Web Design and Animation Diploma
Course Description:


WEBDESP (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Web Design Principles

This course aims to expose the student to the elements and principles of web layout and graphical planning. Plates and exercises are geared towards designing effective web pages, understanding how form, space, texture, light, and color interplay to create a good design. The course also focuses on the principles of proportion, balance, harmony, unity, emphasis and unity in the execution of web design projects.

DIGILUS (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Digital Imaging & Illustration

This course focuses on shooting digital stills, creating photo-montages, and documentaries. Includes basic photography techniques, understanding lenses, exposure and composition; and working with live models & products that will be edited and placed on a web page. Later part of the course will deal with using computers to create logotypes, typography, layout, corporate identity, on-line catalogues and posters. Software includes Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and/or Macromedia Fireworks.

FOTOGRA (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Basic Photography

FOTOGRA introduces the concepts and the body of knowledge that forms the foundational elements of the professional practice of photography. Being a distinct media, photography can be tapped as an element in the formation of a diverse range of multimedia.
The subject focuses on monochrome and color materials and processes, which will be a basis for introducing and extending knowledge and experience of the aesthetic and technical dimensions that distinguish photography from other visual media. Key theoretical and applied principles of photography are explored, explained, and applied.

COLORTE (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Color Theory

A course that deals with color as a tool or medium of design. Course includes plates and projects on color harmony, color psychology for the web, color schemes and dynamics, and a through familiarization with pantone swatches, fucoltone, lab colors, CMYK, RGB and grayscale conventions.


OFMULTI (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Basic Web Publishing and Authoring

A course that deals with basic web publishing, design, and development techniques. Focus is on identifying visual communication issues that are unique to interactive sites on the internet. Includes familiarization with the World Wide Web, Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML), URL's and Domain Names, Web Browsers, Search Engines, Web Gaphic formats and conventions, and File transfer protocols (FTP's). Techniques on how to employ multimedia elements such as text, clipart, sound, video, animation and interactivity will be explored in this course to achieve final outputs composed of a personal home page project and a corporate web site. Software suggested are Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 and/or Microsoft Frontpage 2000, and Adobe ImageReady (for Basic GIF animation).

INTRDES (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Interface design

The course focuses on spatial web layout, freehand comprehensive drawing of interface planning and graphical user's interface (GUI) design.

NETMKTG (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Net Marketing

An introductory management course focusing on marketing. This course offers a unique learning experience providing the student with the necessary skills to successfully create and implement a marketing plan for a real web service business. It will help the student
(a) know the tools to organize, develop, track, measure and control marketing and advertising efforts; (b) refine customer profile, service(s), pricing, positioning and target markets; (c) Assess the competition (d) organize the marketing communication effort;
(e) create, present and implement a full-scale marketing plan as a component of a business plan; and (f) complete a real web project.

WEBANIM (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Basic 2D Animation Techniques for the Web

An introduction to Macromedia Flash. Course includes getting started with Shockwave Flash, setting up a new flash movie, drawing characters and animation basics, using basic drawing and painting tools in Flash, organizing elements by layers, scenes, and library symbols and storyboarding. This course includes understanding tweening and Frame-By-Frame Animations. Later part deals with Flash's Interactivity Basics - Adding actions and buttons to control animation, Making animation loops, Designing button response change to user actions, Adding and synchronizing sounds to animation, Creating Motion Guides and Masking Techniques.


ECOMERS (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
E-commerce Seminar

The course aims to expose the students to the techniques in web advertising and promotion. This includes the study of intellectual property rights, netiquettes, federal acquisition regulations, information technology accessibility, electronic and information technology standards, security and firewall systems, electronic commerce practices, digital delivery of goods and services, and other digital on-line transactions.

DIGIVID (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Video Streaming and Sound Editing/ Production for the Web

This course aims to instill in students an adept knowledge on the basic techniques used in producing digital videos for online publishing. Basic techniques in the use of a video camera, shooting composition, lighting techniques, setting video streaming and compression modes, adding video and sound effects, and video post editing/production techniques will be tackled in this course. Understanding video formats such as Quicktime, MPEG, avi, and flc will be given importance. Software requirement will be Adobe Premiere and/or Matrox's Pinnacle or Final Cut Pro. and SoundForge.

WEBPAGE (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Web Authoring using Advanced Programming Languages

This course aims to introduce to students the rudiments of creating JavaScript & Dynamic HTML. JAVA AND Java Applets are high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Other web animation techniques to be discussed are mBED ( mbedlets are interactive multimedia interfaces within web pages which include graphics, animation, sound), Framation (TM) (a technique using a combination of meta-refresh and frames) and Dynamic HTML (a combination of HTML, style sheets and scripts that allows documents to be animated.

WEBMNAG (3 units computer and laboratory subject)
Web Management

An introductory management course focusing on entrepreneurship in web publishing and hosting. Offers a unique learning experience providing the student with the necessary skills to successfully create and develop a real multimedia service business. Lets the student (a) understand the entrepreneurial process and how to make informed strategic business decisions; (b) understand the role of the internet in spurring entrepreneurial activities; (c) understand the value of a business plan and its components; (d) create and present a full-scale
business plan; and (e) create a real web service company.


EXHIBIT (3 Unit Lecture Course)
Exhibition Planning and Management

Focus is on the graduating class portfolio exhibition; students will organize their publicity campaign and solicit sponsors.

Portfolio Production

Portfolio production focuses on the development of a comprehensive portfolio and resume on CD-ROM and a compilation of concepts and printed projects. This prepares a student in presenting to prospective employers and clients.

WEBOJT (3 units)
Practicum for Web Animation

A part-time practicum internship related to Web Design and Animation production work. OJT requirement: 240 hours.

Summary Fee

1st Term 28,400.00
2nd Term 34,800.00
3rd Term 34,400.00
Summer 18,900.00
Total 116,500.00