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Tell me He's not the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is unlimited. And He can do the same thing, even this very moment.


My, if He's same yesterday, today, and forever, His power is the same. He's unlimited, His powers is. I could stand here tonight, testimony after testimony, hour after hour of telling you what He's done. But one testimony from Him healing somebody will speak louder that I could if I spoke for fifty years. That's right. Let Him speak, and let us be silent. And He can speak.


Now, if we can find favor with Him, I believe that He will manifest Hisself to us and let us know that He's here by His supernatural Presence, maybe in the realms that may be a little strange to some of us.

But Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And His power is unlimited, and His Presence is always.


What is it? Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is unlimited. It's limited to your faith. Do you believe it? That's confirmed amongst thousands times thousands of people.


Just word by word. Oh, friends, it would take hours to reveal; I couldn't do it; it's unlimited, the things that He does. What is it? It shows that "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." The One that was back there with Elijah, the One was upon the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the One that's in the church tonight, the Holy Spirit knows the secret of every heart, and knows just what will be. Do you believe that?


I believe His mercies is unlimited. And I believe that tonight His mercies to you is unlimited. It's your faith limits God. See? Now, may God come and give His great work tonight to you all.


Now, if we who are acquainted with the supernatural would just take a--a man, where the man in his senses is limited to his senses. But a man and his spirit is unlimited. The Tree of Knowledge can only climb so far and it break back, but the Tree of Life goes on, forever. And how that science has taken man farther with his five senses than we have with his soul. Well, we've got untapped resources where all things are possible.


And in order to preach the Gospel, before you can make it a Gospel preach, then you've got to have the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit to prove the Gospel. "The letter killeth, the Word... the letter killeth, the Spirit maketh alive."

So it's not just a ritualistic affair, but it's absolutely a real, living reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, living among men. And that's the faith that I'm trying my best to contend for today; that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever and His power is unlimited.


It's all over now. You can go and be made well. God bless you. Be healed.

Are you believing? Everybody believes with one accord, one heart, one mind? It's unlimited what Jesus Christ will do. If I have found grace in your sight, and God has given me favor, believe me as His servant.


Jesus said, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you will receive it. Whatever you ask the Father in My Name that I will do," the unlimited unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ in that promise.


Look how many's been here--how many I guess right in here know that the doctor's has give up. Look at the great clinics, John Hopkins, Mayo Brothers, and through my own humble ministry, I've seen Almighty God turn those people to naught and heal the sick that they said it was impossible for them to get well. And the magazines and so forth packed the articles of it. See, it's the people's faith. Them men... I have nothing against the clinics, now, understand, or the doctor's; they're all right. But they're men; their knowledge is limited; but God's unlimited. And when God says anything, it's just that way. It just has to be.


And now, when the brethren received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, they said, "This is the summit; this is all of it." But, brethren, that's wrong. See? There is no summit to God's power. We move on and on and on; it's the unlimited resources of God has never been tapped yet, blessings and powers that we know nothing about. It's never been even revealed to Archangels, is laying just ahead for His church that will believe. "For eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered the hearts of men, what God has for them in store that love Him."

So let's move up and claim our rights...

That's the reason I never joined any organization or took sides with any group, because I wanted myself wide open for the love of God and for what He could give to me.


What is it? The power of God. Hallelujah. God rules in nature. Who hangs out the stars at night? What science could do it? Who sets the sun in the evening and rises it up in the morning? Who holds the world in its orbits? The power of God. Who holds your soul in His...?... The power of God. Hallelujah. The power of Satan is limited. The power of God is unlimited. I believe God.


You're pushing it way off out to the millennium somewhere, all the blessings out in the millennium. Why, it's right now. We won't need Divine healing in the millennium. We... Now, is when we have it. We won't be sons of God, but now you're sons of God, and heirs, jointheirs with Jesus. And everything that Jesus died for at Calvary is your possession. Amen.

Brother, Satan don't like that, because... If--if the people would only realize and just be willing to take God at His Word, you would--you'd just hard... Well, it's unlimited.


I said, "Now, here's what it is." I said, "Now, you got an x-ray machine there. You can look through a human body and so forth. Well, that's wonderful. That's the tree of knowledge. That was in the garden of Eden, and man's been eating from that tree since Eden." But I said, "It's got a limitation." But I said, "The tree of faith of God is unlimited." I said, "You believe science as far as science can go, and then when you can't--you can't scientifically search it out anymore, then step off and start believing from then on." I said, "That's the way you have to do it."


Now. Then he said, "I go up to the school of prophets," the second journey. He said, "You stay here."

But Elisha said, "As your soul liveth, I'll not leave you."

And he went on. And when he got to the school of the prophets, he said, "I cross Jordan." He said, "You stay here."

He said, "As thy soul liveth, I'll not stay here. I'll go with you." I like that, a determination to hold on. Regardless of the price, move on; keep going on with God, deeper waters, deeper experiences, more love. There's no limit to it. It's unlimited.


What we scared about? Listen to me, my weary brother, the Bible said that Jesus was the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world. Notice. Oh, my, how this burns your heart, how this gives you the hope. Way back before the foundation of the world, when Satan perverted to evil. God being infinite, looked down through the stream of time and saw the end: foreknowledge.

If He don't know all things, you have a limited God. You've made Him finite like you and I. But God is unlimited. God's power, God's knowledge, everything, He's the omnipotent.


Now, God gave Christ the Spirit without measure. Is that right? The Fullness of God was in Christ. He was God Emmanuel. We know that. There's no--there's no doubt in my mind of that. Just like as I said yesterday, "The whole ocean full of water, all the waters from the ocean was in Christ. But this little gift that you see working here, is just a teeny, little teeny bit of--like that--on the spoon laying there, just a drop." I can see it. But in Christ was the Fullness of God. We have it by measure. He had it without measure, the Bible says. See? Without measure, no way, it's just limited--unlimited. He had the Spirit of God.


And the church and you setting here tonight, oh, you're struggling and struggling, and God's a pulling to you and showing you things, if you can ever get a past that sin barrier of unbelief, then unlimited revival will break out through the United States and everywhere, if you can go beyond that sound barrier, that sin barrier of unbelief. "Oh, is it true? Does it mean me? Could I be healed? Could I be saved? Could I be filled with the Holy Spirit?" Get beyond that, just keep struggling, struggling, struggling, until you break through and the Holy Ghost comes upon you. I'm telling you, you're beyond it then, and there's fifty miles of elbow room.


And if our--if our idea here seems to be a little different than what the whole church does, let's sacrifice that idea, because that's the only way we can stand united. And if this church will just go on the way you're going now, and be united together, God will... It's unlimited what He'll do if we'll stick together. We must stick together. That's how we want to be, so complete with one another, and then so complete in the hands of God.


It's just like it is with the Lord. He's got a remedy for all these things. He's got a remedy for sin. And if a man refuses to take the remedy, don't blame God. It's the patient's stubbornness. God's got joy unspeakable for the believer. He's got power unlimited for the believer. He's got healing, salvation. He's got glory; He's got goodness; He's got mercy. But if the subject refuses to--to receive the remedy of sin, and the remedy to get rid of all of his hatred and malice, don't blame God; because it's laying right at your fingertips. You can receive it.

You say, "Well, if I just had faith." Faith is given to you. It's yours. God has it laying in reach of your being tonight, faith for anything. God promised it.

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God gave us the Holy Ghost, and we still don't know what It'll do for us. That's right. It's unlimited, what He'll do. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you get it, and you shall have it." That eagle could trust his God-given wings. You know why? I think, a lot of times, the eagle had tried it out. He knowed what he was talking about. And we got the Holy Ghost and haven't tried It out. That's just where it's at. See, if we'd let nature work in us like the--the animal does... Sure, he knows what to take ahold of, and what not.


My grandfather rode a ox cart. I'm driving a Ford V8. My son will fly a jet plane. That's we're moving on. That's what religion ought to be. The coming of the Lord is at hand. The church ought to be moving on into the powers. Science can only climb so far and then it has to drop off, but we got untapped sources, that's never been touched, of the power, unlimited, of God, that we ought to be moving into. We're living a million miles under our privilege tonight, of privileges of Christians to be enjoying. I feel ashamed of myself when I look out here and see the institutions, and the sickness, and the troubles that's going on right now. Our church ought to be walking the street, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, doing signs and wonders, making the whole world realize that Jesus Christ lives. That's what we need to be done--doing.


Now, instead of advancing on and see what God promised, we look back and see what some brother behind us says. Let's don't look back, look forward, keep moving on, on. We have untapped resources. Jesus said in Saint Mark 11:23, "Whatsoever... Why, if you say to this mountain, `Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you have said will come to pass, you can have what you said." Un... No--no conditions, it's--it's not--it's just unlimited. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive them; you shall have them," whatever, Divine healing, joy, peace, anything.

Now, you say, "Brother Branham, what if we'd ask for something that--for somebody's life to be taken or some evil thing." Well, you couldn't really have Christian faith for a thing like that. It takes a Christian spirit to ask Christian things. To receive things from Christ.


Now according to Webster, a absolute in itself is unlimited in power and primarily is an ultimate. And an ultimate is an "amen." It's the absolute as what... That's the end. That's everything. Now every great achievement that's ever been in the world, has been tied to some sort of an absolute. You cannot do anything unless there's something that you can hold to.


But the church is always looking back. Let's look up! For, their powers are limited. And we have unlimited power, "For all things are possible to them that believe in God," Real genuine faith will punctuate every Word that God give, with an "amen." Not, "Well, it was for another generation." He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

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God, if we could just break through that power of unbelief, miracles and things, and promises of God, are unlimited, "for all things are possible to him that believeth." Grant it, Father. We ask it in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen,


When we go beyond our own sound barrier into the Word of God, then it's unlimited what God can do with a man that's ready to go beyond the camp--the camp of man, that is.

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