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SECOND.MIRACLE_ ERIE.PA SUNDAY_ 51-0729E, E-62 Well, if I can do anything for you, I'll be very happy to do it. And I... Only thing that I could do, would be ask God to let you get well. And then, if God would do something now, more than what He's already done, He's already paid the price for your healing. But you're just trying to learn how to write the check for your--for your healing. Well now, if He might do something that would speak to you of something that has been, that'd it'd have to be the spirit of prophecy, or a gift of the word of knowledge, that would go back down through your life's journey, and find something down through there, and bring it back to your memory. Then you'd say that would be something that you'd know come supernaturally.

Now, as I said a few moments ago, you being a Christian; I know you're a Christian, or your spirit wouldn't be welcome.


E-18 Elijah seen where that king was going to do that, so he sent the king of Israel and said, "Now, don't go down that way." Said, "Because they're laying down a waiting."

And watch that same prophet, after getting down to Dothan, did not see the... The Angel of the Lord never showed him about Syrians coming out and covering the city over, for God had another way for that. God don't show His servants all things, but He shows His servants just the Word of knowledge as much as they have need to know. So you see it lays in God's power, not in the power of man. Though man be blessed, but yet God is the Father and Ruler over all.

Balaam of old said, "No prophet can say only what God puts in his mouth. How can he speak unless God speaks." And that was true.

WHERE.I.THINK.PENTECOST.FAILED_ SAN.FERNANDO.CA FRIDAY_ 55-1111, E-30 And therefore, when people claim to be Christians, or impersonate Christianity, or try to act like they're a Christian, when down in their heart they don't have the peace of God, you only become an actor. And, you know, people really know that. Your neighbor knows that you're just acting that way. Certainly. She see you get mad, and fly loose, and beat the dog around the house, and holler at your husband, and scat him under the bed when he comes in. And you do the same to... Why, they know that's not Christianity acting. Certainly.

When you really get saved, He changes you. You don't have to act; you just act natural. You're just yourself. But God foresaw, and placed, and set certain things to happen. Therefore, He could take the prophets with the gift of knowledge, and foreshow them what was going to be. And they could speak it, because it's a Word of knowledge that God gives to His prophet. And he foretells it before it comes it pass, because God knows all things.


E-33 But a--a vision is God, by a word of knowledge, dropping to the person to foresee or forth-see something, tells something that has been, or something that will be.

Now, I'm going to make it real simple. We got little bright eyed children setting here. And if Jesus tarries, that's the men and women of tomorrow. And I think that too many times, that we make the Gospel so complicated, that just maybe the adults and so forth could understand it, and don't realize that those little children get it also.


I know it is a great temptation to refer back to the day of Pentecost and also to the day when the Holy Ghost fell in the house of Cornelius and then set those two identical experiences as the evidence of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. But on each occasion the tongues were understood by the listeners. This is a far cry from the modern babel of confusion of Pentecostal meetings. And if this were not enough to persuade us to leave off such reasoning, what will we do when we are confronted with the fact that people who have never spoken in tongues have some of the other eight manifestations in their lives, such as word of wisdom, the discerning of spirits, a word of knowledge, faith, healing and even miracles? And this observation is even more interesting in the light that tongues is the least of the nine gifts; so when we see people who do not, nor ever have spoken in tongues, use greater gifts than those who do speak in tongues, we must discount such a doctrine even more completely than before.


8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;


9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;


10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another [divers] kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:


11 But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.



89 And today they say this can't be done. They see the discernment in the meeting. They say, "It's got to be a telepathy." A telepathy, a telepathy? A discerning of spirits, of visions of the Lord... What kind of a telepathy did the prophets have? What did Jesus have when He stood there that day and here come Philip up? And he got saved and went over and got Nathanael, brought him up before Jesus, and Nathanael said, "Aw, now there could be nothing good come out of--out of Nazareth."


DISCERNING.BODY.OF.LORD_ CHATAUQUA.OH V-2 N-25 WEDNESDAY_ 59-0812, 5-7 Paul said to Agrippa, "In the way that is called heresy (crazy), that's the way I worship the God of our fathers." I'm so glad tonight to join hands with Him. In the way that's called fanaticism to the modern church, that's the way I worship God.

They were called heretics, because they didn't rightly discern the Body of the Lord. That's the church of the living God.

DISCERNING.BODY.OF.LORD_ CHATAUQUA.OH V-2 N-25 WEDNESDAY_ 59-0812, 7-3 What was the matter? He hadn't discerned the Body of the Lord, for those little preachers was anointed by the Holy Ghost and had the will of God. We don't need to be intellectual giants; we need to be humble servants of the Lord and discern His Body. In all of his smartness, and his shrewdness, and his education... You know, the Bible said, "It is better for you that a millstone was hanged at your neck, and you be drowned in the depths of the sea than to offend My anointed." I suppose he had a lot of time to think of calling the Lord on the scene, but he didn't discern the Body of the Lord.

DISCERNING.BODY.OF.LORD_ CHATAUQUA.OH V-2 N-25 WEDNESDAY_ 59-0812, 14-6 Let's discern the Body of the Lord, discern the times that we're living in. We'll die spiritually if we don't do that. And if this is true, and the Holy Spirit is with us, and we've got the last sign of the coming of the Lord just before He has come... Remember, that was just before Sodom burned, just a few hours before it burned.

DISCERNING.BODY.OF.LORD_ CHATAUQUA.OH V-2 N-25 WEDNESDAY_ 59-0812, 16-4 Oh, for His mercy, for His goodness. I just feel real washed out. That was on my heart. I had to say it. I hope I didn't hurt my Methodist, Baptist, or Pentecostal friends. If I did, I didn't mean to hurt you. I want to awaken you, shake you a little. We're at the end. Not having discernment of the Body of the Lord, separating ourselves not seemingly having the faith... If there ever was a time that we needed everyone of you, it is right now. You need me, and I need you. God needs both of us. Let's join our hearts and efforts together. Let's not think because we're Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, Catholic, Presbyterian, Pentecostals, or what we are; let's be Christians. Let's discern the Body of the Lord and reach out an arm even to the vilest of sinner and bring them into the fold. That's my humble prayer.

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