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E-13 Now, I, this lady, I gave her a handkerchief, she wanted me to, she said, "Bless the handkerchief." Now, a lot of people anoint them. That's all right. Anything that God blesses, I'm for it. But if you watch the Scripture, Paul didn't anoint them, he taken them off of his body (See?), just off of his body. I believe that's right, isn't it, you brothers? And Paul knew that...

You know where I think he got that, brother? I think when Elijah taken the, told, said, "Take my staff and go lay it on the child." You see? Elijah knew that everything that he touched was blessed. But whether the woman would believe it or not... And Paul taken from his body, handkerchiefs and aprons and lay it on the sick, and unclean spirits went out of them, and diseases were healed.


E-42 You believe it? Look. A man, a Spirit filled, Pentecostal born, Holy Ghost man of God, called out, separated, stood under inspiration, knowing nothing about what Ananias and Sapphira had done, but when he came, they came into the building, the Holy Spirit revealed what had happened. And God rewarded them of their iniquity. And they believed Jesus the resurrected Christ, not Peter; the resurrected Christ, that promised, "I will be with you, even in you." And even the shadow of that man, passing the street, he never prayed for nobody. Walked down the street, and every one of them was healed, sick, afflicted, impotent, lame, unclean spirit. That man who lived with--in adultery, and uncleanliness, and everything like that. Unclean spirits makes them do unclean things. Every one of them...


E-31 Now, Christian friends, I want to say this just before. Many times, many phenomenal things happen. As Brother Baxter's explained to you, I'm just your brother and just a man. But when things are taking place, let everyone hold their peace. I don't know what will take place. I want everyone to be just as reverent as you can. If you're a critic, I wouldn't set near because, remember friend, if this be (if you want to place it that way)--the Spirit of God, and unclean spirits go out of people, and you're a critic, you're subject to it. And be it assured to you, that I'm not responsible for criticism, for any unbelief; for a demon is just as helpless as he can be. This week we're going to preach on demonology and so forth, let you know that's all demon powers. But now, when he comes out of a person, he tries to find another place to go. Anyone knows the Bible, knows that's true. Read Acts 19 and find out. And you'll see Jesus said when the unclean spirit, also when he's gone out of people, he walks in dry places and returns. I want you to have faith. I want you set quiet. I want you to believe. I want you to pray for me. And may the Lord bless you.


E-40, I pray, Lord, as in the Bible we're taught that they taken from the body of Paul handkerchiefs or aprons, and unclean spirits went out and people were healed... We know we're not the St. Paul, but we know that You're still the same Lord Jesus Who honored the faith of the people. Then, Lord, I send this handkerchief to that dying woman and ask for her life to be spared in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

Don't doubt. Let no one touch that handkerchief, and put it on your wife's underneath garment next to her heart. Get down by the side of her and pray. Confess everything that you know and promise God to live for Him. And let us know a few days later what's happened to her. God bless you. God be with now. Go and don't doubt. Just believe all things and God will certainly perform.


56-276, He give them power against unclean spirits, and they went out and they cast out devils. Is that right? And they healed the sick. Is that right? And they come back, sanctified, rejoicing, jumping, shouting, and praising God. Is that right? And said, "Even the devils is subject to us."

And Jesus said, "Don't you rejoice because the devils is subject to you, but rejoice because your names are written in the Book of heaven." Is that right? And Judas Iscariot was with them, one of them, called-out, sanctified, and his name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Read Matthew 10 and see if that's not right. He called each one of them, and Judas and every one of them, right down there. He sent them out, give them power against unclean spirits.


E-20 And I realize, Lord, that we're unprofitable servants. There's nothing in us that's any good. But we think of what Jesus has commanded us to do. Oh, we just love You for that. And now, we're taught that they'd taken off of the body of Paul, handkerchiefs or aprons, and unclean spirits went out of the people and they was healed of diseases. We're not the Saint Paul, but You're still Jesus.

Now, we send these handkerchiefs in Jesus Christ's Name, that everyone that these handkerchiefs touch, may they be healed for God's glory, and the Glory of Jesus Christ, His Son. For we ask it in His Name. Amen. God bless you.


E-62 Now, if there is a critic setting near, now, or an unbeliever, I will not be responsible for that person from here on (See?), out. For be it known unto you, that unclean spirits goes out of people. They go from one to another. How many knows that? The Bible teaches it. Now, how many's been in my meetings and seen it happen, where an epilepsy leave one and just tore a whole congregation up like that? That's true. See? How many has been in my meetings and seen those things happen when unclean spirits go from one to another? The Bible said, "In the mouth of two or three witness, let every word be established." It'll do it. You remember, in the Bible times it happened. It happens now. So God bless you.


E-68 Actually, unclean spirits, epileptic demons go out, and they go to others. I'm responsible for a Christian, 'cause he is a believer. But an unbeliever, you know... Many of you... How many has been in my meetings, and see those things happen? I've seen even chairs come up when demons would be contrary. And as many as twenty or thirty fall at one time with epilepsy, frothing at their mouth to the floor.

So you have to be careful. So by the state law, I've got to make that announcement. I'll not be responsible for critics or unbelievers. So if you're here, as your Christian brother, I ask you to not stay in the building now.


185 What is it? It's the devil. The invasion's on. I ain't saying nothing about this individual or that individual. I'm saying it's unclean spirits that are possessing the people, driving them right into it.

The invasion of the United States, the overthrow of the church... The church is overthrowed by the devil.


E-59 Now, He will do the same today. Now, let me say this one more thing. If there wouldn't be a chance... I speak in the Name of Jesus Christ; you, not understanding will have to take My Word. But if the Holy Spirit comes today, and performs the work that He did, do you realize that unclean spirits and things will leave people? Do you realize that you're an open sepulcher for them? Did you know the diseases goes from one to another? You remember the other night when we talked, what it was? It's spiritual. Cancer is a...?... live matter. It's a life. Certainly, it is. It's got a master behind it, the devil. Jesus said so. All kinds of diseases, demons... And if you are unbelieving, or a critic, I ask you, as a friend of Christ, don't stay any longer in the meeting.


E-70 Now, have faith and believe. Now, the lady, I suppose, to me is a stranger that I never seen in my life. We're strangers, are we, lady? Now, if that's right, raise up your hand, please? I never seen the lady in my life, knowingly. God knows that. I know nothing of her, and it's a hard matter.

I'm going to ask the sister if she will chord, "Abide With Me" softly, if you will.

Now, let me say this. I felt warned to say it. What happens to unclean spirits when they go out of a person? They try to find a place to get into, and in the Bible times did they go into unbelief? They sure did, and we've seen it happen thousands of times.


E-83 Now, if there's an unbeliever has slipped in somewhere, I have to say this now, 'cause they could make--get me in trouble with it. And all of you hear me say this, as you witness my voice. If there is a skeptic or an unbeliever, you must leave the building now. See? Don't stay around here now if you're a skeptic or an unbeliever. 'Cause remember, unclean spirits come from one and go to another. How many knows the Bible says that? How many of them's in conditions tonight? You've heard of it. The newspapers packed it: insane, crippled, paralyzed, and everything else setting right in the meeting. It goes from one to another.

So this is not for unbelievers; it's to them that believe. I'll be responsible for you if you're a believer. 'Cause by being a believer I could make it leave you by prayer and your faith in the Presence of God. But now as an unbeliever... I have no powers to do nothing among unbelievers. Because it's your own faith, not mine, it's your faith, your faith.


E-11 And now, bless these handkerchiefs, Lord. They're laying here, representing sick and afflicted people. And Lord, we're taught in the Bible that they taken from the body of Paul, handkerchiefs or aprons, and they were sent to the sick and the needy. Unclean spirits went out of them, and great wonders were performed.

And Father, we realize that we're not Saint Paul, but You're still Jesus. And I pray, Father, that You'll honor the faith of the people that's put these handkerchiefs here and may everyone of them be healed.

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