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It was Sunday afternoon. I stepped outside unto the front porch, and was going to the spare room to turn on the hot water heater, so I could take a shower for church. But the wind was so bad that the house was shaking. All of a sudden, there was like a thousand small stones that were being thrown at my house, but none broke any windows and strange as it seems, none hit me!

The radio wasn't on, so I didn't know that a tornado was striking. I saw a giant tree, two feet in diameter, fall 20 feet from me. It fell along side the house next door causing no damage at all! But, I really started praying, then!

The wind whipped around the house. Why didn't it scoop me up? Only the Lord kept me! The wind rushed past me, and up the hill to my left. Then the trees started toppling. About a dozen fell on the house next door and on her car. But the amazing thing was that instead of falling hard and crashing, they just seemed to float down, causing hardly any damage to anything. Usually trees fall with a crash, but these trees fell gently on the house next door.

Two trees, if they had fallen according to gravity, would have smashed the pick-up truck I drive. But the Lord twisted them away from the truck and they fell at an angle, completely missing the truck! Not a tree landed on my house, but the house next door was covered with trees. The trees that had fallen were so thick, that I couldn't even see the road!

I knew it was the Lord! All this happened quickly, while I was desperately praying.

The tornado left and was going away from us, across the road and up the hill. Then it stopped, and headed right back to us.

I yelled, "Oh, Lord, send it away, in Jesus name!"

Then the tornado turned right around and headed back the way it was going, and went over the hill and disappeared, completely demolishing everything in it's path for miles!

Trees were knocked down everywhere! Sirens were blowing all the time, with emergency vehicles rushing past, and fire engines right behind them.

They cleared my yard the next day, so I drove around to see the damage, and almost everything was destroyed. Houses were flatten, along with trailers. Clothes, and household articles were strewn everywhere. Yet God protected my house, the house next door, the trailer along side the house and my flashing sign out front. Another large tree fell along side the trailer, but it didn't do any damage.

I praise the Lord for His protection!" (Bro. Paul Smarse,

Dahlonega, Georgia, USA).

From Ghana, West Africa. "Actually the Quotes Books you send us, are helping us a lot in our Christian life. You see, life without 'Christ' is life full of crises. As God liveth, and your soul liveth, I will not stop praying for you, to ask the Lord for His strength, both Spiritual and physical, to continue your wonderful works."

"I will also try to do the photocopy of the Bible Reading Guide to distribute to others, and will also tell them to make also some copies and to distribute so that every member in the church will have at least one of the Bible Reading Guides." (Bro. Asamoah Kwadwo-Ghana, West Africa).

From Sierra Leone, West Africa. "Eternity alone knows what amount of blessing those Quote Books are to the Bride of Christ."

(Simon Peter Sesay, an Apostle, working among the refugees in Ghana, West Africa, at this time.)


Another testimony from Ghana, West Africa. "In fact, there is no doubt about that your name is in the Book of Life. Amen."

"Today, a lot of souls you have won through your Message, like me in particular, that is writing this letter."

"I am very much proud that I don't fear of any evil or enemy at all. I can go out now and preach to win souls. In fact before I was fearing of the people, but when I read one of your Books that 'Anybody who wants to work for God should not be coward'...In fact, the little Spoken Words given to me has been given to some people-I won their soul." (From Joseph Akins, Ghana, West Africa).

Testimony from Wisconsin, U.S.A. "I've had Diabetes for 16 years. The past five years, I've had cateracts on both eyes removed by lazer. Then the blood vessels busted, so they had to be lazered too. Then a growth grew behind my eyes and they were lazered too. Everything happened to both eyes at the same time."

"A momnth ago, there was a visiting Missionary, originally from Trinadad, and he asked for a prayer line. When he came to me, he said a wonderful prayer, that I felt was for my eyes. I had lost the vision in the center of my eyes, and the doctor said that he couldn't do anything more for me."

"After the prayer, I felt a little different, and the next day, I could see very well. The next week, I had my eyes checked by my eye doctor, and he was very happy to see the difference."

"All I need now are glasses for reading small print. I thank God for healing. I believe He can do anything! I am 75 years old and very happy to, get my sight back." (From Lillian Wisnowski, Wisconsin U.S.A.)

From a brother in Australia,


"About ten years ago, when I was a believer in the infancy stage (not yet in the Message), I was cycling to a house fellowship on a Saturday evening. I was also an addicted Chess player at that time.

As I neared the place where I was supposed, to fellowship, I thought, I haven't had a shave and also my shirt is a bit old, so I'll skip the fellowship and go to the Chess Club to play chess. I headed in the direction of the Chess Club.

I was cycling in a dark deserted road when I heard a voice clearly speak in my right ear, 'Turn around and go back!'

I almost fell off my cycle! I looked all around. There was not a soul in sight! It was a voice you simply could not disobey!

I turned my cycle around immediately and rushed to the direction of the fellowship. I was excited and my heart was pumping hard. My addiction to Chess was also taken out then. I knew it was the voice of the Lord!

In my heart, I was secretly happy that He was a God who cared. I did not share this experience with the others in the fellowship, because nobody would have believed me." (By Bro. Sujendra Premaka, Australia).

From Zambia, Central Africa,

"Bro. Paul, I really appreciate very much for the work and your ministry which the Lord God has put in you. It has been a great help in my ministry. Ever since I began communicating with you, there has been a tremendous change and spiritual growth. Thus, I always don't forget to remember you in my prayers. God richly bless you." (Bro. Gershom Chikungu, Zambia, Central Africa).

From Sierra Leone, W.Africa,

"Please be informed that I have received the Quotes Books and the song tape you sent me. Oh, brother, as I always says that your Quotes Books really inspire. And this I want to share as a testimony to you that I always received you Quotes Books the right time. Most times I received you Quotes Books just after I preached about sermons like that or at times I received them just when I am preparing to preach about that. So I really love and appreciate your Quotes Books. To me, they are confirmation that indeed God lives and real and speaks and teach and leads and guide. May the Lord continue to keep you strong and healthy for this service, and He continue to anoint you the more and to be sending the right Quotes Books at the right times." (Bro. Michael Nyuna, Sierra Leone, W. Africa).




(Editor: Do you remember the brother that went to the meetings in Jeffersonville, and had his car stolen? Bro. Branham prayed and the thief brought the car back with nothing stolen, only a 1/2 tank of gas was gone. Here's a testimony that I just got from Don Bablitz, of Evening Light Tabernacle, Canada, that is similar.)



Here is a testimony from Nigeria. "A certain brother was robbed by a group of robbers. The robbers took all that the brother had with him. He was planning on using the money for a special purpose. He prayed that God would undertake in this situation. A few days later, these same robbers brought back the full amount that they had stolen from him. To God be the glory!"


I was called on a sick case about two days later in St. Louis, Missouri. I didn't have a coat to wear. Someone gave me a coat to wear over. And I went over to a man that had a little girl that Saint Vitus' Dance. All the doc--all--a--St. Louis is the head of medical association. And they--and many doctors had been trying to cure this child. She was the daughter of a famous minister. How he ever knowed about this, I don't know yet today.

I went to the home. The little girl was like an animal, scratching her face, chewing on her tongue, shaking all over. So I went in, knelt down with many other Christians, offered prayer, started out, and the Holy Spirit said, "Wait here until you have orders." Oh, praise the Lord. "Wait, here."

I ask the reverend if he would let... Let's go down to his church. We'll go for his church, had prayer, go back to the house. All day passed, all night.

The next day, I was waiting, and I was setting in his car. And as I looked across the hood of the car, I saw a vision coming in. I waited to see what He would say. After I had the vision, I got out of the car, went to the house, and I said to the old--to the minister, "Sir, I have THUS SAITH THE LORD, bring in your father. And we went to the bed, I said to the lady, the minister's wife, "Two days ago, you were down in the city, you bought a little white vessel." (Or a vessel, you know, like a little bucket.) "It has never had water in it. It's located in your pantry beneath the sink. (Sink)"

She said, "That is true."

"Go get it. Put water in it, get a white cloth and bring it here, and ask nothing. Just do as I say."

And I told the minister to stand with me, at the foot of the bed, the minister on the right, his father on the left, the mother standing by the side of the child. The little fellow couldn't even make hardly noise any more; it was so far gone. I said, "Take the little rag, squeeze the water from it. And when I start with a model prayer, 'Our Father Who art in heaven,' wipe the rag across its face. Don't let your hand leave its face. When I get to the middle of prayer, this--'give us the day, our daily bread,' let the handkerchief be about the middle of the child. And when I say, 'Amen,' let the hand go across the feet. And we started. That was exactly what I'd seen in the vision. And she started with the rag coming down, and when I said, 'Amen,' then she took here hand off. I said, 'Great God of heaven, Who met me out there in the cabin, sent His Angel to declare this, I speak for that child's life; let the child live."

And the little girl jumped up in the floor. I took her by the hand, with the doctor standing in the next room, we walked out of the house down to the soda fountain, and had a malted milk together. Three nights later the Keel Auditorium that seats nineteen thousand, was packed out. It went from there around the world.


(These testimonies are not to glorify me, or any certain person, but to show that God is real in the lives of anyone that has his mind constantly stayed on the Lord.)



A minister brother, in Ghana, West Africa, was walking along, with another brother, and there on the ground was my address. He wrote me and asked to get on my mailing list.


This happened two years ago. A pastor, in Kenya, East Africa, was praying in desperation. He wanted to learn more of the Message and to get on fire for God.

The Lord spoke in an audible voice and said, "Get the Book titled, 'QUOTES OF THE BIBLE AND THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANHAM,' by Bro. Paul Smarse."

He had never heard of me before, nor of that Quotes Book, so he kept praying and asking the Lord to show him where to get it.

The next Sunday, while he was preaching, his eyes fixed on a large white book in the hands of a visiting minister in the congregation. After the service, he rushed down to shake the brother's hand and there in the visiting brother's hand was the Quotes Book titled, 'QUOTES OF THE BIBLE AND THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANHAM,' by Bro. Paul Smarse.

He asked the minister where he had gotten that book and the minister pointed to my name and address on the cover. He quickly wrote down my name and address. Then he wrote me, and I sent him a copy of the Quotes Book he wanted.


Bro. Tony was visiting Bro. Tommy Millsaps in McCaysville, Georgia. As they were talking my name came up.

Bro. Tony asked, "Do you know, Bro. Paul Smarse?"

Bro. Tommy said, "Why, yes, he lives just 50 miles from here."

Bro. Tony said, "I'd like to meet him. Everywhere I go I find Quotes Books by him."

But, it was late at night, too late to come to see me. Bro. Tony was just passing through, and had to leave early in the morning.


If a person is rich, he looks to his money to fullfill his needs. But when a person is poor, like I am, and he lives alone, and has crutches, he must look to God for all his needs. God meets these needs in some of the most amazing ways. Here is one of them.

I had washed three large batches of clothes in my old washing machine. Now, this old washer won't work unless I pray. I have to pray to get the washer to start. No matter what I do, it won't start without prayer.

I took my clothes down to the Landromat and was using four different driers to dry my clothes, because I had to separate the cotton from the permanent press clothes. In each drier, I put in twenty five cents and this gives me 10 minutes of drying time. When it stops, I have to put in another twenty five cents for another ten minutes.

Remember, God is supernatural. So when I put twenty five cents in one dryer, instead of showing that I had ten minutes left, it showed that I had ninety minutes left! I knew that had to be God! See, those machines are set to give you only ten minutes!

This saved me some money, so I added all my white clothes to that dryer because it was just drying towels.

See, God was showing me that He was with me and that He can do the supernatural anywhere. I just love it when the Lord does little things like that! Praise be the name of the Lord! If you walk with God, He will reveal Himself, in many little things, during the day!


Years ago, out in Hardy, Arkansas, Billy Paul gave each of us ministers a tie of Bro. Branham. He gave me one. For years, I've kept it, and even wore it a time or two. But the other day, I felt led to cut it up and send it to special people as a prayer cloth. I sent a small piece to a brother in Florida.

His son, has always been nervous, constantly chewing his finger nails and acting up, even in church. So, this brother put the prayer cloth under the pillow of his son. The next day was Sunday, and his son was calm, didn't bite his finger nails and even behaved real well in church, so that many marveled.


Bro. TO-OK, from the Philippines, sent this testimony. Thank you for the two letters and the two Quotes Books, "Demonstrate the Gospel," and "The Battle of the Mind."

The ministers here in our area process these Quotes Books into Xerox, and I delivered it to them. This is what I have to do Bro. Paul, in order to each minister could really have a copy of Quotes Books.


From India, Robert sends this testimony. I am facing lots of trials, and temptations. It is because of God, that I am surviving in this world.

A few days back, I had to leave home in the early morning. It was still dark, and it was raining heavily. It was the monsoon season, the rainy season. I have to go to the office early in the morning. In Goa, the electric wires are not underground, but we have overhead wires.

The ground was soft, and one electric pole collapsed and fell down, and the wires were hanging just five feet above the road. The pole fell, but the wires were hanging, and the tube light was burning, and the current was on in the wires.

As I was going with my scooter, early in the morning (still dark), my scooter automatically started to turn right. So I stopped, not knowing why.

Something inside me told me, "Look up!"

There were the wires hanging. Had I not stopped, and moved in the same direction, I would have been caught in the live wires, which would have probably electrocuted me.

How good our God is to save us from distruction. He takes such care of us!




Our sister in the local assembly had a tumor in her body and the doctors were going to operate to take it out. But they would have to remove the female organs to do this operation.

Our sister trusted in God and when the doctors took an ultrasound, there was not a tumor there. God had removed the tumor. Praise be the name of the Lord!


From Togo, West Africa. There was a young student who had aids and was sent to many places, but could not get healing. Even two pastors had prophesied that he would die.

The local pastor, in this Message, was called to pray for him. When he got there, the boy was dying. The pastor drove everybody out of the room, and knelt down and prayed until the Spirit of God told him that the boy would live.

He told the mother that the boy would live. She reminded him that two pastors had prophesied that the young man would die.

By the grace of God, this boy is living and coming to the Message Church. This is the second time that they had seen the Lord Jesus heal an aids patient.


From the Philippine Islands: A group of believers were on the shore of the ocean, when a big wave came and took one of the brothers into the ocean. This is an area where many had lost their lives by these big waves.

The brothers tried to rescue him, but the storm was too bad and dangerous. Then they tried to rent a boat, but the man did not want to rent his boat. Finally for a large price, the owner of the boat would take his boat into the ocean.

Two hours had passed since the brother was taken into the ocean. The unbelievers gave up any hope that he would be alive, but the believers had just heard a Message on the Third Pull.

They believed that He is the same God today. They prayed and the local pastor spoke to the wave, and commanded the wave to bring our brother back. Immediately, a big wave brought the brother onto the shore. He stood up, alive, with no water in his stomach or lungs. To God be the glory!


Brother Ravi's daughter, from India, had a testimony of the Third Pull. She was confronted by a hugh Cobra Snake and was not afraid.

The Lord led her to pray and say, "I will kill that snake."

Immeadiately the snake ran into a crevice, and was ferocious. She killed it with a walking stick.


A sister, in the Philippines, delivered a baby on her seventh month, and the baby was already dead. The dead baby had caused her blood poisoning, and made her heart to be enlarged, and her kidney to collapse, because of the complications.

She became pale and yellowish in color, very weak, and could not even talk right. The doctor advised that she be taken to the hospital in Manila. She was in very serious condition.

She wanted to go home and believe God for her healing. She believed that she was already healed. God miraculously healed her without any medication or dialysis. He is the same God of His Word today!




Sis. Louise Redden, a very poorly dressed lady, with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store. She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would let her charge a few groceries. She softly expained that her husband was very ill and unable to work. They had seven children, and they all needed food.

John Longhouse, the grocer, scoffed at her and requested that she leave the store. Visualizing the family's needs, she said, "Please, sir! I will bring you the money just as soon as I can."

John told her he couldn't give her credit, because she did not have a charge account at his store. Standing beside the counter, was a customer who overheard the conversation between the two. The customer walked forward and told the grocer that he would stand good for whatever she needed for her family.

The grocer asked in a very reluctant voice, "Do you have a grocery list?" Sis. Louise replied, "Yes, sir."

"O.K," he said. "Put your grocery list on the scales, and what ever your grocery list weighs, I will give you that amount in groceries."

Sis. Louise hesitated a moment with a bowed head. Then she reached into her purse and took out a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. She then laid the piece of paper on the scale carefully, with her head still bowed. The eyes of the grocer and the customer showed amazement, when the scales went down and stayed down. The grocer staring at the scales, turned slowly to the customer and said begrudgingly, "I can't believe it."

The customer smiled, and the grocer started putting the groceries on the other side of the scales. The scales didn't balance, so he continued to put more and more groceries on them until the scales would hold no more. The grocer stood there in utter discust.

Finally, he grabbed the piece of paper from the scales, and looked at it with great amazement! It was not a grocery list, but it was a prayer which said, "Dear Lord, you know my needs and I'm leaving this in your hands."

The grocer gave her the groceries that he had gathered and placed on the scales. He stood stunned in silence. Sis. Louise thanked him, and left the store. The customer handed a fifty- dollar bill to John as he said, "It was worth every penny of it."

It was sometime later when John Longhouse discovered the scales were broken, therefore only God knows how much a prayer weighs. (From Bro. Lloyd K. Malama, Zambia, Central Africa)



"It was around August, 1988, when I was traveling from Mombasa to Kilifi, (Kenya, East Africa), and I had waited for a public vehicle for a long time. I decided to stop any vehicle that could be traveling in that direction. Luckily enough, I stopped a lorry, carrying gravel, and they agreed to give me a lift to Kilifi.

As I was traveling, I realized the driver was not competent. I think he was not a qualified driver. As we approached Kilifi town, we were to cross a sea using a ferry. We missed it by a few minutes.

As we were approaching the sea, the brakes of the lorry failed and we almost hit a bus stopping in front of us. The lorry now had gained momentum, moving a bit faster towards the sea. I realized we were in danger.

As we were a few meters to roll in the sea, I called ou the name, 'JESUS!' and immediately the situation changed.

The lorry stopped, and nobody was hurt of the three of us in the lorry. 'HE IS THE SAME, YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVER.'"(From Bro. Karanja Mangara, Kenya, East Africa).


And I heard a voice saying unto me, Arise, Peter; slay and eat.


It was July 29th., 1993, and I was traveling with my boss from Embu to Nyeri, (Kenya, East Africa). I was the one driving him, but he decided to do it himself. I had no objection, since he was the boss.

After going a few kilometers, I realized he was driving carelessly, using the wrong side of the road. I heard something so strong urging me to come out of the vehicle. As I resisted, the urge became more and more.

I decided to stop him, and when he did, I told him to proceed alone, and I would use public means to go to Nyeri. He did not understand, but felt I could not use that vehicle again.

About two hours later, I met that he had rammed into a lorry, in a head on collision. He and the other man lay dead on the ground from the vehicle.

I would be the one to die with him, were it not for JESUS CHRIST." (From Karanja Mangara, Kenya, East Africa).

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