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We know that Paul had the Holy Spirit. Do you believe that? Well, when he was fourteen days and nights upon the sea, without any moon or stars, and it was all dark. And he went down in the gallery to pray. He came back and told the men, "Be of a good courage; for the Angel of God, Whose servant I am, came to me last night and said, 'Fear not, Paul.'" Is that right? Not the Holy Spirit; the Angel of God (See?), an Angel of God, sent from God.

And then John the revelator. The whole Book of Revelation, when It was wrote, he said, "I have sent My angel," Jesus did. And John fell down to worship the angel, but the Angel said, "Stand up. Worship God." See, a true angel of God won't stand to be worshipped. And he said that he was of the prophets, and was his fellow men that had been sent to signify these things. Therefore, angelic beings is ordained ministers of God, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work through mortal beings, just as they did through Daniel and back through the ages there. And I believe it with all my heart.


All right. Now, we wish to speak to you just for a few moments, just a very few moments about "God Revealing Himself To His People."

Now, God cannot make anyone believe. God can only reveal Himself in different forms. He has revealed Hisself in wind, and in--and mysterious--mysterious movements and so forth. And in the form of Angels has He revealed Hisself. And He's revealed Hisself in man, by preaching the Gospel. He's revealed Hisself in--in time of trouble to people, like... And sometimes He has to take a loved one, sometimes, to bring the heart of the person to the acknowledgment of God. You believe that? He does. He reveals Hisself in the sunset, in the sunrise. He reveals Hisself in meetings with great blessings, to stretch out His hand before the people and bless them. You believe that?

And now, He is trying to reveal Himself today to the sick and the needy in a form of an Angelic Being, coming down, like He did on the pool of Bethesda, but upon mankind, to reveal Himself by showing signs and wonders. Also by...


And God still has Angels. And if they visit the people... Not a worship of Angels. But Angelic Beings Who are attributes of God, sent forth to minister to the Church, through the people. Oh, my. How short we are of the real apostolic Church today.

We people claim who to be there, who claim to have kissed the blessings of the rims of the cup of blessing, how short we come. How we bubble dance on top of the suds, and know not what the bottom is. That's true.

Now, friends, when I stand back here, I'm responsible, not to the audience, but to God. That's right. And my words must be... I know that I got many millions of people that listen and watch every word you say, so I must be, with all my heart, just as true to God as I can be. And I say today, that we've never scratched the surface. That's right. The Church ought to get down. My. We was reading... It's like reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Notice. Now, this Angel came, He was Gabriel. Now, God sends minor Angels (That's right.), perhaps the One comes here. And some people will actually puff their mind up with Angels and things, who they think they have seen, and things like that. That's just the counterfeit.


But he said, "The Holy Ghost told me so." So he believed it. And he wasn't ashamed of it. And he goes and tells people that he wasn't going to die, until--until he seen the Holy... till he seen the holy Child. Well, that news didn't scatter them like it does now. They didn't have the radio and press. So after while there was some magis saw a star come across the skies. There wasn't one observatory saw it. The stargazers who were standing out looking for stars, and that star passed right over every one of them, and not one of them saw it. Why? They wasn't expecting to see it. But these men had listened to Balaam's prophecy, that there'd be a star of Jacob rise, and they were looking for it. Hallelujah. You usually get what you expect. You come to criticize the meeting, you... The devil will show you something to criticize. You coming to get healed, God will see that you get it. You usually get what you expect. Yes, say, "I was expecting this, and I was expecting that." What you expect, God will see that you get, you'll usually get it.

These magis were expecting that star, they were watching for it. And when saw it come, they followed it, and it went right over every one of them people and they never saw it. A few shepherds out on the hill was herding their sheep. When Jesus was born they came into the city. And Angels sang, 'cause there's singing at the birth of a King. And the angelic Beings reached over the banisters of heaven and sang of the glory of God, peace on earth and good will to man.


My old slow Baptist ways just don't think of it that fast, so I just have to do the best I can. But I love Him. And I love to get this time in the afternoon... In the evening services it's always about the sick. Talking, and it's something that'll... And the dealing with sick people, and it's another anointing, a different anointing. It's an Angelic Being standing near. And it breaks over into another dimension.

Today someone was walking up in a restaurant, was telling me about being healed and how sick and horrible they'd been and how well they was. Why, I didn't remember the person. Another person was telling me about he coming from a Houston meeting, an elderly man, how that he'd had sclerosis or something or another wrong with him, his liver. Been bad for thirty years, and he said, "Brother Branham, that very same night, every bit of it left me." And I--I see the old man setting right over here now. That's right. He said, "And every bit of it left me." He's been well ever since. And said, "Do you remember me?"


Now, the first man, now, He made the first man in His image, and we're returning back to that image (That's right.), to our first created image.

When God created me, William Branham, I was before the foundation of the world; He made my being, my spirit. I wasn't conscious of anything as far as I know of, but the... I was there. Oh, I--I don't believe you're getting it. But now, just a minute, Jesus told the disciples that He knew them before the foundation of the world; and Paul said here that He chose us in Him before the world began. Now, there was some part of me, Ormand Neville, and the rest of you all here, that's in Christ Jesus before the world ever began. And here's to my analysis of that.

I think that the people today that are possessed with this Spirit, or the spirit, a part of these angelic beings, spirits which rotated off of God, that never fell in the beginning and resisted the Devil's lie in heaven...


It's all right. I like that. How many believes there's power in music? There's some churches don't believe in having music in the church. Well, that's all right. That's... I won't argue with you that.

But look, my dear friend, one time there was a--some preachers or some kings that went out and made an alliance, and went out into the desert, and was going to do a great work out there, and kill some people, and they--they never sought God. So the first thing you know, they went down to Elijah the prophet to find out about it. And the prophet got all angry. He got angry.

Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are. Is that right? He had his ups-and-downs. He wasn't an angelic being. He was a man: Big old rough looking fellow, hairy body and his hair sticking out like one of these fuzzy worms and his--his beard out like that, and a piece of leather wrapped around his body. If you... If he come up to your house begging, you'd run away from the door perhaps. See?

But beneath that little old brown skin beat a heart that was true to God. That's right. And he looked at him. He said, "If it wasn't that I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat (the believer), I wouldn't even look at you." Is that right? But he said, "Nevertheless, bring me a minstrel."


Now, then in this time, the baby was born in Bethlehem of Judaea. There's a few stargazers come up and watched it, the star come across and hang over the baby. They went and worshipped. But news didn't get spread around like it would today. And if--if he would be happen again today, they'd just say, "Some fanatics are gathered up there." There wouldn't be much to it. They don't pay any attention to Him. They wouldn't today. They wasn't concerned.

But the Angels came and sang to some shepherds on the hillside. Every time there's a king born, people sing. There was nobody on earth here to welcome Him, so a bunch of peasants, and Angels sang to them. When you think of His...?... to the earth the first time that Angelic Beings come down from the heavens and sung to the peasants, "Today, in the city of David is born Christ the King." Oh, my, what a visitation to the earth.

It was a Jewish law that every mother for her purification and the circumcision of a baby, as every Jew baby was born, had to be brought to the temple after eight days and circumcised.


Now, there is times that you say, "God..." We have--want to look at it that way, but there's many times that things are done and said that angelic Beings brings the message to Him. God was in a certain place, and met a certain man at a certain time, and if He could've found a man one time, in the end He would've slew him, and so forth. We realize that there's times where God is certain places. That's exactly truth. The Scripture teaches that.

Now, in this case when we promise God... And I told you a few nights ago about the healing of Florence Nightingale. When we went down into Africa...

Now, my wife is setting somewhere in the building. I haven't spied where she's at yet, but anyhow, I guess she's got backed up in a corner. So anyhow, she's as bashful as I used to be. And so, anyhow, when--when we were... Knowed so much about the... I tell you how much geography we knowed. I told her. She said, "Where you going now, honey."


Here some time ago, a minister told me, said, "Brother Branham, there is no such a thing as seeing angels. Angels don't lead the Church; the Holy Ghost leads the Church."

I said, "That's right. But we still have angelic beings as ministering spirits send from the Presence of God."

He said, "Well, our church don't believe in that."

I said, "I don't know what your church believes; I know what the Bible teaches."

He said, "Well, Brother Branham, angels might have been back in Daniel's time and back there, but not since the Holy Ghost is come, no angels."

I said, "Do you believe that Philip had the Holy Ghost?"



Look the isle, over on the Isle of Patmos, the whole Book of Revelations was revealed by an Angel. "I, Jesus has sent My Angel to show you things that'll shortly come to pass." Is that right? The whole... And John started to worship the Angel. But a true Angel will never stand to be worshipped. No, sir. He say, "Worship God." That's true. Oh, there's false angels, true, just like there's false spirits and so forth. But a true Angel of God will always point you to Jesus Christ. Yes, sir.

Paul said, "If--if an Angel from heaven will come preach any other Gospel, then that which you've already heard, let Him be accursed." Is that right? So watch what the Angel teaches. If it's bringing along in the Gospel and sound in doctrine and everything according to the Bible, then believe it.

So God always sends angelic beings to warn the world. He... I believe that there's angelic beings in the earth today, are warning the world of judgment to come. I could go a little bit on your flying saucer here just for a few minutes, but I won't take that much time. But anyhow, did you notice, before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, which is a perfect thing of today, God sent Angels down there to call Lot out? Is that true?


Paul said in Hebrews the 12th chapter, "Seeing that we're compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every sin, every weight, and the sin that does so easily beset us."

Now, he said, "Well now, Daniel had Angel, and so forth." But said, "The New Testament does not support Angelic beings coming to individuals after the Holy Spirit has come."

And I said, "Oh, brother, I different with you." I said, "I believe that the Holy Spirit is here. He's the One that fills us. And our life is not our own, but it's the Life of the Holy Spirit in us that makes us Christians." I believe that, that ever fiber of a Christian's body is controlled by the Holy Spirit. I believe that your eyes are. You can't help when you look to see an evil, but if you lust after it, you've already committed adultery. You turn your head. The Holy Spirit makes you do that. Is that right? You might be tempted. Temptation is not sin. Heeding your temptation is sin. See? You can be tempted. Christ was tempted like we are, but never sinned. So the Holy Spirit is God that helps us bear out the truth of God, and we're written epistles read of all man.


Now, and before God sent Jesus to the earth, He sent an Angel. And an Angel come to a home: Zacharias and Elisabeth. They were great renown believers, Christians as to call. And that's the kind of a home that an Angel can get to.

And you know what I think today the reason that we don't have no more Angelic visitations than we do? We who call ourselves Christians, play cards half the night, read old "True Story" magazines, have beer in the icebox. And that's the reason Angels don't visit us. You can't mix oil and water.

Now, brother, I'm just an old fashion sassafras, backwoods, Holy Ghost, second born preacher. And I believe in the old fashion corn bread, and sauerkraut, potatoes, and beans. It ain't ice cream, but it'll stick to your ribs and carry you through the--the times.

Now, I believe in old time Holy Ghost salvation, cleanse a man's heart up, and that's all I know to say about. So... I just put on... And let's just ask God to pour it out upon us, now what do you say? Let Him stand in--in the form of the old fashioned raining down of Power of God.

Now, these Angels come into these homes when they were renowned homes.


Now, we're just all home folks here, aren't we? So now just... What... When the battle's all over, the last shot's been fired and arms is stacked, smoke's all died down, and we set down for that wedding supper. My, could you imagine that? I can just think of it. Look down to that great table set yonder for hundreds of miles.

I look down through there, and I look across and here sets Mattsson Boze setting right here, Brother Stonewall, all these brethren setting along there. I hear them say, "There's Brother Branham; he made it." Oh, my. You know, there's bound to be a few tears run down, isn't it?

I look across there and I think, "My, looky there, there's my old dad. There's mother; there's my wife, my children. Well, here we all are here." And the tears will start running down our cheeks. The angelic beings standing back, soft angelic music's going, what a morning, Hmm.

Then I can see as we're looking across the table to one another, looking down through there seeing who all's there, the tears running down our cheeks as we reach across the table to one another's hands and grip it like that across the table.


And then John saw a Lamb that as had been slain from the foundation of the world, and It came and taken the Book and opened the Seals and the--all the angelic beings cried, "Thou art worthy, for Thou was slain from the foundation of the world."

And that's... I might turn back the pages like this; I might by some theology be able to give you my views of it; but there's only One can open It; that's the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world. And may His Presence now come and take the Word of God and place It in each heart, just where it has need of. I pray that He will do it, while I read some of It out of the Word... out of the Bible.


And now in Josephus, his writings, he said... Now, here was his interpretation of these "sons of God" that take daughters of men. He said that the fallen spirits that were on the earth...

Now, you know the--in the Revelations the 11 chapter--or--or the 7th... No, beg your... 12th chapter of Revelations, the woman standing in the sun... "The red dragon put his tail around two thirds of the stars and pulled them to the earth." We realize that Satan in the beginning set up a kingdom in the northlands to be more beautiful than what the--than what the Michael was, and there was a day he declared war in heaven. And he pulled two thirds of the angelic beings with him. Is that right?

That's the reason we're only a minority. I mean the--the--the side--the small side of the people this morning, in the Christian realm, the Holy Ghost born people, because they are in the--the--the little part. That's right.

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