "Oh, well. If I just..." Well, that--well, that's something God give you to overcome. He--He--He knows you'll do it. He's--He's--He's put his trust in you.


73 God orders His man, and you can't take another one's place. If you do, you're only producing a carnal impersonation, and finally it's going to be smitten. See? You can't do it. God orders you to your place.

Isaiah seen this, that he could not put his trust in any man. There was the greatest man there was on the earth at that time, a king that had the rest of the world paying tribute to him; but because he got out of his place, Isaiah seen then that he could not trust in a arm of flesh, and it drove the prophet to the temple to pray.

Oh, God, if the church, if the people that calls themselves Christians, could only see this today, and would drive them to the altar somewhere to pray. You can't be something that you're not.

I.HAVE.HEARD.BUT.NOW.I.SEE_ SHREVEPORT.LA V-7 N-3 SATURDAY_ 65-1127E, 51 Now, Satan had come up before God, 'cause he could come before God, and accuse the Christians (or, the believers) all the time. So he accused Job of many things, and said that Job, the reason he could serve God, because everything was coming good for him. But said, "If You'll just let me have him in my hands, I'll make him curse You to Your face."

I want you to notice that the confidence that God had in a believer. See? He's... In other words, God said to Job--or said to Satan, like this, "You can't do it. He's a just man (justified). He is a good man. He... There's not one like him in the whole earth." O what a man, that God Himself would say to His enemy, "My servant is so perfect, there's not another man on earth like him." Oh. If we could only be that kind of a man, that God could bestow that confidence upon us, that know that we'll not twist from His Word or His Being any way: stay exactly, and He can put His trust in us.

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