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Testimonies from Uganda

Pastor Dralea Peter, Uganda, East Africa

  After my trip of 5 months preaching to the lost souls to search for the last Bride in outreach (evangelism) in the jungles of Uganda, some of those who heard the Word gladly gave their lives to Christ, and were baptized. And God healed many of them miraculousy from dangerous diseases and Restored backslidders, and Christ sealed many in the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I will share these laity

    But when I reached back home, I found the Saints were very seriousy in Prayer for me, and preaching so much also where in total 9 souls were added to the Saints. But these souls entered into great pains from their Associates. Oh, what wonderful time it is here to see Bible times again.  Those who are sisters, and are married were rejected by their husbands And divorced, (young and old alike).  Those who are men or boys were Chased away from their land. It was as if they were witches to the neighbors and relatives and families.

    Some 2 sisters were beaten to death, and carried back to their fathers Unconscious.  Having gone to consol their believing sisters in Christ in A funeral; she lost her daughters.  When I went pleading in prayer to God Because of them, God raised them to life and healed all their beaten and Broken bones and tissues. Fear came upon those who had beaten them.   Because, also their father could not accuse them to the court for beating These innocent sisters, but called for prayer; God, also, heard his cry. Now His whole family is of believers.   One sister was stoned to death by the husband and badly beaten, and the Man wanted to burn all the houses of the pastor, though they all baptized at My place. But this man failed in everything. When the saints went into prayer, God raised this sister to life and healed also stoned places. PraiseGod, Amen!

   Another one, the husband could beat every day in the mornings, and he Locks the houses for her. She just endures sleeping hungry and never giving up, oh my Lord, then though she became starved, she would just pray To God to rescure her, and comes to church every service, no giving up. God heard her cry and brought another man to discipline this husband, Both unbelievers. But still he locks houses for her; rains wash her with a Baby boy outside.   Thank God that she can’t  give up. Pray for her and pray for me so much How to help them. Those totally chased away from their lands and parents, Homes, comes to stay with me. Now, today, I need so much prayer in their Accomodation and feeding them..

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