Copy and answer the following questions very briefly. Write the questions and answers on your Blue Book.


1. What is the meaning of HTML?

2. What is a URL?

3. Differentiate "INTERNET" from "WWW" (World Wide Web).

4. What are the two types of graphics commonly accepted by the Internet?

   [a] Jpg & BMP     [b] Tif & Tga     [c] Gif & PDF     [d] Gif & Jpg

5. What is the term used for a text that has a link property?

     [a] ASCII         [b]  Abbreviation     [c] hypertext     [d] text message

6. What do you call the moveable spaces that subdivide a webpage?
     [a] columns          [b] rows         [c] cells        [d]  layers

7. What is that Adobe program that you use for creating animating GIF's?

     [a] Adobe Photoshop   [b] Adobe PageMill    [c] Adobe ImageReady

8. What is that Dreamweaver component that gives you a set nav image?

     [a] Hover Button    [b] Image Map     [c] Marquee    [d] Behavior

9. Where do you organize your web files in Dreamweaver?

     [a] File Editor   [b] Windows Explorer   [c] Root Folder

10. What term is used for a number box that monitors the number of visitors to your web page?

     [a] Java Script      [b] Time Stamp     [c] Hit Counter    [d] Active-X

11. What is that feature that can create multiple links within a single image?

      [a] Bookmark    [b] Anchor       [c] Image Map        [d] Hyperlink

12. What is that feature in Dreamweaver that lets you swap button images on hover?

      [a] Hotspots     [b] Image Map    [c] Active-X Control     [d] Roll-Overs

13. What music file has the smallest file size for a web page background music?

      [a] WAV   [b] MP3   [c] MIDI

14. What is not an example of a web form element?

      [a] Radio Button     [b] Check Box    [c] Hit Counter      [d] Drop-down Menu

15. Enumerate at least three (3) common domain extension names for URL's.

16. Explain how can you animate an object in ImageReady?

17. What is the default name of a main home page called?

18. What is a "search engine"? Enumerate at least three examples.

19. What have you learned in this subject, so far?

20. What are the things that this subject has helped you in order to be better advertising designers of the future?