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O Jesus, Son of God, poor little trembling woman, walk up here like that. As much child birth control is going on in the world today, and a mother, a woman walk up like this and desire children. God bless this woman, who I bless, and may she receive the desire of her heart. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your humble servant begs for this woman. Amen.


I was just speaking... A little club footed baby come. You remember the little feet out like that? I seen the vision what had caused--what had taken place.

I took the little baby to one side, and asked the parents the secret, that they were doing in the line of birth control, and things that wasn't right. So I--I talked to them privately. And so they--asked them if they'd do a certain thing, and they said they would. I said, "Now, take the brace off your baby."


Here not long ago, I met a woman that had committed some of those cases, practicing birth control. That's the disgrace in America. This may kindly singe you a little bit, but watch it. What they'll do today, they used to... They make fun of a man that's got four or five, six, seven children; say, "It's a disgrace." It used to not be a disgrace. No...

... These American people will practice birth control, and give a hundred dollars for a little old snotty-nosed dog, and pack it around, and give it the love of a baby. It's a disgrace. Excuse that expression. But that's right.

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And women out there with your painted up fingernails, a five--fifty dollar coat wrapped around you, and a hundred dollar dress on; you can't kneel down. You won't even have children, practice birth control and pack some little snotty-nosed dog around, calling it something, giving it the love of a baby. Then call yourself the Holy Ghost church! You need to be ashamed of yourself and repent! Amen! That's the truth. What we need tonight is this bunch of impersonating the Holy Ghost, this bunch of people impersonating the Pentecostal church, ought to hit the sawdust trail down here and mourn under that until God comes down and gives you the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! Amen!


On her road, she heard about this, Elisabeth, her cousin, is going to have a baby. So she runs up in the hilly country of Judaea to see her. It was a great honor then to have a baby. It's a disgrace nearly now...

... But today it's a dishonor, almost, to see a big family any more. Yes, sir. They'd rather pay a hundred dollars for a little snotty nosed dog and pack it around, and give it the love of a mother, and practice birth control, than to have children. Think that was something old, going... hang around to the barrooms, and drink, and play cards, and run around all afternoon in your husbands car. Why, it's a disgrace. That's right. The greatest honor a woman can do, outside of coming to Christ, and being loyal to her husband is have a baby. Amen. You might be nursing a little preacher, how do you know?


And how these women today can have abortionate cases, and practice birth control, and everything else; and I don't understand it. Take little babies, and throw them in garbage cans, and put them on...?... drown them in rivers, and throw them in fires. It's below a animal. An animal wouldn't do that.


Motherhood and great principles like that, is broken when mother's pay a hundred dollars for a little snotty-nosed dog (Excuse that expression.), and take it in the house, and give it a mother's love, and...?... practice birth control. Any nation would sink under such stuff as that. And our police allow for her to be stripped in the street, and walk down... Such things as uncensored television casts, of old vulgar four or five times married women, prostitutes of this nation... And the little girls take them for example.


Child bearing is at the end, womanhood, motherhood, Why, birth control practiced everywhere, and little dogs has took the place.

Morals, there's no moral to it no more. Women, dressing evil; come through television, all kinds of impersonations of evil people of Hollywood, all kinds of stuff, fashions. All at the end!


Now, the people had begin to worship beasts and animals. That's what heathens do: worship animals. I see all these people, these little old dogs around, and practicing birth control, I believe it's just about got back to America again.


Home life is uncertain. A man can marry a nice little woman. Get her, back out of the country here, where she's not polluted, take her into a home and set a television in there, and the first thing you know, you come home, she's acting like some of these movie stars. Uncertainty in home life. Let her kids run out on the street with dirty faces, and out in the street playing. And hold a little snotty nosed dog in her arm and give it a child's love; pack a little old dog around in a car, and practice birth control. Shame on American women. That's horrible to say that.


We can look around and see that the places that used to be wilderness has turned into city, and yet birth control is on its greatest rampage it ever was. I believe it was said of Chicago... I hope I don't misquote these figures. But actually registered cases, thirty thousand abortion cases every sixty days in Chicago. Abortion cases every sixty days registered, how about those who's never registered?

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But she was called a dog. That's the lowest can be gotten, or was to them in that day, an unclean animal. Course, today it's an idol; but there--woman will take a little old dog and give it a mother's care, and practice birth control, 'cause she wants to get out to dances and parties, and carry on like that, and she ain't got time for her child. She know you can root the dog off in a little cage somewhere, take it with her. That's exactly right. See? Practice birth control, and then go to church and sing in the choir; wear shorts, slacks, everything else, and call herself a Christian; bob off her hair and still say she is in fellowship with God, when the Bible said she is not. That's exactly right. I don't care... Listen.


_ 359. How do you feel about birth control?

I had some of that on the interviews this morning. I'd rather talk personally with--with you on those things (See?), on those things there, 'cause there's words and things that I have to say, that I--I'd rather say it if the husband and wife...

And there is a possibility of it being done in the right way. I'd say it to--for general. There is so many days in a woman's life that she's not fertile. You understand? All right. Why...

Now, there's sometimes a--a child would kill a woman; if she had a baby it'd kill her. You want to watch that too. See? So just be real careful about that. See? See, that's bringing life, so what you're put here on the earth to do.

If your wife is sickly, and another--a child would kill her, I--I--I wouldn't do it. I don't think the Lord wants you to do it. And you--you come to me personally on them things; have it on private interview. Let me talk to you personally (You see?) and I can feel...


_ 421. What... Would you endorse birth control?

No, I can't endorse it. No, sir. See?

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