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******* Brother Paul Smarse passed away last July 2, 2005.
This site now serves as a tribute to his work for the Lord. *******

OCTOBER 3, 2003)

Two-Edged Sword      The Third Pull      Back To What We Were

God Is Sovereign    The Letter Killeth    Lusting For

Missions        More Than Conquerors     Now, Paul Said

Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear     Politically-Minded     Provide Not

Standing Alone    Unclean Spirits   Worldly-Minded

What the Mark of the Beast Is

Last Month's Quotations

Respects      Confusion Among Brethren    The Silent God

Criticism          Prayed-Up     Abiding in Christ

Legalist-A        Legalist-B       Warriors

The Letter Killeth      The Voice of God is Rare

 <<<<<<<<  LAST QUARTER'S QUOTES >>>>>>>

About "Character"      Birth Control        The Love of God

God Controls All       God Heals By     God's Heroes

Live Clean       Love Them All      Love Through Suffering

Nuclear Bomb News      Perfected By Suffering    The Third Pull

Righteousness of God     Seed of Discrepancy    Stay Humble

This is Perfect Love       True Bride Church

Hybrid Church       Hybrid Faith       Hybrid Food

Hybrid Pentecost       Hybrid Christians      Hybrid Beef

Loving the Unlovable    Put God First      Slightly Doubting

Special Man      Supernatural Power    

Ghana Testimonies        Muslim Testimony

Cruel Testing     Neurotics    One More Time Lord

Lukewarm      Adam Could Say     Bible Healing

Spiritual Opium     Self Will #2     Rattlesnakes   

Just a Food For Thought

The Ultimate  Get the Message Out   

Importance of Revelation    Faith In The Word

All Night Prayer    Crying For Vengeance   Resent

Fruits of the Spirit    In the Word All The Way

Perverted Ideas      On Tapes Royalty

Telling A Lie 

Angel        Bad Feelings        Branham Tabernacle

Come Out of This Mess     God in His Universe

Greed         The Lord Healeth       Selfishness

No One Can Take Your Place         Seven Thunders

Pillar of Fire-1       Pillar of Fire-2       Pillar of Fire-3

Pillar of Fire-4      Real Victory       Wild  About Money

Speak the Word-1       Speak the Word-2

Stand By That Light     The Voice of God To You

Selling Their Birthright     Blowed To Pieces    FaultFinding

Brotherly Kindness     God In You     Hurt Feelings

God's Will Is A Mystery      Image of God    They'd Shoot You 

It Is Also Written     VOG Shipments     Kansas Prayer     

Love Children    Love Your Husband      Love of Money

Love Animals     Man After God's Own Heart     One World     

Shun Money     Talk About Grace      The Living Word      

     Infidels     They Had "Thus Saith The Lord"

    New York Testimonies

You Have Not Chosen Me     Christ Being Formed    A Merry Heart

God In His People   Confirming the Word    Get In The Spirit

Thought Provoking    Millions Will Die     Dominion Over Sin

True Revelation    Horrible Persecution    God In His Universe

God In His Church     Plagues In the Bible   More Than Conquerors

Your Adoption #1    Your Adoption #2    The "I AM"

<<<<<<<<  LAST YEAR'S QUOTES >>>>>>>

Germ Warfare     Get Rapturing Faith      Plagues in Revelation

All Night Prayer        Character        Closer To God

Confess Your Faults     That Critical Spirit     Divine Nature

Go Back to The Original      The Joy of The Lord       Kings & Priests

;Leaving One Word Out     Overcoming Anger    Patience

Simple Things      Tormentor     Word of Knowledge

What Kind of People We Ought To Be     Plagues That God Sends

Attributes of God       Some Mysteries     Bible Mysteries

After God's Own Heart    Creating An Atmosphere    Do Not Argue

Completely Surrendered    Dying For Love    His Character

Deception     God's Will is A Mystery    Love Everybody

Love Your Wife        Pray For That Person       Temperance

Without Money Or Price        He Can Trust In You  

Backbiting     Despisers     Differences

Fussing     Holding Grudges     Jealousy      Resentment

Lusting      Meanness     Pride      Temper

Anger     Circumstances     Confusion

Critics      Education     Emotion

Fanaticism    Lack of Prayer

Passion       Unbelief     Unbelief in God's Word

Hindrances to Healing       Hindrances to Our Services

<<<<<<<<  REGULAR QUOTES  >>>>>>>

The Carnal Mind       Never Negative, Always Positive      Do Not Reason

Recognizing Who We Are      Mental Troubles

Worried Mind?       Sixth Sense Versus the 5 Senses       Satan Works in the Mind

Losing Your Mind?       Question In Your Mind?       The Perverted Mind

They Curse Everyone       On Humility       Our BattleGround

On Luxury       Ambassadors       Coward

Beasts Without the Holy Ghost      Great Waster       Are You Confused?

Not By Word Only       Meek And Gentle       Kings And Priests

About Luxury       Amusement       Three Things To Watch Out For

God Controls All       Are You Holy Ghost-Filled?

God Cannot Lie       Genuine Faith       After Its Kind

The Overcomer's Throne       God's Sovereignty       Press The Battle

That Dominating Spirit       Stubbornesss       Realizes

Tried & Tested Bride       Theopany       Inspired By The Word

Free Moral Agency       True Prophet       Unbelievers & Liars

Original Church       Attibutes of God       Tested Faith

A New Way to Talk       My Nature, His Nature      Insanity

Headquarters       Challenge to Believe      Anger

Tithes       Get Back To       Pray Without Ceasing

Messiahettes       Perfect Love      Put God First

Prosperity       Revival Every Day      Warning People

Muck      No One Can Take Your Place      Overcoming

Little Nod      Living Presence      Money Is A Snare

About Earrings      Hybrid Food      He That Is In You

Depressed       Dreams       Devil Possessed

Angels Of God      Angels Women?      Atmosphere

Bitter       Confess       We Create Our Own Problems

Destroying Confidence on the Word      Dying For Love      Fallen Angels

Healing Angels      Idolatry       Mine Angels

Mission Work      More On Money      My Angel

Sickness is of the Devil      To Please God

Ye Are Gods       The Dove Taking Its Flight

Rejoice       Pentecost Is An Experience

Not In Word Only       Seed Of Discrepancy      Know It All

Heady HighMinded      Gossip       The Word Is A Seed

Don't Put Your Confidence in Man      Become Aflamed

Bad Feelings      Angelic Beings      Angel Of The Lord

Three Stages of Grace      No Weapon Formed Against You      Commitment

Unlimited Power      Never Exhaust God's Love

Those Who Treat You Good      Angel By Your Seat

Respects       Love Your Pastor       All The Word

Three Pulls       Intellectual Giants

Godly Love       Do What God Says       Motives and Objectives

America       Accuser       Birth Control

< of>;       Eat Out of a Garbage Can?       Self Will

Lukewarm Believers and Parasites       Angels       Angels Are Encamped

Arrogant       Do It Right       EarthQuakes

God's Seed       In His Presence       Love of Money

Not Thus Saith The Lord       Supernatural God

Women's Vote       Intellectual Spies       All Things Are Possible

Troubles       Original Church       Praying Through

Second Coming       Serpent Seed       We Cannot Die

Theophany       Cursed       Disciplined

Turning A Corner       Comparing Scriptures       That Judas' Spirit

Following a Man?       Seven (7) UPs

Divine Nature      Faith Quotes     Free Moral Agency

Humble Thyself      If God Be With Us     Talk About Grace

The Message is Urgent     About Television

The Mark of the Beast and The Seal of God

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