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You know the same God that directed them in the ark in the early days when they was destroyed by water at the preaching of Noah, that same God still lives and reigns today, and He has His control of His beings.

And I was thinking, if God was so mindful of His little birds, and His cattle, and sheep, to take them away from destruction before it struck, how much more mindful of His children, who has been borned of His Spirit and washed in His Blood. He is mindful for them. And as He warned the little birds to go from their dwelling places, I truly believe that He's warning His people today. As we see the great signs of His coming at hand, I believe that God is warning His people to come together. And a great calling out in this last day...


When I went into India, here not long ago, they said, they had... said, "The... must... earthquake must be over; the birds are flying back." A day before the earthquake come, they didn't know nothing about it. But India don't have fences like we have; they have rock fences, and great big towers, and so forth. They live in rock houses. They're poor. And the birds build their nests in there, and the cattle stand around them for shade. But the day before that earthquake come, you couldn't get a cow or sheep near that fence. They all stood right out in the middle of the field. And all of the birds left their nests, and went out in the forest, and got in the trees. Why? God, the same God that took them through the ark, could take them away from them walls. He took His animals out in the field. Then when the earthquake and them walls fell, the animals was away from it.


Now, let me tell you, friend. That God of Moses Who could take them in the ark, could take them away from them walls. And if God by instinct in a bird, could call it from danger, how much more ought it to call human beings, who are inspired by the Holy Ghost? What an evil thing. What an adulterous generation. What an evil place that we're living in. What a sinful, ungodly nation that we have: God forsaken, God-hating, sign seekers, bandwagon riders, impersonators, carnal comparisons. Led up with a bunch of nothing, coming to the end of the road. I speak that in the Name of the Lord. Once more I'll call. It's up to you to answer. All right.


Don't you see, it's... The same God that could lead them into the ark in the days of Noah is the same God Who can take them away from danger. Well, if God, by the instinct He gives to a bird to know to flee away from falling walls, how much more ought we to flee away from these big high ecclesiastical walls that's bound to crush, by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Get away. Go to God quickly. Don't put your name on a book. Get borned again, filled with the Holy Ghost.

God in nature. God give that little bird nature. He believes in it; he--he trusts it.

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