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Our photo taken at Apple Singapore

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sentosa1.jpg (21824 bytes)

A stroll at the famous Sentosa island. Shown is Ram Nolasco, chaiperson for DLSU-CSB's multimedia, Ronnie Millevo, for web and interactive publishing, and Vanny Puente for Audio-Video Production.

lasalle_gate1.jpg (20262 bytes)

A still shot at the La Salle-SIA gate and landmark (Cary, Ronnie & Ram).

cable2.jpg (13850 bytes)

A photo taken riding up the cable leading to sentosa island from the Singapore World Trade Center.

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lasallemeet2.jpg (13199 bytes)

A tour and consultation regarding La Salle-SIA's multimedia facilities..

lasalle_maclab.jpg (15826 bytes)

Cary, Ram and Ronnie pose at La Salle-SIA's Macintosh Laboratory.

lasalle_gate2.jpg (17984 bytes)

Vanny, Ronnie and Ram pose at La Salle-SIA's main gate.

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