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Spiritual Building Stones are inspired digests and quotes from the Revealed Word of the Hour as compiled by Pastor Gerd Rodewald of the church at Schomberg, Germany. These golden nuggets are focused on key doctrines of the Bible as expounded by the end-time messenger of God - Reverend William Marrion Branham, and are aimed also at helping the Bride of Christ reach her perfection through the washing of the Spirit by the Word.

As the prophet of God declared in "Church, Order & Doctrine, page 724, "There's coming one with a Message that's straight from the Bible, and quick work will circle the earth. The seeds will go in newspapers, reading material, until every predestinated of God has heard It", this web site is intended to complement this prophesy of the end time. May God's blessings be upon all who read the articles in these pages as you find enlightenment and godly understanding of the plan of God for the elect of this last hour.

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Called According to God's Purpose (SBS #86)
A Powerful Weapon: Committed to the Lord (SBS #96)
Do We Have the Right Motive and Objective in Our Actions? (SBS #88)
How Do I Recognize the Will of God? (SBS #47)
Continuous Transformation By God's Spirit (SBS #54)
Now We Have the Earnest Of Our Inheritance (SBS #98)
The Great, Glorious And Notable Day of the Lord (SBS #44)
Therefore Now No Condemnation (SBS #83)
Fellowship With God is So Vital (SBS #89)
Our Inheritance: The Sonship (SBS #97)
The Mystery of Predestination (SBS #93)
Jesus Christ - The Mighty Conqueror (SBS #92)
Three Stages to perfection (SBS #26)
The Graetest Thing in Life is To Commit Something to God (SBS #95)
Two Natures (SBS #69)
Commit Your Ways to Him (SBS #94)
manifestation of the Thoughts of God (SBS #109)
Fighting for the Inheritance In The Promise Land (SBS #104)
Thinking Positive According th the Word (SBS #107)
Discern Your Thoughts By the Word of God (SBS #108)