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Now just don't go away from church, today, and say, "Well, I kinda enjoy going down there. I like the singing, and the people are friendly around that little ol' church." Don't do that.

Brother, let your heart become aflame, say, "Here, I got to do something about this. I got to get out and see if I can get somebody saved."

And don't go out saying, "Bless God, if you don't repent, you're going to perish." No, go at it gentle. Be as wise as a serpent, just harmless as a dove. See, that's the way to go. Approach the person, if he's raising chickens, talk about chickens to him for a while. See? And then the first thing you know, you'll be talking about the Lord. If he's a farmer, talk about his farm.

If he sells automobiles, talk about his automobiles for a while: "What nice cars you got," and so forth. See?

Till you catch the Spirit, when Father says, "Now is the time to approach him about his soul."

You can wind it off, you see, "That's a fine automobile. You know transportation, today, has become great. Oh, how the nations has been brought close together; and the cities of our nations, close together. Friends and mothers can visit each other. You know it's a wonderful thing to have automobiles like you're selling."

"Yes sir, it sure is, uh-huh." (You know, a-puffing on his cigar or whatever it is) "Yeah, them--them's good cars."

"Did you ever think of what the old-timers would have thought if they'd seen something like that?" Just keep going like that, you know.

After a while, say, "Yep, yeah, sure is. You know, another thing it does, it brings like we have in... like in revivals. People can come across the country quickly for a revival." See, you're opening the way all time, you know.

Now, if you feel something chock up the way, stop right there, move over here. Like a doctor said out at Phoenix, said, "Lord, fill my mouth with good words, and then nudge me when I've said enough." You see? "Nudge me when I've said enough."

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