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Now, it so pleased God, that when He sent Jesus to the earth, that it pleased Him to represent Him as an animal, and that animal was the lamb. Way back in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, in the foreshadows of the coming of Jesus, God sacrificed a--a lamb to be a substitutionary offering in the foreshadows of the coming of Christ. Now, I've often wonder why that God would foreshadow Christ as an animal, as a beast. But we come to find out that the Lamb, the reason He chose a lamb, a lamb is the meekest and most gentlest of all the creatures there is on earth. There's nothing any more meeker and gentler than a little lamb, so innocent, not self-sustained. It--it's not arrogant. It's a gentle, meek little creature. And when God was going to represent Christ to the world, He represented Him in a lamb.


If the Lamb of God would have made the first snarl like a wolf, or would have done anything contrary to what the gentle Dove would have permitted, the Dove would have took Her flight. She would have left in a minute.

And that's the reason today that we're wondering, "What's the matter with the Pentecostal church?" It's because we have taken on a different nature. We've taken on a nature that, "We want our rights. We're going to do what we know that's right to do." And we become arrogant. We become hostile. We become indifferent. We let temper come in. We let selfishness come in.


Our Heavenly Father. Unworthy creatures, this hot, sweaty room this morning, the sweat box; but, God, You sweated it out of us. The Holy Spirit come down, convinced people that they were wrong. They were sinning. Their spirits were arrogant. They become hostile, snoopy, know-it-all, not willing to repent, not willing to forgive people that's done things against them. They wasn't willing to, but today the Holy Spirit took the Word of God, placed It right in their gentle hearts, and said, "Now do you want to come back to where you was the first time you come to the altar, come back to where everybody, you love everybody, and you love Me with undying love? Then just rise up and come up to the altar." They did it, Lord.


Joseph, his brothers were arrogant with him. They hated him without a cause, because he was supernaturally inspired. You get it? Cain hated Abel without a cause, because of being supernatural inspired.

Moab hated Israel without a cause, because they had Divine healing, signs, wonders, and miracles, hated him without a cause and wouldn't let him pass through the...


How that Elijah raised the woman's baby after it was dead even eight hundred years before the coming of Christ. Men even without the blessing of the Holy Ghost done miracles, that these fellows are afraid to attack with the Holy Ghost. My, my. How pitiful. Why? It's because they are arrogant and they hate their brethren without a cause, just as Joseph was hated without a cause. You see it? He was hated, not because that he was worthy to be hated, because without a cause. They did not believe him. He was living in a different realm.

And I say this now, as our time is getting short. I say this with all trueness of heart. They hate the Church today that has the supernatural. It's jealousy. It's petty jealousy. And it exists among human beings. The disciples had it. They were so ashamed of themselves, because ten days before, God gave them power to heal the sick, and to cast out devils, and raise the dead. And they had an epilepsy boy before them and had failed.

And Jesus when He come down off the mount and healed the boy, and they asked Him why could we not. He didn't say, "I--I have took My power back." He said, "I give you power." I show you where He give it to the church, but you can't show me where He ever took it back. See?

What did Jesus rest His solemn words upon? "Because of your unbelief."

E-26 HEAR.YE.HIM LIMA.OH 57-0125

Are we about our Father's business, of the Holy Spirit...?... getting every soul saved we can, just to--just on the Word. Or are we arrogant, and dilatory, and arguing our little religious differences, and splitting hairs, such nonsense?


And look here. I'd like to say something to you with reverence and respect. What may... India's going to turn communism pretty soon if you don't watch. Why is it? Because that we have put the penny march for the missionary to go over, and give our money to the bureaucrats and so forth like that, in the guise and things in this nation. And we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

When that man sets there and his arms folded, and this man come by and shun him and walked past... And yet the missionary tries to tell him that he is our brother. And would we treat a brother like that because of his color? Because of his nationality? Oh, brother. Don't you see that same arrogant spirit gets amongst denominations and denies Christian brotherhood in the same way.

We are the products of God everyone of us, and we should be brothers, closely knitted together by the Gospel. In our motives, and our ideas, and everything, we should give to God for the--the relief, and the furthering of the Gospel, and the bringing together of a brotherhood and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.


And now look what the church has done. It's either got off on a bunch of fanaticism, and either went real starchy and stiff and take none of it. But, brother, there's a middle of the road where the real true Gospel is preached and the--the real true Bible, signs and wonders following; a sweet Holy Spirit leads that church. That's the kind of church to go to, an intelligent church, preaching the Word, standing on the Word, with a real full Gospel sermon, real Spirit of God; everything in the Spirit, everything is decent, everybody in order, everything in love; that's the kind of a church we want. How many wants to belong to that church? Raise your hands. Why, sure, we all do. Well, God wants us to. What made the difference? We just started getting a little arrogant and different in our churches; Dove flew away.


I was setting at Jonesboro, Arkansas, where a minister and twenty-eight of his members wouldn't bow their heads when we was praying. And an epileptic spell left that man, and I--it was on the platform, and twenty-eight people fell in the floor, kicking over chairs and everything from aristocratical church with epilepsy. And as far as I know they remained with it the rest of their lives.

Phoenix, Arizona, when one of the officials of the city wanted to be arrogant, raised up and tried to say something. I said, "Sir, set down. I'm trying to deal with a sick man."

He said, "Oh, I'm getting tired of this psychology."

I said, "Then God judge you for it."

And in--up here in San Bernardino, California, his wife held to my trouser legs in the mud while they drug me over the top of her, her husband insane setting there going, "Wheee, heee," like that and beard all over his face, crazy as he could be, an official from Phoenix, about four weeks later. We're not playing church, friends. You're dealing with spiritual beings.

266-349 QA.HEBREWS.PART.2 JEFF.IN COD 57-1002

And then after the healing service was over, I made the altar call for sinners to repent. And she had been very arrogant against it; and she repented and give her life to Christ, raised up her hand that she would surrender her life to Christ, and was weeping. After all the anointing had done gone, making my altar call, and so forth... And then I happened to turn, and here was a vision, and I seen her brother, which was a sister, this was his sister, and them together.

291-518 QA.HEBREWS.PART.2 JEFF.IN COD 57-1002

Now, look how beautiful it is, before we close now. Watch how--how it moves around. Now, those Jews has been darkened.

Now, these Jews here, most of them here, are just... You know how they are; they hold the wealth of the world. And they're just--just money-people, and that's all you can make out of it (See?), and very arrogant, and indifferent, and won't listen. But that's not the ones that He was talking about, if you'll notice.


And Brother Brown, just about like myself, can't talk good. And he said, "I'm from Louisiana."

He said, "Do you mean that they let you J-walk in Louisiana?"

And he said, "Just walk anywhere you want to."

So he--he said, "Walk across the street?"

Said, "Yes."

He said, "You're a lying."

Mr. Moore said, "No. I'll voucher for him." Said, "We can walk anywhere you want to in Shreveport where we live, as long as you're just watch your traffic."

Oh, and that little policeman got arrogant. And Mr. Brown said, "Sir, I'm only telling you the truth."

He said, "You did that just to act smart, `cause you seen me on the corner and knowed I was a policeman." You know, one of these little fellows wants a feather in their cap? So he said, "You're just acting smart. I'm going to jerk you out of there and put you in jail."

He said, "Mister, you can put me in jail if that's your rules." But said, "I'm a minister of the Gospel." He said, "I don't lie. I'm honest. If I'd knowed you shouldn't done that, I would not have done it." He said, "But I didn't know any difference."

Oh, and he got real nasty about it. And I told him I was a minister, and Mr. Moore was a minister. There was two more ministers in the car. Oh, he really got raw then. "Ministers, law breakers."

And I said, "We're not law breakers, sir." I said, "We're honorable men who preach the Gospel."

And he... Something said to me like this. "Be not deceived, for God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."

I just quit talking to the fellow. Held my head down and let him go ahead till he got all the steam blowed out. And then he threatened us and everything else. And of course, they'd been brought before a judge. And the man proved that he didn't know any difference. We hadn't been there but two days. And we'd been... He'd been living out in the--one of those side streets way out, King's Courts, or something like that. And he didn't know any different. But the policeman, just to be nasty... But you know, the Bible said, "Touch not Mine anointed."

I said, "Well, did you get the room, Brother Brown?"

He said, "Didn't have any."

I said, "Well, I will go back."

And we started driving out. And I took them back to their place about six blocks away or a little more. And I come back around just in time to see the man try to run around a man making a right hand turn, and was crushed under the wheels. I stopped my car, and pulled over to one side to be sure if that was the policeman, and it was. He'd run under a truck making a right hand turn (Policeman's fault.), slid his tires sideways, and went right under the big wheels of that truck. There he was mashed up, legs broke, arms broke, couldn't scream, he's out unconscious. Pulled him out. And I stood there and I thought, "Now, what about it?"

See, you get sometimes in a tight place; be sure you make the right decision. Put God in everything that you do. Make your decisions.


Yes, Lord, my poor heart, as this feeble body of mine begins to bend beneath the load, the cares and toils of the harvest field, the mission fields, and the ups-and-downs, and the indifference between arrogant ministers, and so forth, across the place, and the people scorning, and evil powers.


What was in that Samson, a woman chaser? Sure. He was arrogant, disobedient to his father and mother. They told him not to go down there with that woman, that Jezebel, but he wouldn't listen to them. What was it? Samson had strength. Now, listen. Samson was willing to submit his strength. Samson gave his strength to God, but he gave his heart to Delilah.

That's the way it is today. Now, many men will go away to a seminary and learn, oh, an intellectual giant, learn all the Greek and everything else; but when it comes to truth, he will give his strength of his education to the Lord, yes, but his heart he gives to the church, and not God. That's what's the matter with the people today; they want to follow their creeds.

They don't want the reality of the Holy Spirit. They don't want to act any different than what they always act. But when you become a Christian, you are a peculiar person, a royal priesthood, a strange nation, odd people, do odd things and strange things, unbecoming to the world. And when you're in the world, you're unbecoming to God. One's vice versa from the other. One makes you act like they do in heaven, the other one makes like you do on the earth.


See, if you won't follow truth... You think, Nicolaitanes, that because God's doing for you what you're doing like that... There's original truth. You're only taking God's permissive will. You say, "God gives us the Holy Spirit," or "He blesses us, and we're baptized in name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." You Balaamite. See, doctrine of Balaam. God did tell him after he was so arrogant. He just let him go on, hang his own-self. You got to get back to truth, foundational truth, back to the Bible. "Oh, He's blessed us. And..." Oh, I know that.

He did, told Balaam, said, "You go ahead. If you want to go, if that's... You're bound to go that way, and you want your organization route, take it, go on."


And those singers come out there, them women, short-bobbed hair like Jezebel, enough paint on their face to paint a barn. Soon as they get that robe off, they wear shorts and man's clothes, and the Bible said, "If a woman puts on a garment pertains to a man, it's abomination in His sight." Walk down the street with their nose up, if it'd rain it'd drown them: smart-alecks, arrogant, high-tempered Jezebels. That's the reason we ain't in no revival; it's big piece of machinery work.

Oh, might have a voice like an archangel, and God will make you answer for that. These Elvis Presleys and so forth, and Ernie Fords, or ever what they call them out here with these fine voices and using them for the Devil, God said, "I'll require that at their hands."

15 REV.CHAP.4.PT.3.THRONE.MERCY JEFF ROJC 645-716 61-0108

And God never sent Brother Neville and I to be bosses, not at all. We're just your brothers (You see?), instructors in the Gospel. So let's all work together.

And sometime if a--if something operating has to be called or--or said something about it, called down or something on that order, and the person that's got that gift rejects it, just remember--refuses it, remember, the gift wasn't right. It wasn't God in the first place. The Spirit of God always is ready for correction, sweet and humble, willing. See? If it stands up and say, "I'll do it anyhow," you know how sometime... Just remember, arrogant spirits are not of God. See? So why take a substitute when everything, the whole earth, is filled with the glory of God (You see?), real power of God. Why will we take a substitute? We're too late in the day now; but, remember, the Bible has said he'd come in like a--just as sly as he could be, and deceive the very elected if possible. See?


The evidence of the Holy Ghost is the fruit of It, the fruit of the Spirit. Well, it... Well, now, he say, "I'm a stem; I'm a cocklebur. I'm a stem the same as that wheat's a stem." But what kind of a life is in you? The life that's in it bears stickers, always fussing, and cutting up, and real mean, and ill, and everything. See what I mean? Arrogant (See?), that's not the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is meekness, patience, gentleness (See?), all that. See?

He can say, "Well, well, I can shout just as loud as you can. Bless God, the Holy Ghost falls on me." That may be every speck true, but the life that he lives doesn't back up what he's talking about. See? He was a weed; he was a weed to start with.

47 COMFORTER.THE JEFF.IN V-15 N-5 61-1001E

Oh, isn't He a good God? Jesus is so good to us! And it's well expressed, that, "Our God is a good God." He is so good to His children! He has provided every good thing for us. Everything that we have need of, He has provided it. Truly you could say, "Our Father, Who art in Heaven," because He is a Father. And though we be disobedient, though we be arrogant, He still provides for us just the same. Whether we are good or whether we are bad, He gives us food to eat, clothes to wear, house to dwell in. Oh, He is so good!


Now, Lord, we're coming to face for the sick. Now, we know that in the Bible that we only get what we believe we get. We remember one time, Father, when Jesus here on earth, the Syrophenician woman come to Him and said, "Lord, be merciful unto my daughter's, 'cause she's variously vexed with a--a devil."

And we hear what He said, "It's not meet for Me to take the children's bread and give it to the dogs."

Oh, God, seemingly what a--a flat refusal, and not only that, but to call her a dog. But instead of being arrogant about it, very sweetly and humbly she said, "That is true, Lord." Because it was truth. She said, "It is true, Lord, but the dogs will eat the scraps that fall from their master's table." That's what done the work. She was willing just to take the scraps that come from the children's table. And, God, that's our attitude just now. We are willing to anything that You want to do with us, Father. We're in Your hands.


To you who have believed on Him this morning. To you that... I--I said about altar calls. Do you know how they did it in the Bible? As many as believed on the Lord--as many as believed on the Lord was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins. If you've not... We never had altar calls. They never had people come up. When you do that you get everything. Here's a guy come up to the altar arrogant looking and kneel down because somebody tried to get him. You--you--you have twice that hard to ever get him again. See? And what do you do? You get everything in it. And Jesus said, "All the Father's give to Me will come to Me." Stay with that Word! God will do the rest of it. That's right! God will do the rest of it.


Now, a somebody can become one of His people, God can use them if they are ready to forget that they are a somebody. If you are ready to forget that you're a somebody and become a nobody, then God can use you and make a somebody out of you. See? But you've got to forget that you're so important.

There's many of us--many of us do that in--in our lives. As soon as... Some people, as soon as they become Christians, they become arrogant, indifferent, that's right, when they're just taking a vice versa the path. They're going backwards instead of forward. When... More you can get out of yourself, more room you've got for the Holy Spirit to come in.


God passes the nobles! He passed the priests. He passed those who were arrogant. And He chose Paul, this great man, and made him fall in the dust of the earth and do things that he... like those others was doing. He made them act in the... made him act the same way that those he was arresting. He bound Paul by the Spirit of God, to get him loose from the power that he had to bind Christians with. Tell me God don't know what He's doing? He took away his strength in order to loose his--his hold.

185 PARADOX JEFF.IN V-15 N-8 61-1210

We see Paul, a little old hook-nosed Jew, on his road down, arrogant, going down to bind them people making that noise, and shouting and things; throwing them in jail, making havoc of the Church; stoned Stephen, witnessed to it, and held their coats. He--he was a terror. How would God ever choose a man like that?

And look, the bishops, all the apostles, they said, "We'll make a choice, somebody to take Judas' place." And who do they choose? They chose Matthias. Matthias, I believe it's called. Matthias, yeah. Matthias, they chose him by casting lots, and not one thing did he ever do. He seemed to be a righteous man. And God chose the most high-tempered, meanest guy there was in the land, to take his place. Paradox! That's what God does. Paradox!


Still with tempers, still mean, arrogant. Somebody say something about you, you right up ready to fight. And then, borned of the Spirit of God? No. God's Spirit don't do like that. No. God's Spirit is humble, meek, sweet, long-suffering. That's God, loving, kind, forgiving, that's God's Spirit. Oh, yes.

105 IF.GOD.BE.WITH.US JEFF.IN V-15 N-1 61-1231E

Many person has been deceived, in receiving the Holy Ghost; as I said, they've got doctrines today, like Elijah's garments, and--and all these other things, manifested Sons of God, and all these different isms, and so forth, in the world today. People fall blindly on there, and go through some kind of a sensation, raise back up with an arrogant spirit, indifferent, fussy, high-tempered. That's not the Spirit of God. Still continue right on, out of order, don't know what Church order is, don't know how to behave themself in the house of God, no manners, no, just no audacity at all, no--no feelings towards God, all they think about is "my church." It shows they received a church spirit, and not the Spirit of God; 'cause It knocks all that out of you, burns it up. Sure.

134 IF.GOD.BE.WITH.US JEFF.IN V-15 N-1 61-1231E

How can God take a sinner, arrogant, high-tempered, fussy man, and make a saint of God out of him? How can He take a woman that's so low, till the dogs won't even turn to her on the street, and make a saint of God out of her? I can't tell you. But He did it! It's a paradox. Sure is! All God's great works are paradoxes.

"If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, ask what you will, and it'll be done unto you." St. John 14 or St. John 15, pardon me, St. John 15:7. All right.


We got today that churches that wants to act like the world. Why? 'Cause we get big. God said one time when they was little, they served Him. But when they got big, then they forgot Him. That's right. When we had a tin pan down here on the alley somewhere, with a tambourine beating it on the back of our hands, and an old guitar strummed it, and having a street meeting, you were humble. But when we get to having three or four million dollar buildings, and great big things like that, then we get so arrogant we forget about that. That's right. Polish up with the world...

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