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I see coming to His right a great Angel. His name's Gabriel, great Archangel. He comes running up, pulls His sword. He said, "Master, have You looked down in Babylon? Your people's taking a stand for You down there. The hour has come for them to stand, and they're taking a stand. But that bunch of people there is going to push them into that fiery furnace. And let me go down there. I'll clean that thing up."

I believe He could've done it. Yes, sir. He said He will give His Angels charge over these. And I believe the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.


He let the Hebrew children walk right in the fiery furnace, but there was a fourth Man standing there with a fan, keeping it off of them. See? He's always there. He never leaves. He's always near. "The Angel of the Lord encamp about those who fear Him."


We're here, the revival's on. The whole building is being filled with the Angels of God. The Angels of God are encamped about those who love Him (Is that right?), who fear Him?

Now, you that hasn't got the Holy Spirit, stand up also with these people and put your hands on them that wants the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You, with--with the Holy Spirit, stand up and put your hands on those without the Holy Spirit. If there's a sinner, you stand up also.

As a servant of God, realizing my reputation with about ten million people, I wouldn't say anything wrong for nothing in the world. I believe right now that every sinner can be saved, and every person who's seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost can be filled right now at this minute. See the signs appearing of His blessed coming?


Now that's the natural. When everything seems to go wrong, pointing a finger at you, saying this and that, and the doctor says you can't get well, and so forth, that's just the natural thing for you to think, "Oh, my, this is the end."

But Elijah said, "There's more with us than there is with them."

Now, you can imagine how that prophet, or that Gehazi felt, the servant. He looked over at him and said, "Why, I don't see nobody."

He said, "God, open this boy's eyes." And as soon as God did something... Here it is, get it. When God opened his spiritual sight, all around the prophets stood chariots of fire and Angels of fire. Why, he seen the... Why, the chariots of fire outnumbered that Syrian army by the thousands. The mountains was on fire, Angels of fire, horses of fire, chariots of fire. And the Bible said "The angels of God encamp about those who fear Him."


The Angel of the Lord had spoke to me. And time I could get him back on the telephone, the Lord had already healed him, and he's up and going. That's the love in contact.

Oh, brother. You talk about telephone. My, God's got that beat a million miles. The Angels of the Lord are encamped about those who fear Him. And how His marvelous works...


And when his eyes come open to see the spiritual world, all around that old prophet was Angels. The mountains was on fire with Angels of chariots of fire. See, there's a world right here now; in this building are legions of Angels.

Jesus said in the Psalms by the King David, that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.

So look at the believers here, those who fear God, so the Angels are everywhere. Now, if you can just worship God, and open our eyes, you'll find out that God's all around us.


Now soon, if God will, it'll be... Maybe you're in just the three dimensions. This is another dimension. It's moving in on me. But it's a spirit. You see? It's in another world.

People, they're not gone, they're-they're near us; Angels and everything else. "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him."

You remember Elijah down at Dothan that morning, when the boy said, "Oh, the armies of the Syrians are upon us."

He said, "There's more with us than there is with them." He couldn't see nobody. He said, "God, open this young man's eyes."

And when He opened his eyes, around that old prophet was--was Angels of fire and chariots of fire. The there was just... Then there's more with us than there is with them.


It's hooked around the heart of God of heaven, hooked around the Son of God down here, and we're brought into it. Through the Son of God we ascend to Him. Amen. Oh, my. Then what you scared about? Our promise is hooked between God and Christ, and we're in between them, with Angels... He said, "He will give His Angels charge over thee." And the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.

And all up-and-down when we're making this foundation, climbing each day higher and higher, each day brings me one round higher, higher, as I move up, up, up. Anything happens, if I fall along the road or something happens to me, there's a great host of Angels standing there to pick me up. "Come on, we're marching on up towards Zion, on to that beautiful city above."

244 TEACHING.ON.MOSES JEFF.IN V-14 N-4 56-0513

The first thing you know, it gets into a whirlpool. "Oh," Miriam said, "Oh, no, oh, look at there, that whirlpool; look at that; look at it like that." The first thing you know, all at once it just smoothes out.

That's the way it goes. We get in a whirlpool sometime, this little bark. Don't worry. There's Somebody watching over. "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him." Got ten thousand of them on the marching list now.


And that's the way it is tonight; God lets His Angels have watch over us. "The Angels of God are encamped about." They don't go back and forth; they stay here. I like that. "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him."


He said, "The things that I do shall you also." Now, I won't testify to that. You all know, but if Jesus has raised from the dead, the very things that He did when He was here on earth, He will do it again, for He's here tonight in the form of the Holy Spirit.

See, Jesus has moved from the corporal body into the celestial, into the body that where it's unseen with the eye. There's another world. They's Angels here. It's not way, way away somewhere else. It's right here. The Angels of God are encamped. Don't move away. They're encamped about those who fear Him. They are here.


Now, Lord, realizing that standing near, there's perhaps many, many Angels, 'cause there's believers here, and the Bible says, "The Angels of God are encamped (not going back and forth, but they're encamped) about those who fear Him." Many more are being called from glory tonight to encamp around those who've raised their hand, to teach them the way of life, how they should live.


O God, how we thank Thee for this. This is glorious in Thy sight. It thrills our heart to see men and women who will kneel humbly at an altar, and confess their wrongs, and plead for mercy. Take them through, Lord. Your anointed servants, the ministers of the Word, are standing by the side of these people. And I'm standing here by this sacred desk, this is a wonderful moment. The Angels of God has set down their camps along the side of this place tonight. For it is written in the Word, "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him." And in the great unseen world that now is around us, stirring our emotions to repentance, and to bring evil before our eyes, that we have done wrong, with penitent hearts we surrender our evil ways, Lord, and ask for Divine mercy. And may the Holy Spirit, Who has shown us His mercy, give it to each of us as we humbly beg and ask God to fulfill His Word and to mold our lives and our character to fit His Word. We ask in Christ's Name.


Right in this building now is many, many Angels. You say, "Is that the Scripture?" That is the Bible. Let me show you. How many Christians are here, raise your hands? All right, you may put them down. The Bible said that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. Then there's Angels here.

Then Christ said, "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." Then He's here. The only thing it is, you can't see Him, but by faith we believe it.

263-590 HEBREWS.CHAP.6.PT.3. JEFF.IN HEB 57-0915M

"In the veil..." The veil is the flesh. The veil is what keeps us from seeing God face to face in this church. The veil is what keeps us from seeing the Angels at their positions this morning, standing by the seats. The veil is what keeps us from seeing Him. We're hid behind the veil, and that veil is the flesh. We are sons and daughters of God; we're in the Presence of God, "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him." We're in the Presence of God all the time, "I'll never leave thee; neither will I ever forsake thee. I'll be with thee always, even unto the end."

But the veil is the flesh, that's what's keeps us out of His Presence. But through the soul, the Spirit, by our faith we know that He's watching us. He's standing by us. He's here now.


Heavenly Father, Thou did see the great host of hands that's been spread up towards the skies. And I'm sure that the recording Angels are standing near. For I know that You're near. And You said, "The Angels of God are encamped about those (They don't leave; they just stay there. They make camp there.) about those who fear Him, and love Him."

And now, Lord, I pray that You'll receive each one of them, as the fruits of the message tonight, and may they be peacefully and faithfully take it--Your Life.

And in that day when death strikes, whenever it may be, may the Angels of God bear their soul across Jordan to the other side into the bosoms of God, where they'll be kept forever. Grant it, Lord.


But you can't do that on little creeds and loose feathers, a little sensations. You got to be absolutely the--a real made up eagle with something inside of you, that tells you that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that knows that He's standing omnipresent, and He watches over you. Nothing can harm you. No coyote can get you. There's nothing can harm. The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. Ten thousand may fall at your right hand, and a hundred thousand at your left hand, but it'll never come near you. He watches over His heritage day and night.

"I, the Lord, have planted it. I will water it day and night, 'less some should pluck it from My hand." God's heritage, an eagle.


You see, those disciples didn't know those Angels were there. But they evidently was there, because they said, "Did not He tell you this while He was yet in Galilee?" And that fulfills what the Scripture said, that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.


And when the great crises come, which always does, then when Gehazi, being just a lukewarm church member, when he had not seen what Elijah had seen... Because Elijah was used to walking by faith, and he was looking at the Unseen all the time, and he knew that God had said in the Psalms, "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him." That was enough for Elijah, but Gehazi had just pro--halfway believed it. He way just a church member.


O Lord, Thou has been our refuge in every generation. Thou art a very present help in the time of trouble. And to know that Thy loving Presence never does fail. It goes before us and we are taught that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.


I'd imagine there was ten thousand Angels watching him sleep. There's one assurance the believer has, though the world turned him down, yet God loves him. The world may call you holy-roller; they may call you fanatic; but if you're true to God there's one sure thing: God loves you, and His Angels are encamped about those who fear Him.


We look for the day that when we'll be delivered from this old body of corruption. And it'll not be slavery any more, but be in the arms of Him, and in the care of Him, and in the image of Him Who loves us and gave His life for us, that He might wash us by the Waters through the Word to make us presentable in the Presence of God. His presence goes with us; the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.

And we know that He's here tonight. And if we, all the days of our life, we serve Him in holiness, but we're slaves to Him. If you haven't become a slave to God yet, to Christ, a bond slave in His love, let us bow our heads, and you think it over just a minute.


And each night, of course, the Holy Spirit is here. Wherever you go, He's always there. You just--you'll never get away from Him. David said, no matter where he made his bed, God was there. Because the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. Just think, they just take their camp and set right down by you, and watching you all the time.


Our heavenly Father, we are asking permission, as we come in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to approach Thy throne of mercy. We would by no means want to stand at the throne of judgment, but at the throne of mercy; for it's in this mercy by His grace that we come, thanking Thee first for--to be alive in here tonight. Oh, how Satan would desire to take us quickly from the scene right in the midst of the battle. But the Angels are encamped about those who fear Him, and we're so thankful for this. And I'm so glad for a fresh experience of knowing the reality of His promise.


I'm in the safety zone. Nothing can harm me now. I'm protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ. A company of Angels are around me."

"The Angels of God are encamped about those... (They don't leave; they stay there day and night.), are encamped about those who fear Him." And you have a Refuge. You can come into It, and every privilege... And what a time it is to be in this Refuge, and have fellowship with Him.

I believe if we would ask Him tonight, if we could have a little fellowship with His Presence, I believe He would do it for us. Don't you? I believe He would.

75 IN.HIS.PRESENCE JEFF.IN V-11 N-4 62-0909E

Always put the Lord before you, and don't you do nothing that you wouldn't do in His Presence, because He's watching over you. See? The Lord is encamped about those who fear Him. He don't... He just stays right near you. And He knows everything you're doing, and you must recognize that. When you start to tell a lie, don't do it, remember, God is listening at you. If you start to do a little cheat, don't you do it, God's looking at you. If you start to take His Name in vain, don't do it, God's listening at you. Start to smoke a cigarette, He's watching you. See? His... We used to sing a song, "All along on the road to the soul's true abode, there's an eye watching you; every step that you take, this great eye is awake, there's an eye watching you." Remember, do like David, put the Lord always before your face. Then your heart will rejoice and your flesh shall rest in hope, for He promised it. Yes, sir. He knew that he would raise up because God had promised it. All right.

When we come into His Presence, we're changed, never to be the same. Look all down through the ages, of every walk of life, at man. Look at Abraham. You say, "Well, the changed life is just for ministers." Oh, no. The changed life is for everybody. See?


You know, it used to be if a woman or a man said they was a Christian, people respected it; but today they just like to see how much fun they can make out of it. See? Irreverent group! My! Why? You know what? This is the reason. They're not conscious that that's the Truth. They're not conscious of God. They don't remember that the Bible says, "That the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him." They don't only just come and visit them; they--they stick their tents down. Amen! "The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear His Name." They stay there day and night.

The old colored brother sang that song, The Angels Keep Watching Over Me. Said,

 All day, all night, Angels keep a watching over me...

That's right. All day and all night, Angels keep watching over me. Jesus said about them little ones, said, "Take heed that you don't offend one of them, for their Angels always beholds My Father's face which is in Heaven." See? They're always camped about, watching those. And they don't even believe that, ungodly people.

1-4 WHY.CRY.SPEAK JEFF.IN V-2 N-26 63-0714M

And now, we pray, heavenly Father, that You will continue to be with us, and help us as we journey on, each and every one of us. Give us Thy undergirding power and the--the faith of knowing that Thy never-failing Presence will be with us. That hour when we cannot help ourself, we know the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him, and they'll bear us up lest anytime we dash our foot against a stone. We pray now that You'll give us of Thy blessings for the Word, and speak through us and in us, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.


And I said, "Again the Scripture said this, that the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him. So in another world where the five senses does not declare... The five senses only contacts this world. If you had no feeling, you couldn't feel nothing. Feeling wouldn't mean nothing to you; that'd be another world. If you had no sight, what you look at would be another world to you; you'd know nothing about it. So these five senses is the only thing that God let us loose to. Now, there is another one called faith. But by faith you walk up a ladder, and finally you can get so high until you break into another world, which is visions. There you can see; just like if you never knowed what this was you was feeling, with your sense of feeling, never seen it, then your eyes come open, you could see it. It'd be all mystery to that person who never could see. It'd be a mystery to him. But yet, that's it."


That great Angel of the Covenant, that One Who was with Moses in the wilderness, that One Who come to Paul on the road to Damascus, that same One permitted His picture to be taken with us; the same One that was in the picture in the "Life" magazine the other day, the same Word by the same God, through the same channels, by the same way, by the same promise: "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I am there in their midst." Then He's here. The Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him, that hangs only to His Word. No man can respect that Word without fearing God. See?


This little five senses that we live in, that's just a little world of our own. See? But God... That's, we was only given these so we could contact our earthly home. But there is senses beyond that, another dimensions.

And God is always present. If we could only remember that. "The Angels of the Lord are encamped about those who fear Him." In this building tonight, stands Jesus Christ. In this building tonight is hosts of Angels, thousands of them gathered around. You don't see them, but you can feel the influence of them, telling you that they are here. If that isn't so, then the Scripture isn't so. And if the Scripture isn't right, then God isn't right. The Bible said, that, "The Angels of God are encamped," they don't leave, "they stay near those that fear Him."


Are you afraid to? Is men of this hour, is men of this day afraid to call Jesus on the scene? to say, "Lord, you promised it! Now do it!" [Sister speaks a psalm--Ed.] Amen! A psalm. Great is Jehovah. Oh, mighty is Jehovah. Everlasting is Jehovah. He's... from everlasting to everlasting He's God. His mercy endureth for thousands of generations, is upon them who fear Him.


And, now, these was not unbelievers, these Magi's. No, sir. They were believers. They believed in one true God. We know that's the truth, the Bible said so. And if you want to read it, you read in Acts 10:35, where It says, "God is no respect of nation, but honor those who fear Him and do righteous." Now, yet, they wasn't exactly in line of Truth, but they believed the same God that we believe. The Mohammedans believe the same God we believe.

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