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(1). The tape drags. The black rubber roller and the capstand on the tape player need cleaning with a Que-Tip dipped in alcohol.

(2). The tape drags. The tape is wound too tightly. Slap the tape on the flat side against your leg several times & then turn it over and slap it on the other side. Fast forward and rewind the tape several times. Make sure your cassette player (or recorder) is placed on a flat surface & not tilted.

(3). Speed of tape too slow. Replace the batteries, or slap the tape on the side of your leg as above. The tape could be too tight.

(4). Tape squeals as you play it. The tape was stored in excessive temperatures as in a car or in a window or in the sun.

(5). Sound level fluctuates. Improper storage exposing tape to dust or dirt. You could also have exposed the tape to another magnetic field, like laying the tape on a speaker or on some other magnetic field, like a magnetized screw driver.

(6). Old tapes have to be cleaned. I've had tapes 10 years old, and they'd play for a few minutes, then the sound would go off. I found that the iron oxide, and dust and mildew has gotten on them. If I fast forward & reversed them about 6 times at high speed, this usually knocks most of that off. Then the first time or two that you play them, you'll have to clean the heads off with a Que-Tip. Then they are like new tapes again.

(7), If you are making a copy of a tape, I find it's best to clean off the heads each time you make one.

(8). The heads of your tape player or recorder should be demagnitized after every 20 tapes you play, other wise you'll ruin your tapes, because the iron oxide will come off. But you'll have to buy a tape head demagnetizer to do that. The directions will be on the box. Your whole church can use one demagnitizer, and it will save you from having to buy new recorders, because your recoders will last a lot longer.

(9). You can buy a little cassette tape cleaner, put a few drops of alcohol or tape head cleaning fluid on them & turn the recorder on for 30 seconds & this will clean the heads. I got mine at a drug store.

(10). Once in awhile, the glue that holds the leader to the tape will stretch, & when it does, some of that glue will get on the black roller. When this happens, the glue on the roller will wind the tape round & round & ruin a good tape. You'll have to cut the tape & splice it to use it again. But you must use a Que-tip and alcohol and clean off the roller or it will wind the tape around.

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