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147 ENTICING.SPIRITS JEFF.IN DE 79-112 55-0724

Let their souls now say in theirself, "Oh God, this temper, I lay it down here Lord; I'll never pick it up. No matter what comes or goes, I'll let it go from now on. This tongue of mine has been easy to take sides with a bunch of gossip, Lord, I'm laying it down here. I'll never pick it up again. Sanctify my tongue, Lord. Let me feel the Angels coming through like Isaiah did when he said, `I'm of unclean lips. Woe is me.' And the Angel come, took the tongs, and went to the altar, and got the coals of fire, and laid it on his lips, and sanctified it." God, sanctify every talker this morning that talks wrong and sows discord. Grant it, Lord.


People go to church, and they'll shake your hand in church, and laugh and calling you a brother. Outside of the church, they'd pull a little business deal that wouldn't be just exactly straight for personal gain. I wouldn't say them people are here in the Tabernacle, but I say there is. There's things that people would do, and they get different. A least little thing will bring that old temper back again, that selfishness, open up an ear to hear gossip, or do something of that type. That person has never entered into this pot in here.

They're outside. They're truly eating the same kind of manna. They've been brought into the camp, and that's where--in the camp in the field is where the people got the manna. And they're in there, and that manna that they eat is the same manna this man eats here. They both have the same pastor. They both read the same Bible. But one constantly stays true and humble, and the other one's got his ups-and-downs; a going like this, in and out. Both of them eating the same manna, but one of them has entered in, and the other one is still out. Both of them are believers unto Eternal Life, but one is baptized with the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of God; and the other one is outside eating the same manna.


If you ever come into Christ, my friend, ever into a place where the world is dead; where the...?... or whether your children are this way, your mother's this way, your daddy said this way, or your pastor said that, whether the doctor said this or that, you don't even hear it. You live only in the Shekinah Glory, walking and living in the Presence of the King. Every day is sweet in your soul. Oh, my. All is well. All is well. There's nothing can harm you. Oh, what a place.

... Let my neighbors gossip; let the this, that, or the other be gone. I go to church for one thing; that's to stay in Your Presence. I've moved in there, Lord; I'll never desire to leave again. I'll trust Your Word, what You say. There's where I want to be. Drop the veils around me, Lord, that I can only see Jesus Christ, and live, and walk, and die in Him. There you are.


Some of them say, "Hey, say, did you here the scandal? You get the gossip? There's that woman and here's that baby that's borned illegitimate. Her and Joseph is not even married yet. And there she's got that baby. Uh-huh, I told you. Uh-huh. I know it." See? That's the Devil. There it set. "And so keep your way back. Get way back from her." That's the way they do yet today. "Just stay far away from that crowd as you can," they say. See? So they get back.


One night while preaching, I thought I condemned sin in every way that I could condemn it in. I combed it over and over, till I wondered if the congregation would ever come back. And I thought, "My, surely I've covered everything. God, when I meet you there, I can say I told them the truth."

And as I went away, there was a lady, real flippy-like, walked up to me, and she said, "Well, preacher, you never struck me tonight. That's one thing; not one thing you said ever bothered me. I'm above everything."

Well, I thought that lady was in pretty good shape. She went flipping on away, like that, strutting down along the aisle. I said, "Well, praise the Lord. I'm sure glad of that." She went on out.

Some elderly ladies was standing there. I said, "Do you know her?"

Said, "Sure." Said, "She's the biggest gossiper there is in town." You never said anything about gossip. There you are. See? Oh, my.

But remember, brother, no matter what it is, what little sin there is, lay it aside. If I haven't struck it, may the Holy Spirit strike it to your heart tonight and mine. Maybe it's unbelief; maybe it's doubting; maybe it's skeptic. If it is, may God lay it to your heart, and we have a old-fashion revival coming up this coming week.


But, you see, the reason He couldn't abide. You was a lamb then; but when you become a wolf, He had to take His flight. Nothing wrong with the--with the--with the Dove; it's you, and when you let that spirit come to you, "Did I let it, Brother Branham?" Yes, when you went to listening to that gossip, when you listened to that lie, when you went to saying, "Well, I've got a right to!"


Come back to a lamb, come back to be gentle, come back to know nothing, come back to just submit yourself to Christ. Don't try, don't try to know nothing. Just walk meekly, quietly, humbly, gently, and the Dove will lead you. But whenever you see... go listening to that gossip, whenever you go to getting that temper up, whenever you go to thinking you got a right to do this and do that, the Dove just takes Her flight and goes on away. Then you don't have It anymore. Now, she's not very far from you this morning, church. She's sitting right out there on the limb of peace, waiting for your nature to be changed. Amen.


And while we have our heads bowed, if there would be such a person here tonight that would feel, that God in His testing time, has never found you faithful at the post of duty... When arguments come up, or do you jump right in and partake of them? When quarrels come up, when indifference, when differences in the church comes, do you take sides with cults and clicks and so forth like that? Do you listen to gossip on the streets and around the places? If you're guilty of that, you've been blowed through by the devil's blows. Let's go back to the furnace tonight and be remelted again, and come out without them in us. Let God thread us down and get us ready for this great bridge to take its rapture. If such a person is here and would want to be remembered...


There may not be a chance for you to live; you may be dying with cancer; you may be bound to a wheelchair; you may be totally blind. I don't know what you're trouble is, but if you'll take the Chief Doctor's prescription, "Whatsoever thing you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it. And you shall have it." And believe that that faith will overcome any difficulty that there is... You may be so burdened with sin until your soul is as smutty as it can be. You may have tried to get rid of that ill temper, that slandering tongue, that gossip on the telephone. You might've tried every remedy you know how, but if you'll just let Jesus Christ come into you tonight, He will operate on your faith and give you a faith that'll climb beyond anything that the world can produce. Why? Faith is the victory, that overcomes the world.


And this little girl walks in with a baby wrapped in the wrapping off of a back of a yoke of an ox. And I hear someone say, "Shh, you heard the gossip, have you? You haven't heard, the gossip? That girl had that baby by Joseph not being married to him. Oh it's terrible, oh, it's... You--you... It's horrible. See? Oh, it--it's a disgrace. And she says it's a virgin born."

She didn't pay any attention; she knowed her little Treasure in her arm. She knew in her heart Who that Baby belonged to. She knowed that was God's Son. No matter how many laughed and said, "Don't--don't get with her. The people see you associating with her then they'll class you one of them."

That's the way it is today. I'm afraid that's what's getting the matter with our Pentecostal churches. You don't want to be one of them any more. You don't want that old-fashion experience of the baptism of... [Blank spot on tape--Ed.]... fashion too. That's exactly right.

82 PROVING.HIS.WORD L.A.CA V-18 N-3 65-0426

Now, look at the hindrance that Abraham had. First thing was his age, seventy-five years old, and Sarah being sixty-five. She was way past the change of life, the menopause. No doubt but what it stopped, many years before. He had lived with her as a wife. It was his half sister, and probably taken her when she was just a girl in her teens, and had married her. And he had had no children. She was absolutely barren. And now we find that, to do this, he had to separate himself from all of the peoples who did not believe it, in order to make it come to pass.

I don't mean to say you have to separate yourself from peoples. But you have to separate yourself from all the gossip of unbelief, and stay away from that. When people says, "Ah, those things don't happen! That's a bunch of lunatic people! There is no such a thing as that happening," just close up your ears and walk away. Don't pay any attention to it.


_ The north wind driveth away rain: so [doth] an angry countenance a backbiting tongue.


2636 katalalia {kat-al-al-ee'-ah}

from 2637; TDNT 4:3,495; n f

AV backbiting (1)

evil speaking (1) [2]

1) defamation, evil speaking


172 EVERLASTING.LIFE JEFF.IN V-26 N-12 54-1231

One of them say, "Now, mother, you know, I couldn't go along unless I took my card table," so he hangs that on the camel. "Because, you know, the other boys wouldn't appreciate me going along if I didn't have my card table along."

All these other little old things that keeps you... And you have a little box of selfishness; you have to hang that on too. You have to hang on a little tattling, a little backbiting, a little of this, that, hang it on the camel. And the first thing you know, he jumps up, astraddle the old camel, say, "Come on now. Let's go." The old camel can't hardly move. He's mashed down so hard till he is bowlegged almost.

And you're always kicking and complaining about your church you are going to, and maybe it's you've got so loaded up till it can't run. That's what's the matter. You need to unload, wash up, clean up, get right. Amen. What's the matter with me?


Ephesians 4:30, quote it for the sake time: "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God (by your backbiting, by your carrying on, indifference...?... you, by your unbelief)... Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed to the day of your redemption."


And so do you know that you're not right with God when you're still backbiting, lying, and doing everything. You can't be right with God. I don't care how many churches you belong to, until your soul becomes converted. Brother, that's old-fashion, but that'll boil down and put soup in your soul. That's right.


Brother, it's not an organization that God said strike with. It's given to each individual to strike against the powers of the Devil, for it's sickness, sin, filthiness, backbiting, cussing, oh, my, worldliness. Amen.

But we strike short. Oh, we go over to the church, and we join the church, and we think that's all right. That's not all right. Brother, don't strike short of nothing of God's blessings.


But when you come to one of those things, no matter whether the preacher hits it in the pulpit or not, when you see those carnal things of the world, as long as you in-tolerate with them, you're away from God, and the Holy Spirit will stay away. That's the reason the meetings are not like they used to be. That's the reason the sawdust trail isn't born this morning in the Tabernacle. That's the reason the great tent meetings are not around the country, is because we have grieved away the gentle Dove of God. That's right. He won't stay with us as long as we're so indifferent, as long as we're backbiting, "We want our way!"


That's the reason that all this here snarling and fussing and backbiting, and--and biting back, and carrying on around the church, that's what breaks up the church. That shows that the Devil got into you, and that shows the Holy Ghost left you. Now, I know that's just burning the tar out of some of you, but it ought to do it. It ought to! That's what it's said for; not to be smart, not to act cute; but to tell you where the trouble is, for someday I'm going to have stand and give an answer for you. And the very reason the way you do and the way you act, that shows what you are. If you've just got an old temper that'll fly off the handle just in a little bit, and get out here and carry on, or criticize, or vulgarity and stuff like that, that shows where it's coming from.


My brother, sister, if we don't scratch quickly and get the seed of God into the ground, what's the harvest going to be? We've got to go forth with another old-fashion pouring out of the Holy Ghost and men and women back to God again, or this country and this church, and Pentecost, and all is lost, if we don't get back to the seed and the Word of God again and an old-fashion revival. Do you believe it today? Do you believe that God would pour it out?

Oh, my. I feel today, led in my soul to make this proposition with the people. I believe if every one of us in this building today will rededicate our lives to God and will... As Jacob was told by the Lord to wash up his, get his people to clean themselves up to present themselves before the Lord, I believe if we'll clean ourselves up from all of our evil thinking, from all of our selfishness, from all of our backbiting, from all of our acts of this life, and come boldly before the throne of God, I believe an old-fashion revival will break out right here in Angelus Temple, that one week will never stop it. That's right. It'll just keep going. Do you believe it?


The Holy Spirit's bringing word to heaven how that you're progressing in your growth. If you go back out into the world, then God can't put much confidence in you. If you're up and down--this one say something, "Yeah, uh-huh, that's it." You're following little cliques in the church, you're fussing, fighting, gabbling, backbiting, how can the church ever go on? Now, I love you, but I've got to answer with you that day. See?


That's it. I just got to quit preaching. I haven't even got my text good yet. Look. That's it. When the Holy Spirit moves in, the tin cans, and rats, lies, backbiting, selfishness, indifference with other Christians, all move out. And if you've still got it, it shows the Holy Spirit has never terraced your life yet. Amen. Get rid of your rats.

82 COMMUNION JEFF.IN ER 21-34 57-0418

Then when Lot was packed away, Abraham's heart went for him. And he gathered an army of his own servants and went after his brother. And a very beautiful type, they took their swords and chopped those kings down till there was not one of them left.

And that's the type of the Gospel preacher when he sees that sin has caught his church and caught the people. He takes the blessed old Gospel, the Sword of the Spirit, and he chops it and chops it until he cuts out sin from his church if he's a true servant of God. He removes all the nonsense, the tattling, the backbiting. He moves all of the things and carnal natures of the world that's creeped into the church. If he's a true servant of God he takes the Word and chops it from one side to the other until he's cut everything out.

186-118 HEBREWS.CPT.5.&.6.PT.1 JEFF.IN HEB 57-0908M

By the Holy Spirit baptism, we are baptized into that Body and are free from sin. God don't see you no more; He only sees Christ. And when you're in that Body, God can't judge that Body. He's already judged It. He took our judgment and invited us in. And by faith, through grace, we walk and accept our pardoning. And the Holy Spirit brings us into this fellowship with Him. And we walk no more after the things of the world, but we walk in the Spirit. Quickened, the Word came to us. He died in my stead. I'm made alive. Here I am, who was once dead in sin and trespasses, been made alive. All my desires is to serve Him. All my love is to Him. All my walks want to be in His Name that wherever I go, whatever I do, I glorify Him. If I'm a-hunting, if I'm a-fishing, if I'm playing ball, if--if I'm... Whatever I'm doing, I must be "Christ in me" in such a life that'll make men long to be that way; not tattling, backbiting, and fussing about your churches. You get it? "By One Spirit we're baptized into that Body, 'and when I see the Blood I'll pass over you.'"


Pharaoh wanted to agree, said, "Moses, you all can go, but you leave your children behind, or leave some of your cattle back here."

That's the way the Devil wants a Christian to come. "It'll be all right for you to join the church, but don't you never forgive Jones. It'll be all right if you can bring in your... if you can go... You don't have to give up your smoking, your drinking, your lying, your stealing. Your faultfinding, backbiting, you don't have to give that up. Just join the church."

But Moses wasn't a compromiser; he wanted complete deliverance. He said, "We'll not leave one hoof behind. We'll take everything that belongs to us, when we go to worship the Lord."

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