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You haven't got no right! You are bought with a price, that was the price of the precious Blood of the Son of God. You have no legal right, Hallelujah? The only rights you have, is, come to the Fountain filled with Blood drawn from Immanuel's Vein, when sinners plunged beneath the flood lose all their guilty stain. Yes, sir. That's the only right you have, is a surrendered self-will, to God, and then God does the leading from then on. That's what causes the meeting... That's what causes so many strange things. The Holy Spirit will go to a place, the Holy Spirit said, "This is not right. Stop the meeting, move yonder." I'll stop it too, brother, move right on. That's right, because you've got to be led by the Spirit of God. And the only way to be led by the Spirit of God, is keep gentle, not to know a whole lot.

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Who comes in? Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Pentecostals, whosoever will. That veil, you know what that veil is that veils your heart from it? Are you ready? The veil is called "self-will." Do you get the picture now? The senses out there, the senses on the body and the senses to the soul, and the veil between that and the holy place, the holiest of holy... And the only way that you can get in there is to have self will "For whosoever..." What? Whosoever shakes hands? Whosoever is immersed? Whosoever joins the church? Whosoever passes his letter? Whosoever does? No. "Whosoever will come beyond the veil."



Way up in the audience, it just kinda recognized that. When they're coming close, sometimes they become into a subconscious condition when they're--when they're coming; and therefore, they don't--they don't realize just exactly till it's... He's going along shaking hands with his friends.


And then sometimes when it gets in that subconscious position on the platform, goes to calling the people... Critics and things in the meeting, sets in the meeting, and that causes a disturbance. Sometimes they get angry and huff around about it. And I just try to hold it just exactly to one thing: that's on healing, is what I'm representing here on Divine healing, and so forth...

...A discerning Spirit's an awful... It sometimes you have to speak very sharply. And you don't speak yourself; It speaks. You see?


Now, we look at the unseen and believe that those things which are unseen, but spoke of by God, become realities. That's it.

Many times it works. In healing, there... Last evening, I was trying here at the platform (till I became in a subconscious condition) of speaking to the people, one by one.


Here's what it is: here's a man's conscious, right here, the conscious you live in now. We're taught by science that you're dreaming, you're in your subconscious. Did you ever see a person dreaming? You think you dreamed all night. It isn't that long. [Brother Branham snaps his fingers--Ed.] Just a moment, you...?... a little bit. You've done dreamed hours of dreams, you think.

But just a moment, a flash while it's going through... The person that's dreaming is not sound asleep. But you people here who--who does not dream dreams, your subconscious will be back to a place where you do not reach to it in sleep. You can't help that; you can't help it. You were born that way. Something that has the rulership over you, and made you, made you that way; you can't help it. And you people who dream dreams, you can't help that. Wasn't it... You don't have no control over that; it's your subconscious.


Now, I want to ask you something. Now, listen close. Now, when you are asleep, there's many times in this conscious here, when this conscious's not active, you go out of this conscious into sleep, wake up over here in dream land, as we call it. Now, you can remember things in here, or dream about things that you done while you were in this conscious. Is that right? And then when you wake up out of there, and up here, in the first conscious, then you remember things that you dreamed about, is that right, things that you dreamed years ago. But those people who don't dream, they were made, and their subconscious is way back, they don't dream at all, parable-y speaking now.


Now, a seer of visions is... God has to send that Himself. Now, his subconscious is neither back there, nor here, that far away from him, it's right here. He doesn't go to sleep, he just breaks from one conscious to another. And in... Now in this dream land, that we speak of, God sometimes deals with people through dreams. You believe that? He did with King Nebuchadnezzar, with Joseph, and--and Joseph, the father, foster father of Jesus. He promised in the last days, that the old men would dream dreams, young men see visions. See? God sets that in order.

Now, to see visions, I couldn't help that. Nobody never laid hands on me and said, "Now you have gift to--to see visions." It wasn't that I merited it. God ordained it to be so.


Now, what is dreaming? Let's take it, in the scientific stand. We're taught that a dream is your subconscious in action. Here's your real conscious, your first conscious. And when you go to sleep here, your subconscious comes on. Now, God can deal in dreams, but it's not too accurate. He did with Joseph, and King Nebuchadnezzar, and Joseph the foster father of Jesus, and so forth. He did. And many times, if there's an interpreter of dreams, dreams are all right, if they're of God, but they're not too accurate, especially in this day.


Well, then, you actually had some part of you, some makeup was somewhere and seen something that bears yet on your mind. Is that right. That's your subconscious. Now, look. Now, a normal person dreams, because when you are here, you're subconscious, they say, is set this far from you. Now, the man that doesn't dream, say, his subconscious would be plumb back to that wall there. He sleeps so sound that he never wakes up. A noise doesn't wake him. But a person that dreams, is not altogether asleep. Did you know that? A dream only lasts a second or two. But it's just between waking up and--and asleep. You see? It's your subconscious in there. Now, listen close so you won't miss this.


But your spirit, your soul was made up before the foundation of the world, when God made man in His image. Now, a person that cannot dream, his subconscious is there, that's God's way of doing it. The man that does dream, his subconscious is here, he can't help it. But a seer, that's borned a seer, His subconscious is neither back there, nor here. It's right here with him. You don't go asleep. You're wide awake and see it. Now, who understands what I mean? See? It's not laying on of hands. It's not in imparting spiritual gift, as the error is going across the country today. That's wrong. If you believe me to be a prophet sent from God, hear my word: That's an error, no such a thing. Gifts and callings are without repentance. God ordains them; God has set in the Church. See? All right.


Now, it's nothing that you can do. For instance, if I decided I wanted to have brown eyes, wouldn't do me no good, 'cause God gave me blue eyes. I just have to be satisfied with blue eyes. "Who taking thought, can add one cubit to his statute?" See? No one. But if you want to kind of an inside of view of it before the meetings get into the press, then Brother Reed will do the speaking from then on... And then, here it is. Now, did you ever...

There's many people, most every normal person, as a general run, dreams dreams. Well, now God can deal in dreams. If there's an interpreter, He has done it. It's not accurate, unless there be an interpreter of the dream. But we're taught as scientifically, that dreams are--are your subconscious.


Now, let's notice, just look this way a moment. Now, here's a man in his first normal conscious. And here is his subconscious, about this far from him. Well now, when this conscious becomes inactive, he goes over here and dreams a dream. And many times he dreams of things that he did when he was in this conscious. And when this conscious is inactive in this, and he wakes up, he remembers what he dreamed about. How many ever dreamed a dream years ago, and still remember what you dreamed about? Well, many of you. Sure. Then there was some part of you, somewhere that still bears here in the natural conscious. You see it?

Notice. Now, there is people that doesn't dream at all. Now, let's see their subconscious probably would be back, say to that wall. They sleep very sound. You can't disturb them, can hardly... An anesthetic would never give his subconscious back to him. He can't help that. He can't help because he doesn't dream, neither can this man help because he dreams.


Howdy do, lady? Excuse me I, sometimes I... It's kind of a subconscious. Could you imagine standing somewhere and be standing here, and be way off somewhere else, and knowing that you're looking at something, and then standing in that world, and know that your voice is coming back in another world before a audience of people? You don't know how loud you're talking or nothing.


Now, what if I told you, "Dream me a dream." You say you can dream a dream, why, dream me a dream. Why, you couldn't do it if you had to.

Now, God deals in that subconscious. Many times He promised in the last days that old men would dream dreams, but the young men would see visions.

Now, a dream is something like a vision, only that you're in a--you're in a sleep. A vision is not quite that way.


And I'm here ministering, because it's godly love in my heart for you. That's exactly right. And I'm doing the best that I know how under the circumstance. And God be with you.

And now, after a bit, of course, the anointing gets upon me. I become in something like subconscious, it's a dimension. Let me explain it one more time. If you'd go into another world, you're not in this world; you're in another world, and yet you know you're here, and yet you're somewhere else. Put yourself in that place one time tonight. Just put yourself there one time tonight; like you set there, went to sleep and dreamed something and it was really real, and here it was right with you, why, it'd scare you to death. See? And now, time after time, remember where it takes you to.


There is a--a conscious and a subconscious. It's just like a--a... If we start overseas and by ship... And there's a man setting up here; he's the one who gives the--the orders. The man goes down in the ship to run the ship down here, well, he don't see where he's going, but he just takes orders from up above. Well now, he--he says, "Steer to the left or to the right or give this engine more and that," or whatever it is. He just works by orders.

But way down in the midst of us, here in our heart, is the subconscious, and it takes orders from up here. Well now, you've heard me on the platform many times, no doubt. I was just hearing a tape from--from the Owensboro meeting the other day about a person who was--was crippled, was healed. And I... And how it was speaking, how the Holy Spirit speaking.


Why, Jesus said, "Have faith in God." Is that right? "For verily, verily I say unto you, if you (not if I), if you shall say unto this mountain, `Be moved' and don't doubt it, it'll obey you." It'd have to. It'd have to do just what you say, if you didn't doubt it. Now, you believe it up here. Now, let's get this subconscious believing it too. And when the subconscious and this conscious in harmony with God, then it'll happen.


Grant tonight in this lovely little church setting here as a lighthouse, a group of people who surrender their hearts, lives, everything they've got, willingly walk out just now and give their life freely for the cause, believes You. Oh, Father, I pray that You'll endue them with great power tonight, great power of faith. May every thought be moved from their mind, or in--from their subconscious that would be contrary to Your Divine plan tonight. Take it away, Father. Be with us now.


Now, these gifts are... You're born in the world with them. They come by sovereignty of God. Now, it was my part in this world to see vision. And I've heard people try to say it was a prophetic or so forth, and I've heard people say, "Under the inspiration..." It'd speak it that way. But it's a subconscious thing.


So she started crying, poor old thing. And he was just barely living. He could just make out now and then. He was subconscious, most of the time.


Before you were borned. This was set in order by God. It's your subconscious, scientifically speaking. Like you dream a dream. This conscience is inactive and this one becomes active. Then when you awake... When you're asleep, you dream things you did here. Then when you wake up, this one is inactive, and this one here is active. Then you remember things that you dreamed of years ago. You were some part of you somewhere.


When those little shackles and dark shadows gets broke away, then the Holy Spirit can come right in and perform miracles, and, oh, what He can... There's nothing impossible with it then. But just that little doubt setting there.

Just like I was speaking to a brother this morning, a man crossing the river. People come up here to the platform lots of times, say, "Oh, Brother Branham, I got all faith." But now, they--they believe that in sincerity. Like on the visions and so forth. It--it--it's... By God's gift it's possible then to find where that flaw is. See, 'cause God reveals it many times.

Now, you say, "I've got faith." The first thing, you have to have a base for faith. That's God's Word. Well then, the man goes to school and he learns theology. He reads It, said, "God said so." "Yes, I believe that." He believes it here in his mind. See? But he's got a subconscious also. And that subconscious disagrees with this. Because when he starts to do it, he's a little bit scared it won't happen, and it won't. That's right.


That's the way at the Church, you're going this way, that way, and this way and that way. Yet now, when the man up in the crow nest says, "Straight ahead." The man on the deck says, "Straight ahead." This man down here in the bottom says, "Straight ahead." She's going to move.

When God says, "By His stripes you were healed." The man receives in his heart, says, "By His stripes we are healed." The subconscious acts back, "By His stripes we were healed." Look out. Something's going to take place. You're going forward. Nothing can stop it then. You're in full harmony. And not a wave, I don't care what kind of waves would come, it'd never be contrary to your faith. You'd just move right on through. That's right.

See, but you've got to make everything in agreement with God's Word. Then we move on, when we got it all lined up and in agreement.

Then if he'd say, "Well, that case is too hard, this or that." I know you try to believe up here, but this down here, you got a little fra--you're a little scared about it.


Just recently (while they're getting the line lined up over there), I was praying for a woman; two women, it was. Now, can I have your attention closely while I tell you this, so you'll understand? And now, a woman come by... Now, watch what He said. After about one or two people, I become su--kind of subconscious. I know I'm here but I'm not just... it's... you just... I just won't even try to explain it, 'cause you can't. But anyhow, the woman was told she had a--a serious stomach trouble.

And watch now; I might tell you, "Go" (after I come out of the vision) say, "Go and the Lord bless you." That's me saying that. "Go and Jesus Christ make you whole." That's... Sometimes I see it turn dark around the person, and I know death is on them, and they're going to die. I never tell them that, not 'less I'm led to tell them.

Because even though God could pronounce death on that person, yet their prayer could change that. I want to see if you would say "amen" to that. It did do it once.


And so, that night on the platform, sure enough, when the--the... She was in the prayer line, when the prayer was called. And then, when the lady come up on the platform, when she got near...

Now of course, in praying for the sick, all of you know how it happens. I don't know what I'm doing, just a subconscious condition. And--and looking back over the recordings that was being taken, the lady was told by the Holy Spirit, said, "You... Your baby had a certain-certain disease."


But said, "There was a--a woman today with a--dressed a certain way, prayed for the baby, and it's been healed." And there was the little lady, setting up there in the balcony, just screaming. See? Now, God had ordained that that woman should pray for that baby. You see how it was? So the Holy Spirit... The Bible said, "Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another (Is that right?), that you may be healed." And that...


Look, let me show you. Here's the first... What are you doing when you are dreaming? It's a subconscious. Do you all agree, hear that? Now, look. Here is a man in his first conscience. Here's the man in his second conscience, his subconscious. Now, when this one is inactive, this one becomes active.


Now, a seer, his subconscious is like that. He stands there; he doesn't go to sleep. He's got both eyes wide open, but he's in another world. And when he comes out of that, he remembers what he seen back there for a time perhaps. And then--then the first thing you know, he goes away again. And seeing visions, he has nothing to do with it. God does it alone.


And then, I would like to explain something to you. Seeing a vision... How many people in here ever dreamed a dream, let's see your hands. Why, I guess two thirds of you. There is true that many people doesn't dream. That's your subconscious; we're taught. Here's your first conscience; here's your subconscious. Now, this subconscious is what I'm trying, by--with the Holy Spirit, to work on.


Now, in you, up here, every person here this afternoon, I want to believe, believes in Divine healing, every one of you. You say, "Sure, Brother Branham, I believe in Divine healing."

Now, maybe you mean that with all the intelligence you know how to speak it. You believe it. That's in your head. But remember, there's a subconscious down there, that's got to say the same thing. If it doesn't, you'll never get nowhere. You might read the Bible, say, "Well, here Brother Branham, the Bible says this."

That's true. That's exactly right. There's where people say today, "Well, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and I'm saved."

"How do you know He's the Son of God?"

"The Bible said so." See?

And I say, "Well, how do you know He's the Son of God."

"Mother said so. The preacher said so."

Well, they're right. But how do you know? The Bible said that you cannot know it until you have received the Holy Ghost. You're only taking somebody else's word. Did you know that? That didn't go very good.


Now notice, these gifts and callings are without repentance. It's your subconscious in connection with God, that foreshows you things that was and will be. You get what I mean?


Now, if you notice, the subconscious is where you live. That's where you, yourself live. That's the reason people, it's hard for them to have faith. Up here, first, they say," Yes, I got faith," but down in here something says, "but it's not for you."


Now, if you get that man up there to say, "forward," this man down here say, "Forward," you'll go forward. If you can get God to say, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee," this first conscious said, "I am the Lord that healeth thee," and the subconscious said, "I am the Lord that healeth thee," you're going forward. But when God says, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee," and the subconscious said--or this conscious said, "I believe it's so," and the subconscious said, "Are you quite sure?" Then you're not going anywhere. You're just run around in circles. See? You've got to get both--all working together, here, here, and there, all in harmony. Then you can move forward; there's nothing can stand in your way then; you're moving forward.


I want to talk to the woman. How many here for your first time, you've never been in one of my meeting before? Let's see your hands. Any where? Why, there's quite a number. And I--I appreciate you being here. And you've heard of it, perhaps, how it by vision now. And I going to ask you one thing, while this is going on, will you try to be reverent? Just have respects for the Lord Jesus Christ. Just respect. Just keep your seat. They don't let me stay too long, 'cause it's in a--a subconscious condition. You see? And it--I can't stay too long. The manager and them gets me. So be reverent.

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