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E-63 Lady, are we strangers to each other? You're worried, upset. Oh, it's about this lad. That's what you got him here for; you just brought it in. That is true. If the Lord our God will reveal to me what you're so worried about this lad, will you accept it and believe it comes from the Lord our God? The boy's up for an operation, and the doctor says there's a growth around his heart that must be taken out. That's true, isn't it? And you're worried about it. If God is here and knows about the child, is He interested in him? Will you accept him as your child to live, and you'll raise him for the glory of God. Let us pray.


E-66 We're strangers, you said, to each other? If the Lord God will reveal to me, my sister, what you're here for... I got an old mother at home, tonight, praying for me. When I see anyone that's probably been a mother and aged, my heart just goes out. You are suffering also with a nervous condition. But that's not the kind of nervousness--it's you're--is a worry about something. It's not a--a nervous, just like shaky, but if you're worrying about something; you're nervous. And you also--your eyes has been getting worse; they're are going out like, they're going blind. And that you might know to me to be God's servant, you're suffering with a bad cold right now, also. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Those things are true, aren't they? If that is, would you just raise up your hand so the people can see?

Now, do you believe? Now, watch, there's something with the woman. She's worried about something. And if God will reveal what she's worried... I could pass her on now, 'cause I believe she's going to get what she asked for. That what her trouble was, I don't know till I hear the tape again. But now, you believe God could reveal what you're upset about? How many believes that He could do it? Now, you just believe me to be God's servant. You do believe it. I know you do, lady. Now, yes, the woman is worried about a son or grandson, it is, and that grandson has demon oppression, just oppressed and upset. And He's not here. He's not even in this country. He's from Ohio, in a city that's got a college at it, which it's Chillicothe, Ohio. That's a THUS SAITH THE LORD. You believe the Lord Jesus, that He lives? The Lord God grant it to our sister her desire. Amen. God bless you, sister, give to you the desire of your heart.


E-46 "Don't worry, son, don't have one worry, because the blood there is what He required." That's what God required. And God requires the Holy Ghost, and power, and blood today. You got that? Okay, that's all that's necessary.

That big black wings begin to come, I can see the little fellow say, "Daddy, here it comes, here it comes."

I can hear the aged old father say, "Just don't worry, son. (Hallelujah.) Everything's all right now. Yes, sir. It's all right."

"Daddy, are you worried?"

"Certainly not, son. I believe God. Yes, sir. I believe God."

Those big black wings sweep right down, said, "Oh, daddy look at them, they're going up."

"Sure." Amen.


E-116 And she'd recognized that when we were standing talking. She said, "Do you remember that chair they come and got?"

And I said, "Yes, honey."

She said, "They'll never come get this one. This one's yours." She said, "Set down." Said, "Promise me you won't worry."

She put her arms around me, and I said, "Honey, I promise you I'd never worry again."

I woke up and I was in the room, and I could still feel her arms around me. But from that day to this, I haven't worried about it. They're beyond the blue.

LETTING.OFF.THE.PRESSURE_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-11 SUNDAY_ 62-0513E, 99 You say, "Well, I--I wonder, Brother Branham." You don't wonder; you just let the pressure off. Commit your case to God, and go on as if it was all over. Don't build up pressure; it lets off pressure.

"Well," you say, "I am so worried, Brother Branham, I just don't know." Let off the pressure. Amen. In the city of refuge He took your worry, so you--you don't have to have it. Cast your cares on Him, for He careth for you. Don't you worry about your cares; that's His business.

DECEIVED.CHURCH.BY.THE.WORLD_ JEFF.IN CH 67 SUNDAY_ 59-0628M, 93 Something happened. It taken the world out. I begin to see things different. I've worried so much about the way these American people are doing, constantly year by year, seeing women and men how they degrading themselves and getting out into sin, till I almost had a breakdown two or three times, worrying over it. Yesterday I said to God, "I'll not worry no more. Your Word said it would be so, but I'll stand in the breach and call against it, with all that's in me."


E-113 And I took right up through there. I got to the door, and there she come out to meet me as she always did, not sickly, not all drawed up and eat up with tubercular. She come out with her arms out, that black hair hanging down her back, dressed in white. And she said... Held out her arms to me and I run to her, grabbed her by the hands and knelt down.

I said, "Oh, Hope, honey." I said, "I met Sharon. Didn't our darling make a pretty woman?"

Said, "Yes, Bill." She said, "You're worrying too much, honey."

I said, "Worried? How could I keep from worrying?"

And she said... She said, "Look." Said, "You're just worrying about Sharon and I." Said, "Don't worry about us. We're so much better off than you are."

And I said, "Well, honey, everything's been going wrong, and everything..."

She said, "I know all about it." She said, "Now, stand up."


E-68 I'm going to ask you to be reverent, be quiet, not stir around. I don't care for your praising God, of course... you can. That's been one thing that's worried me; why is it people in America, they can see the Lord working and set dead still and never move and set like they was a bump on a pickle. I--I can't understand that, looks to me like...

It thrills my soul till I... Oh, it looks to me like I could scream to the top of my voice, "Jesus lives." Why, I'm a mortal; I'm here in the world. What am I? Where'd I come from? Where am I going?

And Jesus come and said, "I'll be your Compass; I'll be your Guide." He's raised from the dead, don't worry. "When old age...?... don't worry about that. When sickness strikes, don't worry, I'm here. Be not dismayed; neither be thou afraid, for the Lord Thy God is with thee wheresoever thou goest." Amen.


E-54 Because your faith is begin moving, pulling.

Yes, ma'am, I see you going away from me now; you're going back; you stop at the side of a bed. I see you holding on to the side of a bed. You're crippled, or--or no, you have a arthritis or some kind of a condition. I see you then start across the street, and you move down real easy to cross the street. And you were wearing the same clothes; it's been recently.

Say, you got something on your mind you're worried about. You're upset, I see something hanging near you. You are... You're upset about something aren't you? You're worried. Now, be honest with me; it is--it's something you're worrying about. Here it comes, yes, it's concerning child, childbirth. You're afraid of a miscarriage which being pregnant. Is that right? Don't worry, go and Jesus Christ...


E-42 I can hear Elisabeth say, "Yes, Mary, that's right, but I'm worried."


"Why, it's--it's six months with me as a mother and there's no life yet." Now, that's altogether subnormal: About two, three months. So it said, "Six months and no life, I'm worried about it."

"Why," she said, "I wouldn't be worried. Now listen, I know, you're going to be a mother, 'cause the Angel has told me so. But the Angel appeared to me also, and said that I was going to have a Son, knowing no man. And I would call His Name Jesus."

And just as soon as that Name of Jesus went forth first through the mortal lips of a being, that little dead baby in the mother's womb received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, begin to leap and jump for joy. That's right.

Brother! If It'll make a dead baby in the womb of a woman jump for joy, what ought it do to a born again Church? Certainly. When Jesus Name was first spoke through the lips of a mortal... Amen.


E-37 Sister, you're--you're facing a nervous breakdown. Been very nervous, really worried. You get worried feelings. Seems like you just... Well, you don't know what to do with yourself. Is that right? All right. You thought lots of coming to be prayed for, haven't you? All right. You can go home and be made well now.


E-77 How many believe now, God is in His people? You believe it? Here sits a woman right here, worried, wondering, cancerous condition she's worried about. Believe with all your heart. Don't doubt. Just have faith. Believe that the Son of God makes you well, and you can go home and be well, You believe it?

Miss Staub, that's your name. If that's right, raise up your hand. We're strangers one to another, but Jesus Christ knows you; just so you wouldn't miss it. You feel good now? Stop worrying; it's all over. Your faith makes you well.


E-68 All right, would you come, lady? Have faith. As you come, sister, believe Him with all your heart. Usually, oh, I--I... When I get tired. I'm wore out, but it's the best then, because William Branham's gone. Then Jesus can talk. I don't know you. Mighty saintly looking little woman to me. I never seen you. But God knows you. Don't look like there's anything wrong with you, but God knows whether there is or not. Isn't that right?

Now, there's someone in the audience, moved the Holy Spirit to them. I didn't get it. Now, be real reverent. Don't move. Just set still now.

May I talk to you again, sister? Now, I see the lady moving from me, here It is back to her. She's extremely nervous too, because she's worried. She's bothered about something. She's had an operation and that operation was for a cancer. It wasn't too successful, and you're worried about it. But don't worry. You're standing in the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He's the Resurrection and Life. You believe that? Come here just a moment.

Heavenly Father, I bless this woman in the Name of the Lord Jesus and pray that You'll heal her and make her well, through the power of God. Amen. God bless you, my sister. Go and believe Him with all your heart. All right.


E-57 The woman is not standing here for herself, she's standing here for somebody else, nothing wrong with the woman, outside of nervousness. She's a nervous type of person that worries about things, crossing bridges before you get to them. But you're here for somebody else. That's true.

If the Lord God will reveal to me what you're here for, would you believe Him to be the Messiah? And will go tell others the Messiah still lives? You will? You believe the little eye will come straight of the child? Crooked eye, crossed, you believe that He will make--He will make it well? You will believe? You got something else on your heart too, haven't you besides that child? Your mother, she's dying; she's got cancer. That is true. And you're worried about her salvation, because she's Catholic. That is true. Don't worry, have faith. Send her that handkerchief; don't doubt, you can have what you ask for. God bless you, go, and believe now and receive. God bless you, sister.


E-50 How do you do, sister? Would you just come a little closer? I just want you near so that I know when It starts speaking, that'll--your voice will be caught in the microphone. You see? I perceive that you are a Christian. Yes. You've been very much worried lately. You are... Something has been bothering you. I see when you're standing in the room, you're worried. Say, it's in your... It's a tumor, isn't it? It's a tumor that's bothering you. And that tumor, I see you showing it; it's--it's in your mouth, isn't it? It's a tumor in your mouth; that is right. There's something happened then, didn't it? The life of the tumor left, sister. You go home to be well. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, make...


E-117 Now, just have faith. Don't doubt, but--but believe with all your heart now. Are you believing? Everybody believe. Now, don't doubt. Just pray to yourself. Have faith now; don't doubt at all. Quieten yourself down now. Listen to what the Spirit saith unto you. Have faith in God. Have faith in God.

What you looking at me so sincerely about? You believe me to be His servant? I don't know you. I've never seen you, but just a woman setting there looking at me. It's not exactly sickness that she's worried about. She's worried about somebody else. It's a young girl. She has just come up missing. She's left home. She's just a girl, a teenage girl. This has been made up for a long time. So far I see no danger with her. Have faith. Believe God. He'll send her home to you. What did she touch? Now, you see the woman. I never seen her in my life. She's total a stranger.

GOD'S.PROVIDED.WAY_ CONNERSVILLE.IN SATURDAY_ 53-0613, E-45 There's some people one time that was worried about Jesus going away. Jesus said, "Don't worry. I've made a way for you. A little while and the world won't see Me no more, yet you'll see Me. For I'll be with you, even in you, till the end of the world."


E-81 Talking one day, he said, "I used to be a logger up in Oregon," where he come from. Said "One day, you know," he said, "I--I just was in the mission fields, way over..." somewhere I forget now where it was at. And he was doing missionary work. He believed in God, believed in Divine healing. And Paul said right here at the--where the world church stands today, he said, "If I would've sold my message of grace to the red hot Pentecostals, instead of doing what I've done here with you bunch," said, "and caused myself to worry--called to a place of thousands times thousands of dollars of debt... I've worried myself till I got a cancer and dying now. If I'd have sold my message of grace to the red hot Pentecostals God would've blessed me abundantly for it." Right.


E-7 Look this way, young lady. I seen you slipping up through the aisle there awhile ago. What if I told you that your kidney trouble and back trouble was healed when you come up on the platform there? Would you believe me? Then go ahead; you are. She's worried about it, worrying about it. All right.

The woman has a trumpet in her ear. Will you bow your heads just a moment?

Our dear Lord and Saviour, I pray for Divine mercy for our sister. Satan has did this evil, and I ask now that You move it for her. May the demon that's bound the woman come out from her, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


E-29 What do you think, sister? You're going to be well? You are, sister. God bless you. Go... You've been worried about your eyes too, haven't you. It's been bad. Yes. Weak--weak eyes. Go, take them off, and just go on, and forget about it, and be you healed.

TRUE.VINE.AND.THE.FALSE.VINE_ MACON.GA TUESDAY_ 55-0607, E-84 But I see now, to this women that's standing near, she has a real dismal funny spirit. It's a spirit of worry, fearful. She's all nervous and upset. And she's bothered a lot with a nervous condition. And she's... It's about a condition of her body, that she's worrying about, because she's planning on a--an examination, at a clinic, kind of a hospital clinic of affair, for cancer. It's a cancer that you're worried about. And you was praying, just before coming. And you was--revealed to you as you was praying, that if you would come here, and I would pray for you, that they'd find no cancer. You come up here, and you're not from this state. You come from Florida, up here, isn't that the truth? You're going to get the desire of your heart. You have it right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may it be received, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go happy, rejoicing.

GREATER.WITNESS.THAN.JOHN_ MACON.GA THURSDAY_ 55-0609, E-54 The lady next to you, tell her to stand up; she's suffering, too. Just remain standing. All right. You suffer with a head trouble. Don't you, lady? All right. You can go be made well. Tell the lady next to you to stand. Do you believe, lady? You believe God will make you well? All right. You can have yours, also from high blood.

That man setting right here. I see a man out here worried about his boy. He is studying about a boy. That boy is some sort of a man... He's got cancer. And he's--he's something; he's been a soldier. He--he--he was in Korean war, and the boy's got cancer, and he's backslid, and you're worried about him. Isn't that right, sir? Raise your hand and accept God for the Healer.

I condemn every devil, every unclean spirit, every devil of doubt. It has no right to hold these people any longer. And anybody that'll believe me, and believe that I tell you the truth right now, I condemn every unclean spirit and every devil of doubt. And I don't care what's wrong with you, in the name of Jesus Christ stand upon your feet, give God praise, and you shall be healed, the whole group of you, right now. I pray in Jesus' Name.

LOOKING.TO.THE.UNSEEN_ CLEVELAND.OH WEDNESDAY_ 50-0816, E-39 Have faith; don't doubt. I take a lot of the time. I'm sorry. And standing here and knowing that many may not get into the line... If they don't, then why? If you've got your faith upon God's Word, you'll be healed anywhere.

You believe that, lady, with all your heart? The lady with the little baby, you're in trouble, aren't you, sis? God bless your heart. I see you have a worried spirit. Isn't that right? Look this way, sister. I feel sorry for you. Yes, you're--it's not you; you're worried about your baby. Isn't that true? Just awhile ago you where praying or doing something, wasn't you? You was asking God to let me speak to you about that baby. Isn't that right? Not reading your mind, I felt it awhile ago when... There's a whole group in that corner there praying. What's--what the matter with your baby? Do you realize that Jesus healed that baby when He died back yonder at Calvary? He paid that price.

Now, your baby, what's wrong with it... Your baby's about three years old, I guess, something like that. Isn't that about right? And it stopped growing, has no use of itself. Is that true? Will you believe me? All right. If you'll believe, accept its healing right now.

There it is setting alone in the mother's arms now, without even any holding him at all. She's got her arms away from it. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." The baby has use in its back now. All right. Everybody be reverent.


E-69 Don't think about that. Did not Jesus say to Simon, "Your name is Simon, but you will be called Peter." He knows all about you. Have faith in God. Don't doubt; believe.

You're worry, aren't you mother? About the child. Mother, if the Lord Jesus will tell me what you got your arm around that child for, will you accept me as His prophet and believe on all things? You're worried and crying. The child is subnormal; that is right. And you're praying for that child. Not only that, but you suffer with a back trouble; that is right. If that's right, raise up your hand? Now, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. And as you have believed, so will it be unto you. Lay your hand on the child.

Lord Jesus, we pray for mercy now. The little woman contacted You through the Vine. And we pray that You'll grant to her the desire of her heart. In Christ's Name, I pray. Amen. Don't doubt, but just believe...?...


E-61 The lady, setting there next to you, is worried about her boy. He's going to go under a operation this next Saturday. Stand up just a minute; I want to pray for your boy.

Lord Jesus, I condemn death that hangs with that boy. Guide that physician's hand, and may the boy come through well. In Jesus Christ's Name.


E-42 As Brother Bosworth used to say about his little mule, said, "A mule would be borned, and his ears was dropped down, and his tail sticking up, and his knees bowed, and his eyes crossed," said, "well, if he could talk he'd say, 'Well when they come out, they'll knock me in the head, because... They won't feed me; I ain't worth feeding.'"

But if his mammy was well instructed, she'd say, "Son, you don't have to worry; you were born under a birthright. There'll have to be a lamb without a blemish die for you so that you can live." And that's exactly right.

The priest never saw the mule. He didn't examine the mule; he examined the lamb. Not the blemish on the mule, the blemish, if there any blemish on the lamb. So if you can't find any blemish on Him, what you worried about then? It's not you; it's Him. God don't look at you; He looks at Him. You see it? See it, sister? Do you see it, brother, setting here? You see it?

It's not you He's looking at; He's looking at Christ. That's the Sacrifice. He looks at the Sacrifice.

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