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ATTITUDE.AND.WHO.IS.GOD?_ CLEVELAND.OH TUESDAY_ 50-0815, E-34 Now, the thing that men ought to do, if you got any heart, if they're not wild about money, and afraid they're going to lose a few pennies, if you'll just come together and say, "Brother, ministers, and all together, let's work together with this thing, and try to help our fellow man," it'll be better off, the world will be. God would bless us then. That's true.

10-3 {54} And now, there was another thing I was going to say. Yes. Where we used to have the recorders and so forth, we got a regular room there where those who wants to take recordings; there's special hookups and everything there that comes directly from the main mike in there.

CHURCH.ORDER_ JEFF.IN COD THURSDAY_ 63-1226, 898-121 I'm not interested in one bit of royalty, and not one penny, and neither is the Tabernacle interested; I don't want you to be. Don't be interested in that, in--in royalties. If they'd pay some, I guess you'd have to take a little royalty on account of they're being made here.


19-3 So you see, in the Scripture we've got a Jerusalem (the church has); it's in heaven, a heavenly Jerusalem where God is God. And today, it's not under some creed or something that we try to make it a Jerusalem. We'd like... The Methodists would like to not--like to make the--the Methodist headquarters at Jerusalem; the Catholic like to make Rome. And--and the different places where we have our headquarters, we'd like to make that our--a Jerusalem. But the Bible says that our Jerusalem is from above, which is mother of all the believers.


E-76 The Holy Spirit was to lead the church, not man-made dogmas, but the Holy Spirit. That was the Pentecostal conference.

GUIDE.A_ JEFF.IN V-12 N-7 SUNDAY_ 62-1014E

55 Sometimes good preachers are led astray by their congregation. That's the reason I have no denomination. I have one headquarters; that's from heaven. Wherever He sends, I'll go. Whatever He says, I say. We don't want no denomination. This church ever talk about denomination, you've lost your pastor right then. I wouldn't hang around it, not one five-minutes. Every church that ever denominated went to the seed, and tell me one that didn't, and tell me one ever rose again. The Holy Spirit is sent to lead the church, not some group of men. The Holy Spirit is all-wisdom. Men get starchy, indifferent.

EVENING.MESSENGER_ MESA.AZ V-8 N-5 WEDNESDAY_ 63-0116, 89 Others went from him, everywhere, bringing the same message. But there had to be one headquarters. God's always had it. I'm thankful He's got it tonight; that's the Holy Ghost, of course, we all know. Now, not some group, but the Holy Spirit is God's Headquarters, that's God's Messenger of the hour.

PHILADELPHIAN.CHURCH.AGE_ JEFF.IN ROJC 373-423 SATURDAY_ 60-1210, 47 Jesus said, "When this Gospel is preached (this Gospel is preached) to all the world for a witness unto Me, then the end shall be." Well then, if that was what He was talking about, spreading out literature, sending out missionaries with reading, writing, arithmetic, and passing out tracts, and making people shake hands and believe that there is a God; if that's all it was, then He's far past His coming. See? So it shows that the Gospel... Paul said, "The Gospel didn't come in word only, but through power and manifestations of the Holy Ghost."

Then when Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel," He said, "Go into all the world and demonstrate." Oh, I like that. Demonstrate the power of the Gospel, taking the Word, that what It says, and show the people what It says, and then make It manifest to them. Oh, that's the way. That proves It.

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