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QA.IMAGE.OF.THE.BEAST_ JEFF.IN SATURDAY_ 54-0515, 200-Q-50, Listen, my children. Those gifts are wonderful. Nobody knows how I appreciate you, and I love you with godly love. But those gifts can be a harm to you if you don't use them in the right place.

Look at people today, fine men out on the field, praying for the sick and charging money for it. That's wrong. If a man's got faith for healing and praying for the sick, he ought to be gentleman enough to pray for people without money. Thank God.

Brother, I want to say that, not for myself, but for the glory of God. Not one time have I ever taken money from people or anything like that; and turned down, literally, a million five hundred thousand dollars in one offering. And you know it. It was right here at the paper. See? That's right. It's not for... When you do that you're going to lose your faith out yonder with God.

DIVINE.HEALING_ DES.MOINES.IA SUNDAY_ 54-0620E, E-22 The first place, he was shut off in a blind world, dark never seen daylight. That's a horrible condition. And another thing, if he--if the doctors of the city would've had any way to have done work for him, they--he couldn't have had it done because he was a beggar. He was penniless.

Now, to be poor and without money, is a bad thing, but to be shut off in a blind world without hope and without mercy, that's a tragic scene we have. Poor man, ragged, and his odds was against him. Perhaps, if he could've--if the doctors could've operated, he didn't have the money to do it.

I have great respects for doctors, for I believe that God sends them to the earth to do certain things. But I just wondered if they ever put a doctor on free will basis, like a minister should be or dares...

WORKINGS.OF.THE.HOLY.SPIRIT_ PRINCE.ALBERT.SK THURSDAY_ 56-0816, E-8 When I come into the--among the Full Gospel ranks, I--I was a Baptist minister. And I begin praying for the sick. And the Baptists believe in Divine healing, many of them, some better than what the Pentecostal does. But in the majority of them, they're more the, "Well, we don't know just whether it's so." So then, that's all right. They got a right to test them, their--that's their own privilege. That's everybody's privilege. Don't make me think one less of them. But when I come over here, I found out they was--they was as badly split up as the Baptists was. You know, we got thirty some odd different denomination of Baptists. So the Pentecost is just about as bad.

So I took this, brethren, to never have great big programs where I'd have to have a lot of money, and by the grace of God, we've kept it clean, without money. And tonight, if I'd have took what'd been offered to me, not what... I never asked for a penny in my life, by the grace of God.

THEN.JESUS.CAME_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0407E, E-49 Oh, but bless be to God, just in this darkest of hour then here comes Jesus moving in with His outstretched hands and showing signs and wonders and giving salvation and mercy to the people. The darkest hour this world's ever seen, when the rock of Gibraltar will blow to pieces one day, but the Rock of Ages will stand forever as a memorial to the resurrection past.

God bless you, people. God bless you, children. You may be poor; you may not know where the next meals a coming from; but there's one thing you are just as welcome at the fountain of Life tonight as the richest man in the world. You come without money, without price; it's open to whosoever will.

It's the darkest hour that the family's ever seen. Look at the families broke up. There's more divorces in America alone, then there is in the whole rest of the world put together. Divorce on the rampage. Where has the honesty, and the--the sincerity, and the womanhood of our American women gone to?

LIFE_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 57-0602, E-40 That's what makes things different is the thirst that God give you if you satisfy it with the water. "Come unto Me all ye that's thirsty. Come and drink from the fountains of life freely without money, without price." There is a fountain open in the house of God in the city of David. There's the fountain that you're thirsting for. Certainly it is.

Don't try to pervert it by trying to say, "I'll satisfy it by drinking. I'll satisfy it by having a date with this girl. I'll slip out a little on my husband. And I'll go out a little on my wife." You're only heaping judgment.

You say, "I'm not satisfied, Brother Branham." No wonder, it's God dealing with you, God trying to bring you to something. And you take the devil's suggestion, and go off with it, and that's the way sorrow comes. That's how death comes. And that life is not life. It's death. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is Eternal Life to them that will receive it."

MARY'S.BELIEF_ LA.CA THURSDAY_ 59-0409, E-60 It's right over a little woman, setting, looking right at me through this a way. She's suffering with a lung trouble. Cleo is your name. Do you believe that Jesus healed you of that lung trouble? You are healed, sister.

I want to ask you something while you're on your feet: I do not know you, do I? Raise your hand that... I've never seen you, or we're perfectly strangers, is that right? But you were praying for God to touch you. That you might know that I be God's servant, you're here without money. You--you couldn't stay much longer. Isn't that right? And you go home now; you're all right; your lung trouble has left you. Amen.

AS.I.THOUGHT.ON.MY.WAY_ CHICAGO.IL WEDNESDAY_ 59-0610, E-22 Some time ago a young colored boy rushed into the meeting when the altar call was being made. He come from the outside. And he come up, and he said, "I want to become a Christian tonight."

"Why, certainly, we're always glad to see that."

And said, "The reason I want to become a Christian, I've been a rambler." And said, "I was out rambling around once, and--up in the north woods," and said, "I got without money." And said, "I hired myself to a lumber camp where there was an aged colored woman that done the cooking, and I was going to assist her and--and then to wash dishes and so forth for her, to get enough money to go on." Said, "We slept in a little back room with a large piece of canvas to separate her part from my part." And said, "One night with my head under the cover, I was awakened by voices that was speaking loud by my window. And I pulled my head out from under the cover," and he said, "I heard one man say, 'Jim, let's hurry back to the cabin as quick as we can, because we may be swept completely into eternity in the next few moments, for that tornado is headed right this way.'"


E-12 What do you think would happen tonight in Wall Street... There is places in the world that I've preached that's so primitive until they hunt on the seashores for little mussel shells, little curlers in them. And that's what they use for money. And then I preached in places to where they taken the teeth out of animals, and would bring them and exchange them, and they are currency.

What do you think tonight that Wall Street would think if these men would come to their markets, and place mussel shells, and stinking teeth out of animals, and want to exchange them for our gold bonds. Why, they'd say, "Get those stinking things and get out of here."

That's what our money and our greatness is before God. We can't buy it. God's so good till He gives it to us without money or without price, and we turn it down. It doesn't even sound sane, does it.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 39 And remember, you've got to settle up with God someday for it. "And the wages of sin is death." You don't make nothing here on earth by it. It's a false mirage. Drinking will only add sorrow. Sin will only add death upon death. And your final check will be separation from God eternally into the lake of fire. And you cannot gain anything, but lose.

Then God comes and asks the question, "Why do you spend your money for those things that satisfies not? Why do you do it?"

What makes man want to do it? They spend all that they've got, and all that they can earn to buy drinking, to clothe some woman that they run with, or some kind of a worldly, lustful pleasures.

But we are told in the Bible, and are bid to come to God and to buy eternal joy and Eternal Life, without money or without price.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 45 We are a Christian nation, and billions are sent to those people over there, that we're trying to buy their friendship. And now, they're turning it down. No wonder Khrushchev said, "If there is a God, He'll sweep His palace clean again." And the heathens can make such statements to bring shame upon us. What a ridiculous thing it is. And we call ourselves Christians.

God said, "Come, buy Eternal Life, without money, without price." Life, to live forever, and we turn our backs on It and laugh in His face. What are we going to do on that day? What's going to be?

If God gives us things to do, and gives us money, and makes us the richest nation under the heavens, then God's going to ask what did we do with it. Why do we spend our money for things that satisfies not? Not only to a nation, but that'll be to individuals: from pennies to millions of dollars will each one be given.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 48 When men kill one another... I read an article just recently, where two boys working in a hunting camp. One had five children, the other one had two. And one of them had to be laid off. And one of the boys that had two children or had five children, felt that he needed to work more than the one with the two children, and went hunting with him, and he shot him in the back.

Money, that's the kind of a nation; that's the kind of a feeling; that's the kind of a spirit that dominates the people.

Then you can see how essential that the new birth has to be. "You must be borned again; it's got to be. Come to Me, and buy without money."

You can't say, "I didn't have the money." You don't need any money. It's freely given.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 59 You go a-riding in your car, and let it fall into the ditch, and you get somebody to pull you out. You better get ready to pay, 'cause they're going to charge you for it. If a wrecker comes and gets you, he'll charge you so much a mile. And if the farmer, nine times out of ten, gets his tractor out, it'll be worse than that.

You've got to pay for everything that you get done. Everything is "Pay! Money! Pay! Money!"

And yet how much greater ditch has sin throwed you in? Who could ever get you out of the ditch of sin? But God takes you out of the ditch of sin without money, without price, when there's no one could take you out.

If you don't pay dearly for your wrecker pulling, you'll stay in the ditch. You've got to have the money or you stay in the ditch.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 63 But the worst ditch you ever got in, is what the Devil throwed you in, the ditch of sin and unbelief. God willfully will pull you out without money, without cost. And yet you lay in the ditch, just sloshing the sin, and don't even call upon Him.

When you get the wrecker out, usually they put a big chain way over into the ditch, wrap it around the bumper, or so forth, and begin to crank. And the power of the car begins to pull, and the motors go to operating, and pulls you out.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 65 When God finds you in the ditch of sin, and hear you calling on Him, He sends down a chain that was wrapped around Calvary, the love of God, and hooks it onto your heart, and puts the power of the Holy Spirit there. It'll start pulling. And it don't cost you nothing, and yet we lay in the ditch because we can't pay it with our pockets. We Americans think we can pay it out of our pockets, but you can't. It's without money or without price. You don't pay it at the church. Jesus paid it at Calvary. But people's ashamed of it. They want it in their way. God has a way for you to receive it, and it's free if you'll take it.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 67 But when our Lord puts His chain of love around your heart and pulls you from the ditch of sin, He heals every broken heart, takes away all the sin. And the bill's put in the sea of forgetfulness, to remember against you no more. "Come, without money or without price." No matter how bad you're cut up, how bad you're bruised, how your family's done, or what you've done, there's no bill to it. He heals the heartaches, takes away all your sorrows. "He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we were healed." It's all free.

And we won't receive it, is because we're dominated by the wrong spirit. We're dominated by a spirit of a nation, the spirit of the world, instead of being dominated by the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, that leads us and guides us to all truths, and makes the Bible so.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 69 Sometime ago I was talking to an infidel. He said, "Think of it, Mr. Branham. All this misery of life, and the only thing that we have, that we're saved, is some old Jewish writings."

"Oh," I said, "sir, that may be all you have, but I've got something more than that. I have the Spirit of the One that wrote it, that confirms it and makes it so, every promise." He didn't know how to take that.

See, you've got to come and buy without money, buy without price. It don't cost you nothing. It's free to whosoever will, let him come. God pulls you from the ditch.


89 What would the children of Israel have given (all the spoils of Egypt) when their lips were bleeding, when their tongue was hanging from their mouth? They would've give all the gold that they spoiled the Egyptians for, for one good cold drink of water. Their leaders of the wilderness had led them from oasis to oasis, from ditches to springs, but they were all dry.

Then there come, without money or without price. The Voice spoke to the prophet and said, "Speak to the rock," the driest thing in the wilderness, the fartherest thing from water. There their thirst was quenched, without money or without price. "Speak to the rock." Not pay the rock, but "speak to the rock".

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 93 Today people are so deceived. They think if they can go and say their prayers, pay some priest to say a few prayers for them, pay their way through, if they'll build some big church somewhere, and some rich man will sponsor it; go on living in lust, have somebody else to pray for them; he thinks that's it. God don't want your filthy money. All the thing He wants is your devotion and your life to speak to Him. God has given you money; don't spend it for things that satisfies not. Spend it for things that satisfies. But to bring real satisfaction, you can't get it until you speak to the Rock.

He brought forth life-giving waters without money or without price. And they drank, and their camels drank, and their children drank, and it's still a fountain flowing in the wilderness.

And so is He the Rock today in this weary land for a perishing people. "Whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have Eternal Life."

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 100 And God fed them every night with bread made by Angels' hands without money, without price. And today that bread represented Christ, spiritual Life, came down from heaven to give His life.

And God gives His children every day a new experience. You remember, if they kept the bread over it contaminated.

When you hear someone talking about, "Well, I've got... I tell you, I'm a Lutheran. I'm a Presbyterian, Baptist. I'm a Pentecostal," that's just an old handmade loaf of bread. That's all there is to it. It's just as filthy, and made up with hands of man.

But when you hear an experience of a testimony fresh, "This morning in prayer the Holy Spirit baptized my soul, freshly," oh, brother, that's Angels' Food. He feeds them freshly every day from heaven.

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 121 The prodigal son... In closing I might say this. When he'd wasted all his living, the father's living, with riotous living, and when he was returning home... He was laying in a pig pen, and he come to himself, and he said, "How many hired servants, my father's got, that has enough to spare, and here I am dying for want." What if he tried to say, "Wonder if I've got some money, I could pay dad back, what I spent in running with"? But he knowed the nature of his father, and he said, "I will arise and go to my father."

The father never said, "Wait a minute, son. Are you bringing my money back?" No, he never charged him for his sins. He was glad that he was coming back. He was glad that he'd come to himself, because he was his son. He was his own child. He was glad he was on his road home. Now, he didn't endorse his sin, but he was glad when he come to himself and said, "I have sinned before my God, and before my father. I will arise and go to him."

And when he saw him, far off, he ran to him and kissed him. And he said, "Kill the fatted calf," without money, "bring the best robe," without money, "bring the ring," without money, "put it upon his finger. Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for this my son was lost and is now found; he was dead, and he's alive again. Let us be happy about it."

WITHOUT.MONEY.OR.PRICE_ JEFF.IN V-16 N-4 SUNDAY_ 59-0802, 138 Lord Jesus, we're fixing to enter another service, Lord. We thank You for the Holy Spirit that spoke to our hearts. And we're happy, Lord, that You did this for us. And may Your Word not return to You void, but may it accomplish that which it was purposed to do. May it stay in all of our hearts to know that all real things and lasting things come from God, without money, without price. Why would we struggle then for things, and make it such a life-and-death affair for things that will perish? Let us struggle more, Lord, for things that will not perish, that has no price. The price is freely paid, and a-bidding welcome, "Whosoever will, let him come."

JEHOVAH.JIREH.3_ YAKIMA.WA WEDNESDAY_ 60-0803, E-67 Our heavenly Father, may there not be one among us that'll be left. I have given unto them the best that I know how, Thy Word, quoting it just as It is written, knocking at the door, the doors of the compartments of the heart, saying, that "Whosoever will, he may come and drink from the waters of the fountains of life freely, without money, without price. Come let us reason together: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, red like

crimson, they'll be white like wool."

GUIDE.A_ JEFF.IN V-12 N-7 SUNDAY_ 62-1014E, 35 And the Holy Spirit always speaks of the Word. "I've got many things to tell you, you cannot understand it now, but when He comes, He'll guide you to it." That's the reason the coming of the Seals. At the finishing of the Seventh Seal, the mystery of God should be finished to know Who God is, what He is, how He lives, His nature, His Being. You're supposed to be all the way up here by that time (See?), bring us into the full statue of sons and daughters of God, a Church that's washed in the Blood of Christ, that's bought without money, is paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

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