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And God will never... You can never exhaust God's love and mercy to you. You say, "Well, I hate to bother You so much, Father."

He wants to be bothered that way. He does. Don't never think that you could ever ask too much of God. I believe the Scripture said, "You have not, because you ask not. And you ask not, because you believe not."

He wants us to ask and believe that our joys would be full. He wants you to ask abundantly. Ask for big things; don't limit your faith to some little mustard seed. Get on out here to some other kind of faith, and move out in big things. Ask... Big things is just as easy to receive as little things. You just have to believe; that's all. And you got faith, just know exactly how to use it, and it'll be all right. You can put it right to work and it'll just be fine.


And don't never be afraid to ask big things. God wants you to ask big things. He don't want you to be little petty and juvenile. He wants you to ask big things that your joys may be full.

Could you imagine a little fish about that big, way out yonder in the Atlantic Ocean, say, "I better drink just a little bit of this water, I might run out." Nonsense.

Could you imagine a little mouse about that big down there in the great garners of Egypt, saying, "I just better eat two grains a day, 'cause I might run out before summertime again." Well, that's nonsense. If they had ten hundred thousand rats that size, they'd never eat it up. And they had billions times billions of tons of them fish, they'd never drink the water up. And how many times could we multiply; you could never exhaust God in His powers and His mercies to His children. He's the inexhaustible Fountain of Life. Just drink, and drink, and drink, and drink.


Let us bow our heads now. Oh, what a night, what a night. We mortals standing in the Presence of the Lord Jesus... This altar is just packed plumb back to the--the audience with penitent people standing here calling upon God. Others are still coming down the aisles, still coming down to find mercy before the Lord Jesus. His mercy is from everlasting until everlasting. You can never exhaust His mercy and goodness.


I've preached to you that God confirms His commission. That's right. God watches over His Word to confirm it. The only thing He's trying to do is to find a heart that He can get into.

Now, don't think you're going to overdo it. You won't. Could you imagine a--a little fish about a half inch long out in the middle of the ocean out there, saying, "I better drink sparingly of this water. I might run out." Certainly not. Well, you could never exhaust God's power and God's goodness. Exactly. You sure couldn't. So just open up.


Twenty-five people held their hands last night to receive the Holy Spirit. I wonder how many... If there's a hunger there, there's a knock at the heart. Every one of you should receive the Holy Spirit right there where you were sitting, when that hunger... God's more willing to give it to you than you are to receive it. You never exhaust God's blessings. You never exhaust God's goodness. You can't do it.



But not only is the candlestick of gold, it is of BEATEN gold. Hand-crafted of beaten gold, according to her blue prints which were Spirit-given. Outside of her Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, was ever a people so beaten and purged as the bride of Jesus Christ? Surely she is filling up the sufferings that Christ has left behind. Her goods are despoiled. Her life is in jeopardy. She is accounted as sheep for the slaughter. She is killed all the day long. She suffers much, but in it all retaliates not, neither does she cause others to suffer. Worthy of the Gospel is this lovely bride of Christ. And as gold is malleable, whereas brass will break with the beating, this gold of God will bear her suffering for the Lord, not bowed, not broken, not destroyed, but formed as a thing of beauty and a joy forever by the trials and testings of this life.

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