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E-37 Now, Jesus at twelve, which was our example, said, "Don't you know I should be about My Father's business?"

No wonder the voice of God is a rare thing today. It's smothered out by so many different voices, so many things that dim and take away. It's got to a place until it dulls our senses, until we can't hear the Voice of God. Our senses, of where we ought to shake ourself and realize that you are men and women, and you are the creation of God, and you were put here to serve Him, but Satan's voice and false prophets... "Oh, be modern."


E-40 Now, I'm just your brother, by the grace of God. But when the Angel of the Lord moves down, It becomes then a Voice of God to you. Maybe it...

If I offended you by saying that, forgive me. But I felt that might been resented. But I am God's Voice to you. See? I say that again. That time was under inspiration. See? And I--I felt bad about the first time, but It repeated it.

Now see, I can say nothing in myself. But what He shows me, I say it. You believe it and watch what happens.

DEMONOLOGY.2.RELIGIOUS_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 103 And when a prophet had a--give a prophecy, and they spoke and wanted to see if that prophecy was true, they put it before the Urim Thummim. And if the Voice of God throwed the lights on the Urim Thummim, then it was absolute, the Truth. And if a man gives an interpretation, gives a dream, gives something of the Bible and, or something another, and it don't compare with God's Bible, it's false. There's the Urim Thummim today. God's Word speaks, and that's direct the Voice of God, like the Urim Thummim was before the Bible was written. Amen. Hallelujah.

I feel kind of religious right now. And don't take me a fanatic, if you do... I know, I know where I'm at. I'm not excited. That's right.


18-43 Now, the man led the man--led the--the cattle and everything, just like the Holy Spirit leads a real true believer today. The Voice of God out there... The voice of man, rather, would speak and say... call the cattle this way, call the sheep over to this pasture, call the fishes to this water. See, he had dominion; everything obeyed him.


E-31 And I believe that today when the signs and wonders are appearing everywhere of the coming of the Son of God, I believe that every man or woman that's ordained of God to hear the voice of God, hears that tug, they shove to the ark as fast as they can go, get into safety; for God's provided way for man to escape. That's right. You see signs appearing, wonders appearing, mysterious things a happening, sure, flying saucers through the air and everything else. Jesus said, "There'd be signs in the heaven above and in the earth below, pillars of fire and vapors of smoke; it shall come to pass before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come."


E-50 What if I could go to London, England, this morning and call Florence Nightingale, and bring her here to testify on this platform this morning, she'd say, "I was laying with a cancer on the duodenal of the stomach. And all hopes was gone. I weighted in the regions of thirty or forty pounds. And there that day Brother Branham, when you were kneeling praying God sent a little dove rushing through the bushes, and come set down on the window there. And when the Voice of God come and said, 'I would live,' and I live by the grace of God and by the power of the resurrection of His Son."


52 Now, before you can be a witness, as I said, you have to know something. You really have to be a witness.

God had a witness in the Old Testament. One of the... One of His first witnesses was Noah. Noah was a witness, because that he had heard the voice of God in warning, that, telling him that there was coming a flood, and that he must build an ark. And preparation of this ark was to get ready at once, and he was to prepare a place for the saving of the people. All who would come in, could come in. And he was God's witness.

Now, the only thing that he knew, that God had told him, that it was going to rain. Though it had never rained on the earth, but God said it was going to rain. So if God said it was going to rain, then that meant it was going to rain. So he was a witness of the Word of God. And so he was called, and he went out, and prepared an ark, and got things ready, for the rain, before the rain ever started to fall. Then there's another witness of God.


79 And when Ahab married Jezebel, he did the very same...?... He brought idolatry into Israel. And what did Jezebel do? She killed every prophet she could get her hands on. Is that right? So did the popes. Every true Christian they could get their hands on, they killed them.

But there was a star of that age, old Elijah. Oh, yes, sir. He wasn't scared to tell them about it. Yes, sir. He was God's star of that age. He got down to one time he said, "Lord, I'm the only one left."

God said, "Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, Elijah. (Uh-huh.) I done got seven hundred hid out around in yonder. See? You don't know where they're at. They're out there, the Pharisees, Sadducees, Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians, but I--I'll get them out of there; you just wait. See? I've got them out there. There's... They're--they're--they're Mine, and they'll not bow their knee to Balaam yet." But old Elijah was the voice of God in that day. He sure was the very type of the voice of God at the first coming of Christ, and it'll be the type of the voice in the second coming of Christ again, according to the Scriptures.


285 But when a man talks to God, and has got the voice of God in him, and the Word of God in him... "If ye abide in Me," John 15, "if you abide in Me, and My Words in you; you can ask what you will, and it'll be done to you." See, nothing uncertain, it shall be done. That's right, nothing uncertain.

Moses, how you... Mo--Moses might've said to God, "How am I going to do that, be a one-man invasion? How can me, an old man nearly eighty years old, and how am I going to go down there, with that great big army and millions of men, and take it over?"

"Surely I'll be with you."

That's all he had to know. Here he goes. Here he goes. He's going down. And he took over too. Why? He was certain that the Sound that he heard was right.


6-5 I said, "I... If it wasn't for the Word of God and I knowed there was a God, I'd build me a little cabin somewhere so far back in British Columbia, way back up in Canada in the mountains, where I wouldn't see a human being once a year; and there I'd hear the voice of God in the rippling streams and hear Him when He screamed out in the wolf on top of the mountain. I'd hear Him as He whispered through the great big pine trees, and look at His lovely face in the mirror of the lake when it reflected the big snowcapped mountains. Why, I'd worship God every day of my life back in there. I know I'd get more real about God back there than I can listening to coffee suppers, and tea parties, and all this kind of stuff that we have today, so-called church: creeds, and fictions, and fables, and everything else to take the place of the Gospel."


20 Oh, that would be enough text that we could speak on here for a month, and we could draw much context from this glorious text. But this morning... And we just have about twenty minutes to get out in proper time from our... I guess the Sunday school is over or maybe it follows this; I don't know. But, however, I want to use the text of, "The Voice Of God In This Last Days."

A very outstanding time... We realize that where we're speaking from in the Scriptures, that it said there was no open vision in the days of Samuel. Therefore, "Where there's no vision," the Bible said, "the people perish." We must have a vision. And visions comes to the prophets, and it's the Word of the Lord spoken to them.


33 Now, there is a voice today in the world of politics. That's a great voice. And people, absolutely, in this great day of politics, they'll... It's all mixed up in their churches and everything. And many times, that we have just seen recently, that the voice of politics is actually stronger than the Voice of God in the churches, or the American people would've never did what they just done. See? They'd have never done it. If the Voice of God would been kept alive in the church, they'd have never made that mistakes. But the voice of politics is so much stronger in the earth today than the Voice of God, until people sold their Christian birthright for a mess of popularity, education, and political power. It's such a shame to see it. The very thing that our nation was made, what it's made on, the people turned right back around and--and voted in the thing that we left the other country. And the--and the Plymouth Rock, and Mayflower, and them, the--come over here and--and established this great economy that we have... Is the very thing that we fought so hard to come out of, we've put ourselves right back in its clutches, because that the Bible speaks it would be that way.


20-2 Then He said one day, "Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, drink His blood, you have no life in you." He didn't explain it.

Those apostles and them of that day who was ordained to Life, He knowed it. Said, "All the Father has given Me will come. Only thing He had to do was just make My voice known; they know it. For My sheep know My voice." And a voice is the Word expressed. []... they'd believe it, anyhow. They don't have to scientifically prove anything or ask any Sadducee or Pharisee or anything else about it. "I said it; they believe it. For My sheep hear My voice." And This is the voice of God in letter form, because This is the entire revelation of Jesus Christ: Old and New Testament put together. Amen. There you are.

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