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But no matter how much he shouts in church, and how much he does this, that, or the other, and still hasn't got that, Paul says, "Though I speak with tongues of men and angels; though I have the--all these other things; and have enough faith to move mountains, and understand all the mysteries of God. And I've been through all the seminaries, and know it all, up and down one side and the other; and have not charity, it profit me nothing."


Be reverent. It's not playing church; the Lord Jesus is here. We American people are so heady, and high-minded, and haughty, till we think we know it all. We're living now upon the reputation of our forefathers.


Some people when they get born again they set right in the middle of the road, eyes on Christ. Finally they get over here, so much knowledge and wisdom, till, oh, they know it all. You don't know nothing. And if you don't do that, you run off the other side to a bunch of wild fire and fanaticism. That's right. But right in the middle of the road, there's a true, sound, unadulterated Gospel and power of God. That's right.

43 ISRAEL.AT.THE.RED.SEA.1 JEFF.IN IC 35-64 53-0326

The people are in the spirit of the last days, just like they was in the days of Noah, eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, unconcerned, don't care, walk around, and anything else. And these American people is the worst on the face of the earth: heady, high-minded, incontinent, fierce, and despisers, a know-it-all. If there's any place in the world... With, my Bible over my heart, and God knowing that I--looking down on me and know I may have to stand before Him before morning... If I had to say so, the place needs missionaries worse than any place in the world is the U.S.A., the United States of America. The greatest bunch of heathens that I know of anywhere is in America. "Heathen" means "unbeliever."


Now, the Indians when they see this power of God moving, or down in Africa, over in the islands, they don't question it. We who's got all the scholarships, we're the ones who question it. We know it all, you see? We've got it all explained out. We know just what it is, what Doctor So-and-so said, and Doctor So-and-so said. But listen. God wants us to believe His Word just like It's written there.

"Whosoever shall add to or take away, the same shall be taken out of--his part of the Book of Life." See? So let's just believe It the way It's written.


Said, "Look at that old hagged woman there. Who is that?"

And the girl was ashamed to admit that that was her mother. 'Cause she'd got amongst the scavengers. She got amongst the prissy, the know-it-all.


That's what the church has done today: Got amongst the know-it-all, your great theologians who studying seminaries, and so you say, "Amen," like a calf a dying almost. And then they call themselves a preacher. I'd rather have a boy--a preacher in my pulpit that didn't know the difference between split beans and coffee, and know what the Lord Jesus Christ was, in the salvation of souls, than have all the D.D.'s in the world. Amen. That's right.


Oh, my American brothers and sisters, don't lay in this lull that you American people are laying in. Why, in India, let happen what just happened now, every person on the grounds would get up and walk away. Tens of thousands would be healed at one time. That's right. But we, well, we wonder. We're so educated. We're so smart. See? It's too bad. I don't mean, maybe, you people here, but that spirit of America. We know it all. We know all about it. See?

Oh, if you could just get out of that crust, and let your heart get smooth and tender before God, that you could realize that your poor humble brother has nothing to do with this. I'm just yielding to the Holy Spirit in regards to the Words of Jesus. He said, "The same things that I did, you'll do. I will represent Myself with you plumb to the end of the world. And the same things that I did, you'll do also." He said that. Did He? Well, here He is tonight doing it. Let us believe Him.


Oh, you think, "I know a whole lot." Yeah, you get your brain all worked up and it can't even work itself. You know all the books and all the answers, and an the Greek and all the Hebrew, and ain't got no place for the Dove to roost. That's right. But you know it all, then the Dove can't lead, 'cause you know too much.

The lamb don't claim to know nothing. It's got to have somebody else to lead it. Glory! That's it. Don't know nothing! Amen. The only thing I know, is, Christ Jesus died to save me.


Our Heavenly Father. Unworthy creatures, this hot, sweaty room this morning, the sweat box; but, God, You sweated it out of us. The Holy Spirit come down, convinced people that they were wrong. They were sinning. Their spirits were arrogant. They become hostile, snoopy, know-it-all, not willing to repent, not willing to forgive people that's done things against them. They wasn't willing to, but today the Holy Spirit took the Word of God, placed It right in their gentle hearts, and said, "Now do you want to come back to where you was the first time you come to the altar, come back to where everybody, you love everybody, and you love Me with undying love? Then just rise up and come up to the altar." They did it, Lord.


You can't expect to be a wolf or any other scavenger and expect the Dove of peace to dwell in you. He won't do it. You've got to become a lamb. Your nature's got to be changed, and you'll look at things different. And you won't fuss at the preacher when he preaches against strict, old-fashioned Holy Ghost religion and the way to live. Just get rid of that wolf spirit or that scavenger spirit and get a lamb nature, and you're ready to forfeit all the things that you once done, all your worldly privileges and so forth. Amen.

That's as true as I'm standing here, Christian friends. Humble yourselves. Don't try to know it all. See how much you can forget of what you do know is the best thing. Only know one thing and that's Christ.


Look at this little old lamb. What a wonderful little creature he is. God likens us unto sheep. Now, the lamb must be a simple lamb. The first thing, a lamb in its nature is simple.

Now, let's look at ourselves just a few moments. A lamb is a simple lamb, but not us; we know it all. You can't tell us nothing, and we call ourselves lambs. Oh, a lamb must be led. It has no way to lead itself. Did you ever see a lamb lost? When a sheep gets lost, he's just totally helpless. He cannot help himself. He's lost. He's got to be led. And a real genuine Christian has to be led. He has no intelligence of his own to know anything about God; he just goes by the leading of the Spirit.


Now, what has happened? An evangelist comes through. They preach repentance, and you clean up from your sins. And then when you're cleaned up, the devil goes away from you. You take the things back that you've stole. You go, confess your wrongs to your wife or your husband. You're really cleaned up. And then the thing of it is, you're just clean and make a real good target for the devil.

Now, after the people believed and was baptized, they were filled with the Holy Ghost. And that's God's Divine program. Now, if you are filled with the world... And when you get saved, you might be filled with good thoughts and so forth, but unless you are filled with God... God sent the Holy Spirit to the earth to motivate the church. And you might be filled with thoughts. You might be filled with theology. You might be filled with education, a know it all. And you might be filled with religion, and still be a target of the devil. That's right.


Let's just draw a picture. Now, if the Bible said they were well stricken, not stricken, but very well stricken in age, old. Abraham's old; he's a hundred years old, beard hanging down this way, and his probably top of his head bald, and the whiskers hanging down, and a little cane in his hand around like that, and... And Sarah--a little grandma, with a little cap on her head like that, and the gray hair, and stooped over, and a little shawl going around like this, a little grandma. And yet, they're going to have a baby.

How ridiculous it would look. But see, God likes to do those things, just so He can confuse that bunch out there that thinks they know it all. See? He does it that way.


And isn't that just the way that people get today? Let God just bless a fellow and put a little confidence in him, and he gets to be a know-it-all. He gets to be... He's got to start an organization, or he's got to do something that's different. "Why art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer."

It's... God has a hard time trying to get somebody that He can deal with, that'll stay humble, and meek, and stay in the place until God calls him to do something (you believe that? See?), a man that God can bless and he'll still keep hisself a man, not be an angel or a god. As soon as man gets blessed and has a little something given to him, he wants to become a god; he wants to become a--a angel. He wants to become some great person. "What I do, what... Me and me and mine..." all that. That's the wrong attitude. God's hunting for somebody who He could bless and pour out the blessings, and--and more He blessed, the littler the man will become.

And you'll never get more of God until you become nothing. You've got to belittle yourself. He that will exalt himself, God will bring abase. He that will humble himself, God will exalt. You've got to get little before you can get big. And you'll never be big in your own self; you'll only be as big as God will be big in you. See?


What about you know-it-all. You men and women that thinks you're smarter than somebody else. Did you know God made the Gospel so plain that even a fool shouldn't error? Think on your ways.

Think about Jesus Christ Who was called a crazy man to bring this message of salvation to you. Think of the apostles that sealed their testimony, and come out of all kinds of big churches and was called heretics. Are you better than they? No, never by a million miles. You're not better than they. Think on your ways, and turn your feet to Calvary. It's the only remedy that God has for salvation is through Calvary. Only thing that He has.

13-3 REJECTED.KING JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M

We need Holy Spirit leadership, not intellectual men. Saul, the son of Kish, was then made captain over the people. And he taken two thousand men, and Jonathan taken a thousand, and Jonathan went down to a garrison and smote a bunch of Amorites, Ammonites rather. And when--when he had smote them, Saul sounded a trumpet and said, "You see what Saul has done." He begin to get puffed up.

Just as soon as a man gets to be some great Doctor of Divinity, or gets a little something behind his name, he becomes more or less a know-it-all. God's men are humble men. God's people are humble people.

When you see someone who says they have received the Holy Spirit and begins to separate themselves, seemingly not having the faith, going about trying to be something that they're not, just remember, they haven't received the Lord Jesus.


O God, take all the bigness out of us. Take all the high-headed and the--and the haughty feelings, and the know it all; take it out of us, Lord. All the doubt and discrepancy that's--that's crept in, take it out, Lord. And let the Dove fly down tonight, come into every heart, that we might forfeit our rights, we might forfeit all the things that we feel as American citizens we have the right to. Let's forfeit it, that the Dove might lead us to peace, and goodness, and mercy, and glory of God.


Now, I'm putting off something here, and I--I want to make a quotation. And I'm sure that you here at the Tabernacle, my friends, know that I don't say this to say, "See, I told you." I--I don't mean that. I hope I never get to a place that I make myself before people as a know-it-all. If I ever get like that, please somebody come, and correct me, and straighten me out, and say, "Here, wait a minute." See? I don't want to be like that, but when God says anything, and it proves to be the Truth, I--I like that to be known; because it wasn't I that said it; it was He that said it.


No, listen, "Though I speak with tongues of men and angels and have not love, I am nothing." That is the Pentecostal, speak with the tongue of men and angels, both the unknown and the known tongues. Now, you Methodists, "Though..." and Baptist and Catholics, "Though I understand all the mysteries of God could explain the whole Bible, know It all, my theology is supreme, and have not the kind of love, I am nothing. Though I give all my goods to the poor, give my body to be burned as a sacrifice, faith to move mountains, though I could do it and have not love, I am nothing. Where there's tongues, it shall cease. Where there is prophecy it shall fail. Where there's knowledge it shall vanish, but when love comes it is pure and forever."


One of our greatest evangelists said, if he could know that he could save ten percent of his conversions for one year, he would be happy. When, then, when if he had a thousand conversions, the next year there ought to be--be ten thousand of them. See, we're missing the goal, we're missing the purpose.

Some of us build it upon intellectual conception, "Oh," that, "this know-it-all, this man's a trained scholar. We should train our people and school them."

The next one bases it upon some sensation of--of movement, shaking, crying, shouting, dancing in the Spirit, or something, some emotional outward work. And that's just as bad as the education! If the Devil can't get you on this side, he'll push you off that side.


I hope you... that gets down deep to us, both here and the tape world too, that you realize that you've got to become nothing. Not a know-it-all, not a great somebody, but a nobody. You be... got to come dust. You've got to get to a place that you know that you're nothing. And don't never rise above it, for as soon as you rise above it you rise above God. You've got to keep yourself in the dust and on the road to Damascus. You've got to keep yourself off your high horses. And that's for everywhere, here and in the tape world.


You won't be harnessed up like a bunch of these theologians, with your collar turned around and a Bachelor of Arts degrees. But, brother, you'll have something in your hand, and long as the Spirit of God will get into that Word It'll conquer and bring back them lost sheep that's gone astray. Amen! Confess our weaknesses! Throw off your Doctor of Divinity! Throw off your know-it-all, your membership! Strip yourself before God, spiritually speaking, and call yourself "unworthy!" Then God can go to using you. Just don't say it from your mouth, bring it from your heart.

Jacob... David, they had to strip themself. He was the weakest amongst the whole crowd.


"Now," you say, "where--where'd He throw it upon the Bible then?" The Bible's got to be in you. The Word is a Seed, and as long as It's laying here it won't do nothing. But when It comes in here, when It comes in the heart, then It begins to manifest by the Holy Spirit, the works of God. Then visions come, power comes, humility comes. All of your know-it-all is gone. You become nothing; Christ becomes alive. You die; He lives. There it is. 'Cause He died, I live. When I die, He--He lives again. And when I die, He promised me Life. And I died out to myself, so in order I can have His Life; and how do I do it? By taking His Word, His Seed, put His Seed in here by faith and believe it, and then it produces exactly what the Bible said.


Now, as it was in the days of Noah, there was giants in the land, you know. And so, Satan also has his intellectual giants in the land. That's right. Oh, my. D.D.D.D., Ph., double L, Oh, my, my, my, intellectual giants... Oh, they know all the words, all the grammar; they know--they just know it all, intellectual giants. But somehow or another they become spies. And that's the spy system. Forgive me now, intellectual brother, but it's a spy system that sits out among you to take out the sheep and say, "Why, that's holy-rollers. That isn't so."

If it's with the Word, it is so. Now, we know we've got counterfeits everywhere. That's right. It's a battle. You've got to know your enemy, and you've got to know your Armor. Your Armor is the Word. Your enemy is something that'll reason against It. "Now, I tell you, dear, you don't have to do this. Our church is the biggest church. We got more..." Uh-huh, intellectual giants... And you listen to him a few minutes, he will have you so far away from the truth, till you won't know where you're at. That's right. Oh, so deceiving, his collar turned around, you know, and walking down, and say, "Well, we are... We've been on the road a long, long time."


The king got to a place that he thought within himself, that he got lifted up. Pride got in his heart. And that's what happens to us. If you'll pardon this expression, that's what's happened to our churches throughout the country. They're fine people in there; some of the best in the world goes to church. I think the best in the world goes to church. But the thing of it is, the--the organization system gets lifted up. That's what's happened to the--the Methodist; that's what's happened to the Baptists; that's what's happened to the Nazarene, to the Pilgrim Holiness, to the Pentecostal--lifted up, self-willed, self-centered, pride, that you can't tell nothing to. God can't find a way to get into their hearts. It's because they become so know-it-all that nobody can tell them anything. And by building themself around reasoning with brethren, they build themselves around their creed. And when they do, they leave God in the back.


And she said, "What do you mean?" Said, "Aren't we Americans?"

I said, "Oh, no. No, sir." I said, "I go to Germany, I find a German spirit, a national spirit. I go to Sweden, I find a Swedish spirit. I go to India, I find a national spirit. You come to America, you find Ricky--that kind of a spirit, all know-it-all. Watch them when they come to the other country. It makes you sick to even think you are an American, the way they act. That's right. It's the nastiest acting people--the most impudent, independent, educated idiots. That's right. And all the world knows it.

178 WORLD.IS.FALLING.APART NY.NY V-18 N-10 63-1115

Now we see exactly that what the prophet said would come to pass in this day. The prophet, Paul, in Second Timothy 3, we find out that the time was coming when the church would be, "Heady, high-minded," know-it-all, see, "high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, and despisers of those that are good."

You say, "That's communists." No. No.

That's professed Christians. Listen, read the next verse. "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away." Warned to turn away from such that's denying the power of the resurrection, denying that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Right! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


In the middle of the Bible Jesus come and said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word," when He was tempted by Satan. Now, God telling us here in the last days that the god of this world will rise up in the last days, and whosoever shall add one word to It or take one word from It, his part will be taken from the Book of Life. God be merciful to us. And let us not walk as stiff shirts, chests stuck out, head up, know it all, for we too one time were in disobedience. Let us with grace, and mercy, and feeling in our heart towards God, humbly come to the throne of grace.


"You are blind and naked." Now this is really desperate. How can anyone be blind and naked and not know it? Yet it says that they are blind and naked and can't perceive it. The answer is, they are spiritually blind, and spiritually naked. Do you remember when Elisha and Gehazi were surrounded by the army of the Syrians? You recall that Elisha smote them blind by the power of God. Yet their eyes were wide open and they could see where they were going. The blindness was peculiar in that they could see certain things, but other certain things such as Elisha and the servant and the camp of Israel they could not see. What this army could see did not avail for them. What they did not see brought on their captivity. Now what does this mean to us? It means exactly what it meant back there in the earthly ministry of Jesus. He tried to teach them truth, but they would not listen. John 9:40-41. "And some of the Pharisees which were with Him heard these words, and said unto Him, Are we blind also? Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth." The attitude of this age is exactly what it was then. People have it all. They know it all. They cannot be taught. If a point of truth from the Word comes up and a man tries to explain his view to one with an opposing view, the listener is not at all listening that he might learn, but is listening only to refute what is being said. Now I want to ask a fair question. Can Scripture fight Scripture? Does the Bible contradict the Bible? Can there be two doctrines of truth in the Word that say the opposite or oppose the other? NO. IT CANNOT BE SO. Yet how many of God's people have their eyes open to that truth? Not even one percent, as far as I know, have learned that ALL Scripture is given by God and ALL is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, etc. If all Scripture is thusly given, then every verse will dovetail if given a chance. But how many believe in predestination unto election and reprobation unto destruction? Those who don't, will they listen? No, they will not. Yet both are in the Word, and nothing will change it. But to learn about it and reconcile the truth of those doctrines with other truths that seem to oppose, they will not take the time. But they stop their ears, and gnash with their teeth, and they lose out. At the end of this age a prophet will come, but they will be blind to all that he is doing and saying. They are so sure they are right, and in their blindness they will lose it all.

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